Valentine’s Day Lingerie, Cozy Sweaters, and a Gift Guide for Him

This will be a weekly series I will be doing up until Valentine’s Day. Keep an eye out for these posts, coming to you on these dates:

1/18: Valentine’s Day Wear, Pajamas

1/25: Valentine’s Day Wear for a Date Night In, Lingerie + Gift Ideas for Him

2/1: Valentine’s Day Wear for a Date Night Out/Girl’s Night + Gift Ideas for You

2/8: Valentine’s Day Recipe Ideas

Are you staying in or heading out this Valentine’s Day? I think we will probably stay in since restaurants are only at 25% capacity here in Denver. It was hard enough getting Valentine’s Day reservations when everything was 100% open!

If you are staying in too, this post is for you!

Today I want to share some of my favorite Valentine’s Day lingerie, some cuddle-approved cozy sweaters to wear at home, and a Valentine’s Day gift guide for him!

Valentine’s Day Lingerie

I honestly cannot tell you the last time I wore lingerie! I think all men love it though so maybe I need to step up my game a bit. Buy yourself one of these pieces below and have him open it! Make the night even more fun by playing a little ‘game’ after the kids go down! I linked some cute, sexy games below!

*click on the item in the photo that you want to shop*


I don’t think there was a whole lotta romance happening in 2020, haha. We were basically stuck inside with each other 24/7 so we definitely HAD ENOUGH by the end of the day. Maybe I am just speaking for myself since I was SUPER pregnant most of the year. I definitely want to bring the romance back this year and there is no better time to start than Valentine’s Day <3.

Cuddle-Approved Cozy Sweaters

Here is a roundup of some cute sweaters you could wear for a date night at home this V-Day:

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Him

His birthday, Christmas, Father’s Day, and Valentine’s Day= the four times of the year we get to spoil him. Troy doesn’t buy much for himself, so I take those four opportunities to give him a nice gift. He has almost ALL OF THESE on the guide below.

On his list: The Bose headphones, the rangefinder, the muscle gun looking thing, and the Playstation 5. He put everything else he loves on this guide too because they are his favorites and he knows your men will love them.

*I will be going through all of these on Instagram stories too! Follow me @themilleraffect to watch.

If you have a question about anything on Valentine’s Day lingerie, cozy cuddle-approved sweaters, or the gift guide for him let me know in a comment below!

PS- to see more gift ideas for him, head to THIS FATHER’S DAY GIFT GUIDE POST. And don’t forget to check out last week’s post in my Valentine’s Day series: Valentine’s Day Wear, Pajamas

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