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How to prepare for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

It is THAT time of year again. It is my favorite time of the year (other than Christmas of course). It is time for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is when tons of designers put all of their new fall arrivals on Nordstrom’s website at the same time, and all of it immediately goes on sale. Now you can see why it’s almost as amazing as Christmas morning, right?

It opens to the public on the 22nd. Are you ready?

I want YOU to be prepared for it, so that you can get the most out of the sale this year, and the year after that and the year after that!

How to Prepare for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale:

  • Become a Nordstrom Rewards Member. Does anyone just start shaking their head no immediately after they check out at the counter? You know the question, “Would you like to open a credit card with us?”, is coming your way. This IS NOT LIKE THAT. I hate credit cards. Here is a fun fact: I DO NOT OWN ONE. Yeah, that is a whole other topic for later…
    • With Nordstrom, you can become a Nordstrom Rewards Member for free. No strings. No interest. You basically just attach your Nordstrom account to your bank account. You give them your routing and account number, and they give you a brand new NORDSTROM DEBIT card. Whenever you make purchases with your card, you earn points AND it is just taken from your checking account automatically!!
    • I also love it because you can easily keep track of purchases and they can find all of your items (if you want to return anything) with just a swipe of your card. Say goodbye to holding on to those receipts!
    • The biggest reason why you should be a Nordstrom Rewards Member: You get to shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale EARLY!!
      • from July 14-July 21, Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale is open ONLY to rewards members! You have full access of the sale before most of the entire world does! Some of the items you buy may even be sold out by the time the sale is open to the public.
      • SIGN UP ASAP and shop the sale when I do!
  • Get your list together.
    • You will probably want to know what you are needing before you go in there blind. I like to have a list together like ‘cargo vest, black buckled boots, gray heels, etc’.
    • Get your family’s Christmas list together. Find out what you need and what your friends and family want. Do your kids need stuff for back to school? Has your best friend been looking for some red heels? Now is the time to grab all of that!
    • Remember: FALL NEW ARRIVALS. Get your summer stuff now. The stuff for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale will be for Fall.
  • Save UP!
    • I know you love your Starbucks every morning, but that is like $30 bucks you can put towards some awesome jeans!
    • Join my giveaway below! Enter to win $1225 to Nordstrom just in time for the Anniversary Sale!! There are tons of different ways you can win!! The more times you enter, the better chance you have!

Here is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Catalog, so you can see some of the items that will be on sale come July 14: WOMEN’S I MEN’S

Here are a couple of my favorites from the sale last year. I may have bought ALL OF THESE. I get a million compliments on these gray suede pumps!

how to prepare for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Preparing for the 2016 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale


One of the biggest sales of the year is around the corner and we want you to be ready for it! Enter below up to 101 times for a chance to win a $1225 gift card to Nordstrom just in time for the big Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!!! Just think of what you could buy with this!! Complete 1 entry, or 101 entries, but the more times you enter the better chance you will have!

*Giveaway ends on 7/13 and winner will be announced on 7/14 (the first day of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.) Must be 16+ years older to enter. International entrants welcome. Please keep in mind that you can not complete more than 101 entries, and that we can tell if the same person uses multiple emails to enter. ALL ENTRIES WILL BE VERIFIED, so make sure to hit ‘FOLLOW’ or ‘LIKE’ to complete each entry.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Gift Card Giveaway

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