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If you have read this post: HOW TO GET YOUR TODDLER INVOLVED IN THE KITCHEN or this post: NEW WALMART+ BENEFIT you already know how important Walmart+ is for me and my family. It is one of those ‘where has this been my whole life’ kind of concepts. I honestly cannot believe I used to pack the kids up and go grocery shopping at the store. We never had time for it and it was always the biggest hassle. Why did I even add that kind of stress onto my day?

Since finding Walmart+, I honestly cannot imagine life without it. I am a HUGE procrastinator and am frequently out of important groceries that I need immediately. I work full time and we have two kids. Loading them up in the car to drive 15-20 minutes to grocery shop just added so much stress on everyone.

Walmart+ Makes it Easier to Parent

Luckily, I found Walmart+ and can now shop from the comfort of my home. I have all of my usual ‘favorite’ items saved so shopping is super quick and easy online. I can also get free, same-day delivery with all orders $35+. I use Walmart+ to get all of my groceries every week without ever having to leave my house.

Nowadays we are out and about a lot more than we were the previous year. This always calls for last minute meals and snacks. With Walmart+ I can order that morning and get free, same-day shipping on all orders $35+.

It has been extremely hot here in CO lately and has kept us from taking the kids hiking. This morning we woke up and checked the weather and saw that it was going to be a cloudy day with amazing temps. We immediately agreed it was going to be a great hiking day but didn’t have any of the snacks we needed for the kids. Walmart+ came to the rescue!

Miller typically chooses fruit for snacks, but sometimes we let her have a ‘special treat’ after nap time if she has been really good that day! We have them on a ‘special shelf’ in the pantry and let her pick one out herself. It is a super proud moment for her!

Here are some of her ‘special treats’ that we always order from Walmart:


Animal Crackers (she thinks they are cookies)

Nutri Grain Kids Snacks


Mott’s Fruit Snacks

Captain Crunch All Berries Snack

For Callen, we get alllllll of the baby munchies from Walmart for him. It keeps him occupied and he loves snacking.

Callen loves:

Gerber Yogurt Melts

Gerber Puffs

Gerber Lil’ Crunchies

Gerber Baby Food (Walmart has the best variety)

Mandarin Oranges

If you aren’t already a Walmart+ member, now is the time to sign up! You get the same amazing, low prices that you see in store from the comfort of your home. It just makes parenting SO MUCH EASIER!

Start your free 15 day trial NOW!

xo Amanda

This post is sponsored by Walmart and rewardStyle. All reviews and opinions are my own and all partnerships like these make The Miller Affect possible.

XO Amanda
July 27, 2021 Outfits

Where Would I Be Without Walmart+?

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