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  1. M

    I’m really hoping they restock the Sam Edelman boots in both black and caramel & the Badgeley Mischka coat 😭

  2. Kimberly Emge

    Setting an alarm for 1:45 🙈 do you know if you can cart items and then just check out when the sale starts?

    1. Amanda Miller

      put them in your wish list! xox A


It’s finally your turn! I am talking to all of you guys who have been waiting for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Public Access to begin.

Shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale During Public Access

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale During Public Access

the miller affect wearing a green pleated dress from the n sale[/one_half]
the miller affect carrying a tory burch wallet on a chain from the N SALE
the miller affect wearing a white and black stripe top from the Nordstrom Sale
the miller affect sharing her favorite cashmere pieces from the N sale

When can you shop? 2am CST 7/20.

What does this mean? That you need to get up at 2am CST to shop.

I know, this sounds horrible. But that is really the ONLY way to take advantage of restocked items. Last year, Nordstrom restocked tons of items at 2am and they were sold out by 3am. Crazy, right? Private and Public Sale users were online and ready to push the button on their favorite items.

How will you know if something has been restocked? Two ways:

  1. Watch my Instagram Stories. It will be 10am for me in Europe so I will be on Instagram Stories uploading ALLLLL OF THE RESTOCKS! You will be able to shop them quickly with a swipe up directly to the product.
  2. Click on the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale icon on Nordstrom.com and filter by New Arrivals. All of the restocks will be considered ‘new’ items. At least this is how it was last year!

Ok, so it is the next morning and you didn’t wake up in time. Now what? No worries, the sale last for another two weeks at this point so you can still shop the sale, you just may not get to take advantage of the restocks RIGHT AWAY! Still check back on my stories or online every day to see if the item you have been waiting for is back.

Most buyers will buy each item in 2 sizes and return the one they don’t need. This means items should be getting restocked daily as returns start coming in. Roughly 40% of items bought during the Nordstrom Sale end up being returned. You just have to be patient and you have to keep checking back when you can!

I will do my best to alert you of any restocks daily going forward as well on my Instagram and Instagram Stories, but it will be your job to jump on it ASAP since some restocks can literally last minutes.

Ok, no more talking about restocks. There are still PLENTY of amazing items available in all sizes for you to shop! I will still be doing Nordstrom posts throughout the week and will include fun things like HOME, MEN, ACTIVEWEAR, SLEEPWEAR, ETC. You will still have plenttyyyyy of amazing deals to shop so don’t fret!

COME BACK HERE FRIDAY MORNING as I will have a new Nordstrom post up for you that includes RESTOCKS and other fun buys!

In the meantime, browse through these posts and bookmark the links of the items you will be waiting on. It will make it so much easier for you come 2am on Friday morning!





xox Amanda

XO Amanda

Best Way to Shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale During Public Access

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