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The Miller Affect talking about Martha Stewart home goods from Macy's
The Miller Affect wearing a Martha Stewart apron from Macy's
The Miller Affect talking about why to register for your wedding at Macy's
The Miller Affect featuring Macy's home goods

Happy Wedding Wednesday!

So excited to be teaming up with Macy’s so show off some of my favorite registry items!

I am finally getting my list checked off when it comes to my wedding (who knew everything gets done in the last three months?!) and Troy and I finally finished registering for our wedding!

We registered at Macy’s and we were so pleasantly surprised to see how huge their selection is! We went into the store, and then we came home and finished up our registry from home!

I love registering in store because you can see how everything is styled and how everything looks together, but then you can buy all the small things you need online!

Macy’s has some of the top brands available and I used a few to make some pancakes!

Disclaimer: this was my first time to try making pancakes into a shape, and it definitely took a little YouTube research and one pan clean out before being successful! But how cute did they turn out?!

The Miller Affect making heart shaped pancakes with Macy's
The Miller Affect using Macy's pancake molds
The Miller Affect mixing pancakes in a Martha Stewart mixing bowl

Heart shaped pancakes with Martha Stewart
The Miller Affect using an egg shape spatula from Macy's
The Miller Affect talking about wedding registry from Macy's

Why You Should Register at Macy’s

Macy’s has an amazing selection of Kitchen Goods!

I am using mostly Martha Stewart products here, and all of them are currently on sale!

How stinking’ cute is this egg spatula? I also am loving this mixing bowl and adorable heart shape pancake mold set!

Oh, and you can’t miss Martha’s Enameled Cast Irons!! They come in some really fun colors (including this baby pink one that I have!)

This is also a Martha Stewart apron (I love the basil leaves) and it comes as a set as well!

Macy’s also has a great selection of pots and pans. I am using Calphalon here, which my mother SWEARS by! This was the first time I tried Calphalon and it cooked everything evenly and the pan was super easy to wipe clean!

If you like stainless steel more, All-Clad is the way to go! I love this copper set below- soooo pretty!

When it comes to mixers, definitely register for a Cuisinart! I love this 5 speed Cuisinart mixer and it works so well with pretty much anything you need mixing!

Lastly, Troy makes a smoothie every morning, so a great blender is super important to him! We have a Cuisinart blonder and love it! Macy’s has an amazing selection of blenders and they all happen to be on sale (or put one on your registry!)

kate spade dishes from Macy's
kate spade at macys
The perfect wedding gifts from Kate Spade at Macy's
Dyson vacuums at Macy's
Kate Spade picture frames at Macy's
The Miller Affect looking at Kate Spade dishes from Macy's

Home Decor with Macy’s

Macy’s also has an amazing selection of home decor to register for!

I am all about the Kate Spade home decor! I just love everything they put out! It isn’t all polka dots and stripes! They actually have an amazing selection of fine china, beautiful picture frames, etc.

You can also register for cleaning items. I actually own this purple Dyson below. It is the PERFECT item to put on your wedding registry! Macy’s carries a wide selection of Dyson vacuums in case you wanted to register for something different.

There are so many other great items to register for at Macy’s! Make sure you check out their home goods selection next time you are in the store, or check it out and shop their sale today!

You can also start your wedding registry HERE!

XOXO Amanda

Photos by Angie Garcia

*This post was sponsored by Macy’s. The registry was done by Troy and I and all opinions are 100% our own.

XO Amanda
March 15, 2017 Wedding

Why You Should Register at Macy’s

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