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  1. Laura

    We’ve flown so much with our kids (most recently to China with a 3, 6, and 8 yr old)! The youngest we ever did was 5 wks – that was for a death in the family, so not necessarily a fun or planned trip, but she did great. I found that the younger they are, the easier. They want you to hold them and feed them all the time anyways! I do recommend bringing a carry-on change of clothes for both baby AND YOU though. 🙂 Because messes happen.

  2. JodyBelle

    We’ve always traveled with our daughter since she was born. She was born early — 33 weeks and was in nicu for 18 days. Looking back I was probably crazy for doing it but the night she was discharged i took her to a baby showe where she was the guest of honor! 😳 Also her first SEC football game was UT/FLA and she wasn’t even at her due date at that point! Really nuts. But we’ve always taken her — she has met and had dinner with governors, cabinet members, presidents, been the only child at AHA fundraisers we chaired, went on all my Junior League trips I took as VP and President — and now she loves traveling and we keep it up!! I found it got easier the older she got also. She and I go on lots of girl trips now (she’s 18!)!! Enjoy and have fun and set your own rules for what you do. 😊

    1. Taylor Metzler

      My daughter was the same way! Born at 33w5d and was in the NICU for 22 days. The day we left the hospital is the day we started taking her places. I didn’t want her secluded from life and germs, it would only hurt her more in the long run! She’s 3 months now and has been 100% fine so far!

  3. Rebecca

    I have a 4 month old and we took her on her first flight at 2 months and have taken her on 2 more since then (Denver, Florida and Alabama). It’s definitely more things to pack / carry but it is really not that bad. My husband and I always say it’s mind over matter when traveling with her. Pacifier, bottle or nurse during take off /landing and she should sleep most of the flight!

  4. Kayle

    Good for you!! I’m due in January and people tell me ‘you’ll have to slow down your travel and stay home!’ Not my plan. If you want to continue to travel and be busy, do it…if you want to stay home with a baby, do it! A baby comes into your world not the other way around! It only gets hard as they get older!!

  5. Heather

    Yes to traveling with babies! We took out first flight when our son was 7 weeks. Was not a long flight. We then took him to Italy when he was 5 months old, did a lot of close by traveling after. Currently my son is 18 months we are living in Germany and expecting number 2! Moved to Germany when he was 14 months and have already done a lot of traveling since we got here. Traveling while they are young helps them adapt and become great little travelers! My son is an excellent traveler!

  6. Holly

    I think those trips are all do-able! I have a 20 month old and, trust me, it only gets harder to travel with them. Get the plane rides out of the way when they can’t crawl or walk. Even the Nebraska trip, you can just baby-wear to ensure nobody touches her and you should be ok. Now we struggle with 3 hour car rides and we live in Austin, so we’re pretty limited 😬 Enjoy and have fun! I’m jealous 😉

  7. Jessica

    Love that you are going to post about traveling with baby Miller! My husband and I love to travel and hope to be able to continue when we have a little one! Looking forward to following along! 🙂


I always LOVE when Troy and I shoot together. We basically just gaze into each other’s eyes and laugh the entire time. It helps that my sister is the one behind the camera- keeps the awkwardness at bay!

Today I want to talk about Troy’s favorite shoe brand, ECCO, and a little about how our lives have completely changed this year.

the miller affect talking about ecco shoes

the miller affect wearing a camel mock neck tunic from chelsea28
the miller affect wearing leather ECCO Shape 75 Slouch Tall Boots
The Miller Affect wearing beautiful tan leather boots from ecco

ECCO Shoes

I think Troy wears ECCO shoes in just about every post we do on here together. Over half the shoes he owns are from ECCO! He LOVES THEM! He says they fit perfectly, last forever, and are super comfortable. They also have a golf line that he has worn since he can remember.

The latest post we did together he was wearing these ECCO shoes.

Most of the shoes he owns are more casual, so when I had the chance to grab him some new ones I jumped on this pair of Vitrus II Chelsea Boots. They can be dressed up or down and are just so pretty! I would never tell him that of course, since men don’t want to wear ‘pretty’ things haha!

They would be a great surprise gift for your significant other!

I had honestly never tried ECCO shoes before this collaboration. I guess since Troy had so many pairs I assumed they were just for men? So glad I got to try out a pair because now I can see why he loves them so much! The quality is superb and he was right, they are just so dang comfortable.

I grabbed these gorgeous Shape 75 Slouch Tall Boots that will dress up any of your outfits this fall! They will look so great with dresses, skirts, jeans, leggings, etc! You guys know that I am super pregnant right now, but I had these boots on all day and completely forgot they even had a heel on them! They are just THAT comfortable!

ECCO’s entire women’s line is super chic and practical. You can plan on wearing them for years and years. I am buying these next! A friend of mine wore them recently and I have been swooning over them ever since.

Troy’s Favorites:

My Favorites:


Troy’s Jeans

Vitrus II Chelsea Boots– he went a half size down

Troy’s Sweater

My Tunic (soooo soft omg)

ECCO Shape 75 Slouch Tall Boots

My Leggings

My Chloe Bag

My Hat

2018 Changes

the miller affect's husband talking about his love for ecco shoes

the miller affect husband wearing suede chelsea boots from ecco
the miller affect talking about life changes in 2018

It is crazy how much has changed this year. CRAZY!

I got pregnant,

We bought our first home and moved to the suburbs,

We are about to have a baby!!!

A lot more happened in between of course, but those are the highlights.

One thing that hasn’t changed at all is our relationship. If anything it is better than ever! There’s nothing I love more than our mornings together drinking coffee, praying over our baby, talking about what else we need to get done before she gets here.

We went from 100 to 0 when it comes to traveling, so for the past 9 months we have also talked a lot about our travel plans once Miller is here.

This is what we have planned so far:

December: Omaha, NE for Christmas with Troy’s family. That’s the plans for now. We will evaluate once it gets closer and once Miller arrives. It is such a short (hour and a half flight), but we want to make sure it is safe for her before we book anything.

Feburary: Two weeks in Belize with my parents! We booked a two bedroom condo and I am so excited to have their help.

March: Vancouver/Whistler with some good friends who are living there right now! The girls can watch the kids while the men ski and the men can watch the kids while we spa! Sounds like the PERFECT vacation!

April: My friend Sage’s bachelorette party in Cabo! I hope Troy is ready to watch Miller for a few days by then! I better get pumping!

That’s all for now. We will probably book another long trip with all three of us this summer in Europe. By then we will know how well Miller travels! They say to start them early!

Do you travel with your kids a lot? At what age did you start bringing them on planes? Let me know in a comment below!

No matter where we end up going next year, you can count on tons of ECCO shoes in our suitcases!

xox Amanda

Photos by Adria Lea

*This post is sponsored by ECCO. All items were picked out by Troy and me and all opinions are 100% our own. Partnerships like these make The Miller Affect possible.

XO Amanda
October 22, 2018 Outfits

2018 Life Changes

From the Gram


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