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Happy Sunday guys!

Are you burnt out on shopping for the #NSale yet? Every time I go online I find at least five more things I want to buy!

Today’s post is all about my http://bit.ly/2rhJC09.

I wanted to do a collage solely comprised of tan shoes because they are actually what I end up wearing the most during the Fall and Winter. Black shoes just don’t get as much love from me I guess. Tan shoes go with just about everything and make any outfit look so much cuter!

If you aren’t a tan shoes kinda gal, no worries. You can view ALL of my favorite shoes from the sale (in all different colors) HERE!

So many great shoes this year for the Nordstrom Sale, and the pages have gone from about 8 to now only 4. Make sure to grab your size asap!

Favorite Tan Shoes From the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

*to shop, just click on the actual boot you want to check out from the photo above!

#2- I have #2 and can tell you that they are actually long enough for me! They go over my knee and they don’t fall or scrunch!

#3- See more of #3 in this blog post or in this Instagram photo. Just shoes you can wear them for both work and play.

#4- Currently in my cart!

#7- I bought the pair of Tory Burch riding boots that were a part of the sale last year and I wore them almost EVERY DAY in the Fall! Definitely grab this pretty pair asap!

#8, #9, #10- These would also be so cute with shorts!

#11 and #12- I bought similar versions of both of these boots last year! Just really depends if you want to have  a heel or not!

Which one is your favorite? Do you own any of them? Leave a comment below!

XO Amanda

Favorite Tan Shoes From the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

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