Self-Care Awareness

I don’t know if anyone else can relate to this, but life has been CRAZY lately.  I mean this in the best way, but I feel like I have been all over the place and finding that work, life, balance has been hard.  I want to be the best mom to the kids, the best wife, create content for you guys that you will love, and be best me I can be for the people around me.  While trying to juggle all of this I feel like I am moving 100 mph and I never slow down.

Recently, I realized something needed to change.  Life is going to continue to go by in a blink of an eye & get even crazier.  Since we just bought a house too, I already know the stress of moving is coming along with the renovations and all!  On the plane ride home from Texas this past weekend I knew I needed to start putting in “me” time on my calendar.  I get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of life that I never slow down and take time for myself. Like one of my favorite Peloton instructors says, ‘Self Care is Never Selfish!’

self care awareness month at walmart

This got me thinking of what I would love to do for myself that is easy and I can do at home so I wouldn’t be gone from the house all day.  Then, I got the perfect idea!  With the help of I decided to transform my bathroom to an at-home spa!  September is self-care awareness month too, so what better way to show myself some self care than a nice, upgraded bath at home!

Walmart Home has been my go to recently when I am wanting to do a change up in the house and with moving into a new house soon, is already #1 on my bookmarks tab.  Walmart Home makes it easy for you to shop for any look you are wanting and they are always up to date with the latest trends.  For example, I wanted my bathroom to feel super peaceful and calm.  I also wanted to add a tribal/relaxed ranch vibe in the mix since that style is so popular and I fell in love with the new Fall Home pieces from Walmart.  You definitely don’t need to buy a ton to create a more relaxing at-home spa night for yourself!  Walmart Home had everything I needed, and it arrived super quick!  Sharing everything I ordered below!

At-Home Spa:

Decor Pieces:

  1. Tribal Rug:  This is the rug I bought for the bathroom but it gets here later this week, check bag on instagram stories to see how it looks in the new space! But how cute is this rug?  I saw it and completely fell in love with it.  I like that the pattern isn’t too crazy & has just the right amount of those southwestern vibes.  It comes in six other sizes too, so there is definitely a space where this would work in your home!
  2. Canvas Art Print: Also love this print!  Again, this could work anywhere in the house and has the perfect neutral tones which fits right in with the peaceful space I was wanting to create in the bathroom!


What You Need For Your Bath:

  1. Daily Detox Massage Brush: This is one of the best things you can do for yourself before you get in the bath or shower! Dry brushing has so many benefits like: exfoliation for your skin, unclogs pores, increased blood circulation, etc.  The list goes on!  You want to do this on dry skin in an upwards motion before getting in the bath.  Try and do this as many times during the week as possible!  Remember, we are all about self care this month and this is one easy thing you can add into your daily routine & your body will thank you for it.
  2. Luxury Bamboo Bathtub Tray: You can’t have an at home spa night in and not have a bathtub tray!  This one is absolutely perfect and so luxurious.  It is adjustable to fit in any bathtub and has different compartments for your book or kindle, cell phone, magazine, wine glass (because a glass of wine is one of the most important things to have at the at-home spa night in) and anything else you might want near by.
  3. Pure Epsom Salt: This is always a go to for when I am taking a bath.  This Soothe & Sleep scent is lavender so it really relaxes you.  Epsom Salt is great for soreness or muscle pains too!
  4. Bodycology Bath Fizzies:  You can’t have a bubble bath without the fizzies!  This scent is amazing too!



  1. Mainstays Seagrass & Paper Rope Baskets: These are the perfect size for organization & I love the gray color.  You can really put anything in these!
  2. Ceramic Jar Set: I love the neutral color of these and they go so well with the peaceful space I created in the bathroom.  Put q-tips or cotton balls in these.
  3. Glass Jars: I added these in here because I plan to put some of the Epsom Salt in one to give it more of that “spa” aesthetic look!  Also, you can really add anything to glass jars!  They are one of my top items I purchase when reorganizing.


How To Make Your Space More Peaceful:

** Click any of these items above to shop!**

I wanted to add some greenery to the space and I knew plants were going to be the perfect fit!  Some are indoor plants and some of them are just for looks.  Also, eucalyptus is one of my favorite things to put in the bathroom!  It smells like a spa, and is so calming! I know a lot of people that will add fresh eucalyptus above their shower head too.  The steam from the shower makes the entire bathroom smell so cozy and peaceful.

Other Items I purchased:

  1. Amber Glass Bottles With Pump:  The color of these lotion and soap dispensers is what sold me.  It matches the decor I bought for the space and I love that I can just refill these with whatever soap or lotion I am wanting.  A great way to save on plastic!
  2. Gap Home Organic Cotton 6 Piece Towel Set: I already bought these a month ago when I redid my guest room.  After already having a set I knew I had to buy one for my own bathroom because they are really that good!  This set is an amazing price and great quality! Comes in 5 other colors too!


I love the little update I made to this bathroom to create my own personal spa at-home!  I had my first spa night just last night and it honestly was just what I needed for myself.  Self-care can look like so many things, it doesn’t have to be a spa night.  Maybe for you it’s a movie night, a nice night baking your favorite treats, or reading a book outside on the porch.  Whatever it looks like for you, try and make space during the week to slow down and take time for yourself!  Walmart Home makes it easy for you to do this for yourself.  You deserve some you time and creating space for this will be so healthy not only for you but people around you as well!

Make sure to leave a comment and let me know what you’re going to do for yourself during the month of September for self-care awareness month!  Also, if you didn’t see what I did recently with our guest room refresh make sure to check that out here: Gap Home Guest Bedroom Refresh!

xox Amanda

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  1. October 18, 2021 / 7:09 am

    This is a topic that’s near to my heart… Thank you! xactly where are your contact details though?

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