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the miller affect with lynlee poston for a wedding event held by harper's bazaar

I had the pleasure of going to an amazing wedding event last week with Harper’s BAZAAR and Simon G. Jewelry!

I got to listen to a panel of wedding experts give the most amazing wedding tips. Even though I just had my wedding, I was at the edge of my seat during the entire presentation!

I am so excited to share the tips with you guys!

Here is a list of the very talented panelists:

BAZAAR.com Travel & Weddings Editor, Carrie Goldberg
BAZAAR Merchandising Editor, Dana Mendelowitz
Simon G. VP Marketing & Communications, Brooke Brinkman
Lynn Easton and Augusta Cole: Wedding Planner, Easton Events
Photographer, KT Merry (recently shot Kate Upton’s wedding!)
Floral Designer, Maxine Owens, The Southern Table

Wedding Tips:

wedding panel for harper's bazaar wedding event

the miller affect talking about wedding tips from wedding experts
florals by the southern table
wedding expert panel at harper's bazaar event

*I took notes as fast as I can. Hopefully you can read everything smoothly! There is some really great info in here!

Moderator- What are you tired of seeing?

Panelists- Tired of seeing a lot of the same. Tired of the strapless lace ballgown. If you go with a strapless ballgown make sure it fits you perfectly! Tired of seeing people over accessorize. Keep it simple. ‘Look in the mirror and take one thing off’- Coco Chanel. You don’t have to match accessories. Tired of seeing matchy matchy sets. Mix your metals.

Moderator- What do you never want to see go away

Panelists-Never want to see the veil go away. Wearing the veil in front of the face is so timeless and adds a bit of drama. Never want to see heirlooms go away- wear something from your family’s history. Think about tradition.

Moderator- What do you think of a second or third outfit change?

Panelists- More is more! ALL THE LOOKS! 3 is hard to do timing wise but would highly suggest at least 2. Change before the cake cutting! Says you are ready to party!

Moderator- What do you think about being colorful?

Panelists- Love the idea of adding it subtly. Buy your shoes in his favorite color and surprise him with it. Your second dress or rehearsal dinner are both perfect opportunities to add color.

Moderator- Best tip when it comes to bouquets?

Panelists- Loose and organic is the trend right now. Just make sure the bouquet is proportional to you!

Moderator- Coolest thing you have seen at a reception?

Panelists- Once worked a wedding where their reception was only lit by candles. You would grab a matchbook with your table # on it and when you found your seat there was your own personal candle there that you would light. It was beautiful! Love when they use fun dishware. Love when they do large floral installations.

Moderator- How do you capture the perfect moments on camera?

Panelists- The best photos are the ones that tell the story of you two. The photos you would buy for yourself and hang on your own wall for your kids are the kinds of photos you want to take. Make it candid. Don’t be posed. Pick and choose your priorities when it comes to photos. Don’t try to cram everything in. Leave time for unscheduled moments.

Moderator- When it comes to the ring, what should you look for?

Panelists- Carat is NOT the actual size of the stone. Every stone is different. Cut needs to be perfect if you want anything over a 3 carat diamond. Cut is the MOST IMPORTANT* Clarity is the least thing you should be worried about.

Moderator- Leave us with 1 tip.

Panelists- Make is personal. Be nice to your mother. Set yourself up for success – you know your own weak points or things that make you anxious. Build in buffers (time wise). Know that everything isn’t going to go perfectly. Remember the big picture. Don’t put yourself in a situation where you may be vulnerable. Remember this your wedding.

Simon G. Jewelry:

Tablescape by Simon G. Jewelry

Earrings by Simon G. Jewelry
Simon G. Jewelry Ring
Simon G Jewelry ring and bracelet
Rings by Simon G. Jewelry

Simon G. Jewelry was there and had their gorgeous jewelry on display for everyone to see! They are a family owned and operated business and their clients mean everything to them!

They let me wear this insanely stunning diamond ring all night! I actually almost left with it (I had grown so used to it on my finger) before I was reminded that I needed to return it haha! All I want for Christmas…

They have exquisite pieces! If you haven’t spent hours browsing their website, it needs to be added to your to-do list. I could seriously spend all day on there!

Harper’s BAZAAR:

Read more great wedding tips on the Harper’s BAZAAR wedding page, found HERE!

Hopefully you guys got some great wedding tips that you will be able to use one day! If you already got married, did you get your ring Simon G.? Do you agree with the tips above? I would love to hear your opinion!

Photos by Charla Story Photography

Florals by The Southern Table

Jewelry- Simon G. Jewelry

Venue- Mirador

xoxo Amanda

*This post is sponsored by Harper’s BAZAAR. All reviews and opinions are 100% my own.Partnerships like these make The Miller Affect possible.

XO Amanda
November 22, 2017 Wedding

Wedding Tips from Wedding Experts

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