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the top 10 baby products for year one

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Top 10 Baby Products

1. Baby Bjorn Bouncer– Miller LOVED being in the bouncer and we could put her in there for long periods of time and she would just bounce away in it (or sleep in it when she was younger!) 100% worth the price. As soon as Miller grew out of it my best friend came over and grabbed it for her baby.

2. This Tubby Todd All Over Ointment cleared Miller’s baby acne in just two days. It is truly miracle ointment! My nephew has bad eczema and cradle cap and it cleared his cradle cap within a few days of use and treats his eczema instantly whenever he has a flare up! Definitely grab a tub of this to have around the house!

3. Gripe Water– Instantly gets rid of hiccups… every time!! We still use it for her hiccups and it still works! It is ginger water so it can also help settle their stomachs and ease their gas.

4. Owlet Smart Sock– This is probably the top baby product (besides the Doona) that I recommend to every expecting parent. I don’t know how I would have slept without it honestly and it allowed us to put Miller in her own room much faster than anticipated and that helped with her sleep training! When we traveled we had whoever watched her put it on every night and that also gave us sound of mind because we could check the app whenever we wanted.

5. Hushh Portable Sound Machine– I love the white noise options on this sound machine and the battery seems to last forever. It also has rubber on the outside for protection so Miller can throw it, chew it, etc and there isn’t a scratch on it! We used it as her main sound machine in her room too until we got the Hatch Baby Rest. Now we just use the Hushh when we travel or if we are out and about in town and want to try to get her to sleep in the stroller or carseat.

6. These Dr. Brown bottles are the best! She would get gas and spit up when we would use other bottles or even when we had the filter tube out of the Dr. Brown’s bottles. With the bottles and filter tube she never had any troubles at all! We removed the tube at 11 months. Make sure you grab the right nipple size for the age! Just google Dr Brown Nipple Size for ___ month old!

7. The Doona– Everyone always messages me asking if it is worth it. IT IS 100%- no 200%- worth it! It is everything! I wanted to cry when Miller grew out of it. I wish they could make something like it for when they get older but I think it would just be too heavy. It is amazing yall. Just so easy and convenient and Miller loved it too. She always seemed very comfortable in it.

In case you haven’t heard of the Doona, it is a stroller/carseat hybrid. You just lift the carseat and press a button and the wheels pop down and it turns into a stroller.

8. Baby Einstein Discovering Music Activity Table– I wish we had grabbed this sooner honestly. It plays all sorts of music and you can also change it it to count and teach instead. It plays and talks in English, Spanish, and French! This would have really helped with Miller’s tummy time, but we used it for when she started sitting up but couldn’t crawl and now pulls up to it all the time and dances to the beat.

9. Activity Gym/Floor Mat– This is a 5 in 1 floor mat. When they get older and can sit up you can turn it into a ball pit! It comes with tons of toys that hang and a singing elephant that Miller still crawls to today! We bring it with us on trips and play it’s music and it always makes her smile! The best floor mat in my opinion!

10. Wipe Warmer– It kept Miller from crying during those middle of the night diaper changes and also kept her happy during the day! They HATE cold wipes! It will also keep you from waking your newborn up all the way when you are just changing them and putting them back down again! Lifesaver.

Honorable Mentions:

Cordless Spectra Pump– Lifesaver for those pumping on the go or who travel quite a bit! I thought it was just as strong as my regular pump. and 100% worth every penny!https://shopstyle.it/l/baaRV

Enfamil Formula-We used both Enspire and NeuroPro Gentlease. We never had any issues, Miller seemed to love it, and we will use Enfamil for all of our kids. I HIGHLY recommend it!!!!.

Honest Diapers– We tried every brand. These are just the best.

Sloth Linkimal– Became one of her favorite toys instantly when we bought it for her at 10m. I think she would have loved it starting around 6 months! You can buy more of the linkimals and sync them together and they count and sing at the same time! It is soooo cool! Miller now has the sloth and the hedgehog.

Products You Need, But Not This Brand:

Baby Monitor- The Infant Optics is not the best brand to go with. The battery is crap, the thermostat doesn’t work, and customer service isn’t helpful. Monitors are a MUST, but I wouldn’t go with this brand. I know a lot of people love it, but you might be able to find something better.

Activity Center- We loved the Skip Hop Jump Activity center UNTIL we saw the ones my parents have and how much MORE Miller interacts with that one. Luckily, THIS ONE from Fisher Price is half the cost, too!

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xox Amanda

XO Amanda
November 11, 2019 Baby

Top 10 Baby Products

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