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This post is sponsored by Walmart+ and rewardStyle. All reviews and opinions are my own and all partnerships like these make The Miller Affect possible.

I don’t know if anyone else can relate but I feel like I have been going 100 miles a minute and nonstop this entire month.  I have been super busy with work, Christmas shopping, having renovation meetings for the new house, and taking care of the kids that half the time I don’t even know what day it is. I looked at my calendar this morning and I am still in shock Christmas will be here THIS WEEK!

While I am SO excited to have my entire family here to celebrate, I also had a slight panic moment because I forgot that I am actually hosting this year instead of traveling back home like I usually do.  Hosting means being in charge of most of the food, games, drinks, etc. and once again I couldn’t thank my Walmart+ membership enough for saving me this holiday season.

If you guys have read my previous posts: Where Would I Be Without Walmart+  and Last Minute Entertaining, you already know that Walmart+ has saved me and my family many times in the past and this holiday season is no different.  This holiday season might look a little differently than last year.  I know more people are gathering with loved ones, friends, and family.  Let Walmart+ be your go-to membership for all of your last minute holiday needs!  With unlimited free delivery ($35 order min. restrictions apply.), Walmart+ makes it super easy for you to get what you need in a pinch so you can relax this holiday season and focus on time spent with those you love.  So, if you forgot the green beans for the casserole or you can’t seem to find the cranberry you swore you bought already for the turkey, Walmart+ is here to help!

I want to be the best host for my family while they are in town for the holidays so this means I need way more food in my fridge than I currently have, haha.  With my Walmart+ Membership I can order everything I need from the comfort of my home and the best part is that they offer unlimited free delivery for as soon as the same day on all orders $35+(restrictions apply!).  This is so convenient for me and my family on a regular day, but bring in the hustle and bustle of this time of year and this membership really is next level!  Walmart+ offers the most high-quality groceries and that is exactly what I want to offer to my family while they stay here.

Since I am doing most of the holiday cooking I knew I needed some good appetizer options, ingredients for some of my favorite dishes on Christmas Day, wine (of course), dessert, and some fun things for the kids!

What’s In My Cart:


I am going to put out the favorites for the appetizers and snacks!  I love making a charcuterie board, so that is always my go to.  You can change it up each time you make one and specialize it to your guests needs.  I always get a veggie tray too because we need a little greens, right?

New Board:

My board that I currently have needed an update and this one is perfect so I had to add it to my cart.

For The Board:

Walmart+ carries the best of the best high quality cheeses and meats for any board you make this season!

Other Apps:

Side Dishes:

What’s your go to side dish for Christmas?  I love mashed potatoes and any of the casseroles!  Whether you need one ingredient or 10, Walmart+ offers fresh ingredients at your doorstep in no time.

Don’t Forget The Drinks (adult):

I am usually a beer or wine girl but these holiday seltzers looks so interesting so I thought I would give it a whirl.  Will keep you updated!


I love any kind of sweets!!  Are you a pumpkin pie fan?

For The Kids:

I wanted to order some gingerbread house kits and other holiday kits that all of the kids can have fun with!  All 4 of these kits looked so fun and we can decorate them throughout the week.  I also wanted to pick up another fun activity the kid’s could do while the parent’s are doing all the cooking and I thought s’mores would be perfect!  I also LOVE how easy this indoor s’mores maker is.


Plates, Utensils, & Other:

Stocked up on some last minute Christmas kitchen accesories for the house.  They have so many amazing options!  I also love the kid’s selection they have for plates and utensils.  How adorable is the Santa cookie plate and milk cup?!

A lot of people think that a Walmart+ Membership is just good for buying groceries.  Of course I use Walmart+ for our groceries every week and special occasions like Christmas coming up, but it’s times like these where I love it even more!  I was able to find some fun games, movies, and some other things for my family while they are in town for the holidays.

Fun For All:


If you are hosting and having people stay at your house over the holidays what better to spend time together than playing some fun games together?


Also had to add some classic Christmas movies to my list!!  There is nothing better than watching a Christmas movie with your whole family under the same roof.  I am so excited!  I am curious, what is your fan fav Christmas movie?


Added some extra blankets to the mix and some fun hot coco and coffee for movie and game night!

Also wouldn’t be the Christmas season without some beautiful Poinsettia’s in our house!  Love the white and red together.

While I think I now have everything I need for my family while they are in town, I know deep down that’s too good to be true.  It is so nice to know that I have my Walmart+ membership to help me for last minute ingredients and anything else my family might have forgotten on their travel here.  Walmart+ offers the same prices as in-store, with no hidden fees, and the same everyday low prices!  With the craziness this season of the year brings, I would highly recommend signing up for the Walmart+ membership!  One of my favorite things is how much time it saves me and how convenient it is.  Save all that time and just get free, same-day delivery instead!!

I can go on forever with how much I love Walmart+ and I can’t wait for it to come to the rescue many more times during the holiday season and into the New Year.  The Walmart+ membership and it’s unlimited free delivery as soon as same day on groceries and more could be the best rescue for you too with last minute gatherings, everyday living, and those who are picky eaters (especially during the holidays)($35 minimum + restrictions apply.)

If you have been looking into trying the Walmart+ Membership, this is your sign to do it.  I promise you won’t regret it and it will come to the rescue at all times!

Visit Walmartplus.com to start your free trial today!

xo Amanda

XO Amanda
December 24, 2021 Family

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