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  1. Katie

    Wow! That looks like such a fun trip (even though it was short!). Whenever I go to a new place for a short time I always find myself wanting to go back for more. Have you ever been to Nashville? I went there last year for about 2 days and it just wasn’t enough!

    Mardi Gras is on my bucket list too!

    Katie- Brewing Up Style

    1. Amanda Miller

      I went to Nashville for a very short trip too and I hardly remember any of it! Definitely need to go back!

      xoxo Amanda

  2. Missy@My Sh!tty Kitchen

    Glad you had fun! Staying at Harrah’s really is so convenient. Hope you come back next year and get more of a local experience and get you that wig, they are so necessary! I have three and as a native New Orleanian I can tell you that is not enough, lol!


The Miller Affect wearing an off-the-shoulder dress currently on sale

Off the Shoulder Dress (CURRENTLY ON SALE) I Perforated Booties I Beige Tote I Lipstick (NARS, Anna) I Earrings

Hey guys and happy Thursday!

I just had a crazy whirlwind trip to New Orleans and I am definitely still recovering, ha!

My friend Brooke from the blog One Small Blonde was asked by Harrah’s Hotel & Casino in New Orleans to come down for Fat Tuesday and take some photos for them.

Mardi Gras was on my bucket list, so when she asked me and my friends in our group text who wanted to go I immediately jumped at the chance. I am so glad I did!

Excited to share our itinerary with you guys in case you find yourself also only having a couple days in New Orleans during Mardi Gras.

The Miller Affect in a striped off the shoulder JOA dress

Off the Shoulder Dress (CURRENTLY ON SALE)I Lace Up Sandals I Beige Tote I White Earrings I Lipstick (Clinique, Berry Pop)

Day 1 Itinerary in New Orleans:

We landed in New Orleans around 11:30am and Harrah’s send a limo to come pick us up (so fancy!) The drivers both ways were suuuper prompt, helpful, and very nice! I wold definitely recommend asking the hotel how much this service normally is! The seats were so plush and it made for a very fun, very comfortable ride to and from the airport (which is 20-30 min each way.)

Immediately after we checked in we headed to have a bite to eat with Harrah’s social media manager at Manning’s. This fun sports bar is located on Fulton Street (which is owned by Harrah’s!) Did you know that Eli & Payton Manning come from the first football family in Louisiana? Just a fun little fact for you guys! The bar/restaurant boasts over 30 tv’s and also just added plenty of bar games to keep you busy and entertained. You can find shuffleboard, air hockey, basketball, and more!

The Miller Affect in a green casual shirt dress

Green Dress (CURRENTLY ON SALE) I Black Leather Jacket I Lace Up SandalsBlack Tote

After lunch Brooke and I had some free time so we explored a little and tried our luck at the casino! I ended up coming out even for the trip (which is winning in my book!)

Around 7pm, we met up with the social media manager again and walked to Bourbon Street! The crowd was so crazy and the atmosphere was very exciting! Harrah’s has  a balcony on Bourbon Street and they gave us some beads to throw out to the crowd from above. Did you know that if you throw beads to someone and they hit the floor they are apparently ‘tainted’? The person will still be standing there waiving their arms like crazy for you to throw them another pair. You should see all of the wasted beads that cover the floor of the streets! If you guys stay at Harrah’s, make sure to ask about their balcony! They serve food and drinks (it is all apart of the balcony package.)

After Bourbon street we went and checked out the Masquerade Club inside Harrah’s Hotel. I think we were wayyy too early because it was completely empty at 10:30pm!

The Miller Affect wearing a floral embroidered bomber jacket

Floral Bomber Jacket I White Cami I Light Wash Shorts I Adidas Sneakers I Black Tote

Day 2 Itinerary in New Orleans:

We had tons of free time to kill in the morning and luckily go to sleep in! As soon as we woke up, we walked over to Starbucks in the casino and got our coffee fix! The casino has sooo many different food and drink options inside, I couldn’t believe it!

After grabbing coffee, Brooke and I explored the Riverwalk. There were tons of cute boats lined up and so many different stores to shop in.

Around noon, we headed back to Bourbon Street. Tuesday was sooo different than Monday. Tuesday was actually Fat Tuesday, and most of the tourist had gone home by then. Apparently everything on Bourbon closes at midnight on Tuesday because Lent starts on Wednesday. Surprisingly, the streets were even more packed on Tuesday, but much more tame. A lot of people get off work and out of school on Fat Tuesday like a regular holiday! Everyone was also in costume. There were crazy costumes and some more tame. We even saw people walking around completely topless! I hands down had way more fun on Tuesday during the day on Bourbon Street than I did on Monday night.

The Miller Affect wearing a blush pleated blazer

Blush Pleated Blazer I White Cami I Light Wash Shorts I Adidas Sneakers I Sunglasses I Beige Tote

We walked back to the hotel around 3pm and stopped at Cafe Beignet to try some of New Orlean’s famous beignets! They were sooooo good guys! I was completely covered head to toe in powdered sugar before I got out of there, haha! Cafe Beignet was super cute and had these heart shaped chairs that I couldn’t get enough of!

I really loved that we NEVER had to grab a cab while in New Orleans! Everything was in walking distance from the hotel. I would definitely bring some tennis shoes to walk in though, you would not want to make the trek in heels (plus the streets are super dirty during Mardi Gras and you would definitely ruin them!)

We got back to the hotel, changed and freshened up for dinner, and then headed to Besh Steak House for dinner. It was soooo delicious guys! I definitely recommend it!! We tried a little bit of everything and it was all so amazing!

We then spent a little more time in the casino before we headed back to the hotel for some sleep!

Amanda Miller wearing a blue oversized top with striped lace up heels

Blue Oversized Top I Black Distressed Jeans (less expensive here) I Stripe Lace Up Sandals I Black BraletteBlack Tote I Black Sunglasses I Lipstick (Clinique, Poppy Pop)

I was definitely struggling on Wednesday morning for our 7 am wake-up call, but I guess it wouldn’t feel right to be leaving Mardi Gras without having a little bit of a hangover, right??

All in all I LOVED the city and had such a blast there for Mardi Gras! I can DEFINITELY see myself going back for Fat Tuesday, but next time I will be dressed up with everyone else! I already have my eye on a purple wig ;),



XO Amanda
March 2, 2017 Travel

48 Hours in New Orleans

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