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If you guys know anything about me and my family, you know that our Walmart+ membership has been so extremely life-saving!  October has been such a crazy month for us with trips, packing the house for the move, working, and taking care of the kids.  It has felt like I have been going 100mph and can’t catch a break.  Our Walmart+ membership is the one thing in my life that has remained a constant and makes even the crazy month I am having a little less hectic.

I have done other posts talking all about Walmart+ and what a life-changing membership this is!  If you missed my previous posts regarding Walmart+ make sure to read: Where Would I Be Without Walmart+ and How To Get Your Toddler Involved In The Kitchen.

Last Minute Entertaining

I am not kidding when I say that this month has been SO hectic and I am looking at my calendar wondering where October has gone.  Our family actually JUST got back from such a fun vacation a couple of days ago.  I usually like to have the house cleaned, fridge stocked, and everything organized in the house after a week of vacation.  Though, with the move next week and all of the recent travels, the house is in the complete opposite state!

To add to this, I wanted to throw a small neighborhood gathering with Miller’s friends for Halloween.  We want to soak in all the last minute time with the friends we have made in this neighborhood before we move on to the next adventure.  With planning this so last minute and needing everything for the party plus groceries, I remembered I have Walmart+ and this membership again came to the rescue big time.

With a Walmart+ membership I can order everything I need from the comfort of my home and the best part is that they offer free, same-day delivery on all orders $35+(restrictions apply!) I don’t know about you guys, but that deal in itself made me not think twice about signing up!  I have used Walmart+ for so long now and it is one of my favorite memberships I have.  It makes my life so much easier and saves me time!  Now I have more time to spend with the kids and packing for our move.

A lot of people think that a Walmart+ membership is just good for buying groceries.  Yes, I use Walmart+ for our groceries every week but it’s times like these where I love it even more!  With this small get together tonight I wanted the kids to have a fun activity to do.  I thought it would be perfect to get in the Halloween holiday spirit and decorate pumpkins, eat some candy corn, and put glitter in our hair! (temporary of course) I was able to order everything I needed this morning while drinking my coffee and it got to our house same day, for free, and just in time for our party tonight!

Halloween Party Fun:

If you are wanting to throw a last minute fun Halloween party for the kids, this is what I ordered with my Walmart+ membership:

To Decorate:

Washable Kid’s Paint

Foam Sponges

Carving Pumpkin

Large Wiggly Eyes

Window Clings 1

Window Clings 2

Wall Spiders

Full Size Skeleton

Hair & Face Fun:

WOW Color Hair Spray Green

WOW Color Hair Spray Purple

Face Glitter

Had To Pick Up:

Big question here: Are you a fan of Candy Corn?  It is a controversy topic but I LOVE IT! Let me know in the comments!

Life is going to continue to get hectic, especially with the holidays coming up and it’s so nice to know that I have my Walmart+ membership to help me.  Walmart+ offers the same prices as in-store, with no hidden fees, and the same everyday low prices!  With the craziness this season of the year brings, I would highly recommend signing up for the Walmart+ membership!  One of my favorite things is how much time it saves me.  I still can’t believe I used to go grocery shopping, in the store, with two kids!  I know a lot of you do this, even with more kids and I don’t know how you do it.  Save all that time and just get free, same-day delivery instead!!

I can go on forever with how much I love Walmart+ and I can’t wait for it to come to the rescue many more times during the holiday season.  The Walmart+ membership and it’s free same-day delivery on groceries and more could be the best rescue for you too with last minute gatherings, everyday living, and those who are picky eaters (especially during the holidays)($35 minimum + restrictions apply.)

If you have been looking into trying the Walmart+ Membership, this is your sign to do it.  I promise you won’t regret it and it will come to the rescue at all times!

Start your free 15 day trial NOW!

xo Amanda

This post is sponsored by Walmart+ and rewardStyle. All reviews and opinions are my own and all partnerships like these make The Miller Affect possible.

XO Amanda
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Last Minute Entertaining

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