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The title is a mouthful haha!

For today’s Workout Wednesday I wanted to share my favorite workout apps that I have used on my Apple Watch andddd my favorite gear from Outdoor Voices.

Outdoor Voices Favorites

I have bought a few styles each year from Outdoor Voices since they opened in Austin and I just keep collecting new pieces every time they have a launch. I just think they have a superior product and their sets are always so cute!

When it comes to working out, I usually opt for running or at-home workouts. Last year I did Pilates Barre on a reformer machine and Treadbarre (a treadmill workout class!)

So, I need shorts and bras to the former and leggings and tops to the latter.

MOST of their sports bras come without padding, but fit nice and tight on so you aren’t bouncing around everywhere.

PS-My shorts and leggings NEVER show sweat, which to me is a MUST when looking for workout clothes.

PSS- They are running a PROMO right now! Get a matching set for $95!! Shop the sale HERE.

I wear size small top (yes, even with my new breastfeeding boobs haha) and small bottom!

the miller affect wearing outdoor voices polka dot spandex

Polka Dot Shorts (if you, OR if have a sister or friend that plays volleyball you/she NEEDS THESE!)I Sports Bra

*these actually aren’t meant to match. I bought the black sports bra forever ago to go with some black running shorts that I couldn’t find today :(! I bought the polka dot spandex shorts last week! HERE is the matching polka dot bra.

the miller affect wearing outdoor voices grey running shorts
the miller affect wearing a colorblock sports bra

Grey Shorts I Matching Bra (make sure to check out the back of the bra! so cute!)

I have this matching set in black, green, and now grey! I’ll buy it again in the next color they release. I am obsessed! They shorts are so comfortable and I love running and working out in them!

the miller affect sharing the best workout apps on the apple watch
the miller affect wearing a padded sports bra from OV

Green Shorts I Matching Bra (this one has removable cups and is so comfortable!)

the miller affect wearing hot pink workout leggings and a pink sports bra from outdoor voices

Pink Leggings I Pink Bra (YOU HAVE TO SEE THE BACK!)

the miller affect wearing navy leggings and bra set from OV

Blue Leggings I Blue Bra

All of the leggings come in 3 different lengths & they have tennis dresses and skirts in these colorways too!!

Favorite Workout Apps for the Apple Watch

I got my Apple Watch around Thanksgiving and have been experimenting with new apps every since! When I started working out, I researched which apps would be the best for what I needed. These are the three I ended up loving:

1.Strava. This is the best app for cycling and running. I use it when I run around the neighborhood or when I cycle on my Fly Anywhere bike. Neither one of which I have done in the last month! But, when I did run or cycle I LOVED using this app! Great for all of you who love going to spin class!

Strava considers itself the World’s BEST tracking app! It records movement from your wrist so you can leave your phone at home.

2.Nike + Run Club. This is another great app for runners!

Nike + Run Club learns your habits over time and sets personalized goals! It will also ping your watch if you need to step it up in order to keep up with you pace/goal. How cool is that? You can even have friends record the encouragements for you! So I could have Troy all of the sudden come on the watch saying ‘You got this babe!’

3.MyFitnessPal. Not only does this app keep track of steps and calories burned, it also works as a digital food diary! It allows you to log your food and water intake from your wrist and lets you know how much further you need to go (how much more or less you should be eating daily!) The app can even break down your nutrient intake into carbohydrates, fat, protein!! This is a great app for those who are counting calories. The best part about it? It syncs with MOST watch apps for even more detailed data/tracking!

I hope you enjoy these apps! Next week I will be talking about more fitness apps/exercises you can do from home!

xox Amanda


XO Amanda
January 16, 2019 Fitness

OV Favorites + Best Workout Apps for the Apple Watch

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