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    1. Amanda Miller

      Awh thank you soooo much!! We love them too! xoxo Amanda


I hope you guys didn’t think Wedding Wednesday was over! I have sooo much more to share with you! If you didn’t see my latest Wedding Wednesday post make sure to check that out here.

This post is all about how Troy and I found our wedding rings.

We went to a few places to look at different bands, but in the end we went with two rings we loved from Robbins Brothers.

Our Wedding Rings from Robbins Brothers

the miller affect posting about her wedding rings from robbins brothersThe Miller Affect wedding ringsAmanda Miller's wedding rings from Robbins BrothersThe Miller Affect posting about her wedding rings

I hosted an event at Robbins Brothers awhile ago for the new Karl Lagerfeld diamond rings, so I already knew how great everyone was at the Dallas location.

When we went in for our appointment to see the wedding rings from Robbins Brothers, they were so kind and attentive. I also knew absolutely nothing about wedding bands and Tanya was super patient with me and really educated me on all of the different styles.

She also cleaned my engagement ring and let me try on all of the different bands I liked with my ring. In fact, every time I have gone into Robbins Brothers they have offered to clean my engagement ring for me even though Troy didn’t even get it from there. This is just a fraction of the great customer service you get there.

They have a massive selection of rings. There is really something for everyone. They have engagement, wedding, and many special occasion rings to choose from. I wanted to try on everything!

There are so many different options to choose from that aren’t even in the store. When I showed Tanya a particular style I liked, she would pull out a catalog and show me everything I could choose from. We then had options of platinum or silver and whether or not I wanted an infinity band or not (for the diamonds to go all the way around the ring.) She told me about the benefits and downfalls of each decision. It was soooo helpful and made it so much easier to find my ring.

Troy knew he wanted a Damascus Steel ring, but had no idea which style. Robbins Brothers has a huge selection and he was able to order the perfect one for him.

Little did we know, but you can’t exactly go into the store a month in advance and expect your rings to be finished in time. Tanya helped us speed up the process so that we could have them on our big day! I would definitely recommend going in to look at rings 2-3 months before your wedding at the latest.

I seriously cannot say enough good things about Robbins Brothers. If you are looking for a ring for any occasion, definitely head to Robbins Brothers first! They go out of their way to make sure you get exactly what you want within your budget. I am sure you will be able to find your perfect wedding rings from Robbins Brothers too!

PS-check out Instagram Stories today for close up of our wedding bands, or click the links below to see them!


Mine- Henri Daussi in Platinum (to match my engagement ring)

Troy- Lashbrook Damascus Steel

Location: Robbins Brothers, 14080 Dallas Pkwy, Dallas, TX 75240

Photos by Adria Lea Photography

Flowers by Wild Rose Events

XO Amanda
July 5, 2017 Wedding

Our Wedding Rings

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