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1/18: Valentine’s Day Wear, Pajamas

1/25: Valentine’s Day Wear for a Date Night In, Lingerie + Gift Ideas for Him

2/1: Valentine’s Day Wear for a Date Night Out/Girl’s Night + Gift Ideas for You

2/8: Valentine’s Day Recipe Ideas

Valentine’s Day Wear for a Date Night Out/Girl’s Night

Who will be heading out this Valentine’s Day? Whether you are meeting up with the girls or heading out to dinner with you man, we have you covered with these gorgeous pink and red pieces below!

If you aren’t feeling a new outfit for VDAY this year, that’s ok too! Pick up one of these super cute heart earrings to stay with the theme on Sunday.

*click on the items in this photo that you want to shop!

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her

Click on the item in the picture to shop, and read below on why I have added these particular items to my VDay Gift Guide. These would all be perfect Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her!

1 These look SO REAL in person and are under $50! I am too scared to get the real thing because I know I will lose them, so this is the perfect pair for me.

2 Forever on my wish list! So beautiful and dainty!

3 This necklace is super popular right now. It looks soooo pretty layered. This would be a great gift for one of your girlfriends or sisters.

4 My go-to hand cream! I keep it next to my bed and apply every night.

5 I am working on getting more organized in 2021. As soon as I can clear up a little space on our bathroom counter I will be buying one of these skin care fridges! It will make your skin care last longer and who doesn’t love a cold application in the early mornings? Having your products colder will also help decrease any puffiness you may have when you wake up.

6 Bath salts that will look so pretty on your counter or bath caddy,

7 Send him this link for Urban Stems. They have the prettiest florals at amazing prices!

8 My all-time favorite mask! Beauty Sleep is a plumping mask that will make your skin feel and look younger! The best part: you apply at night and you don’t have to wash it off!

9 Currently eyeing these Gucci sunglasses <3

10 love love love this candle in my bathroom!! Puts me in a great mood in the morning and is super calming at night.

11 I have heard amazing things about this and it is currently on major sale!

12 Trying this for the first time next week on Try it Tuesday!! Vday is the perfect time to ask for a really big gift and then you can always return it if you don’t end up liking the curls or if you feel like it is too hard to use!

13&14 These have been on my wish list for forever. I just wish I could decide which color to get!

15 If you don’t already own a pair of these sandals, put them on your wish list! They are super comfortable and will last you a lifetime! This makeup color is my favorite because it goes with everything.

16 I forgot to add this to the collage, but VDAY would be the perfect opportunity to try liquid collagen! In fact, you could both start using it together like Troy and me. We already notice a huge difference in our joints and are looking forward to the added benefits of hair growth.


LIFE and TRIM bundle

*If you want to hear more about it, watch ‘LIQUID COLLAGEN’ highlights on my instagram stories!

Make sure to check out last week’s post if you are looking for great gift ideas for HIM!

XO Amanda
February 2, 2021 Gift Guides

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her

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