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  1. Ally Noriega

    What a mess but looks like you had an amazing time!

    Xo Ally

    1. Amanda Miller

      It was definitely a whirl-wind, but the whole thing lead to me falling more in love with London and meeting some great people! <3

      xoxo, A

  2. Paula

    Wow, it sounds like you had a great trip! I am so sorry about your passport. At least you were a good sport and made the best of it. This was so helpful and you’ve got some beautiful outfits! Thanks for sharing Amanda.

    Paula- http://www.livingpaula.com


london fashion week recap, london street style

Coat I Lace-Up Top I Jeans I Booties I Fendi Sunglasses I Double Buckle BeltChloe Purse

Sorry it took me to so long to post this! I was waiting for some pictures to come in that never came, so I am just going to use what I have! London Fashion Week was quite an experience (good and bad), and I think I have some pretty great advice for those of you who are thinking of going either for Fashion Week, or just for fun!

Day 1: Let me start by saying that it was a bumpy ride. First of all, we booked a flight into Gatwick airport and then our flight to Paris the same day was out of Heathrow. When I say we I really mean I since I arranged everything (oops). We didn’t catch it when we booked, so we (I) had to pay $120 to get to the next airport. Then, we checked in and hung out at Heathrow for a couple hours waiting for our flight to Paris. When I went to get on the plane, they informed me that I was NOT going to Paris. I was so confused. They had me take a seat while everyone boarded. They proceeded to tell me that France has passport requirements that are different from most countries. My passport expired on May 9, and France requires your passport to expire at least three months AFTER your date of departure from the country. I was screwed. I had NO IDEA! I told my friends to go on without me, and I was stranded in London. Basically I then sat in the airport all day trying to figure out what to do and crying because I was stranded in a foreign country alone.

I had two options. I could stay in London for the week alone, or I could go to the US Embassy in London in the morning and spend all day getting an extension on my passport and then get to France late the next night. The catch? There was still only a 75% chance that France would take my extension. I went with option 1.

I stayed at the Park Plaza Westminster Bridge. Great location, but I definitely wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. They were waxing the doors every morning on my floor and I was woken up by 8am each day. The lobby was always packed and it was hard to get into the restaurants even if you were a hotel guest. Plus, they sent me to two dirty/occupied rooms when I first got there before I finally landed in my own room at 9pm that night!!

Day 2: I slept until 3pm. I needed it! I then went and picked up a few things down the street and stopped and grabbed a hamburger somewhere. I was still trying to get used to the city. I came back, relaxed in the hotel, watched a movie, and went to bed. I was still a little weirded out about being in London alone.

Day 3. I shot these amazing photos you see on the right with Holly McGlynn. Then, I hopped on the ‘tube’ and went to Notting Hill. It was JUST like the movies! You have got to go see it! Pretty, colorful houses lined in a row. In Notting Hill I met who I now consider a great friend, Nathan Rollinson. He is a fashion/travel blogger in Notting Hill and he really has an eye for photographer! Follow him on Instagram @therollinsonlondon! That night I did some site seeing and went to bed finally comfortable with my surroundings.

Day 4: The girls were back! My traveling companions Carrie Colbert, Sage Coralli, and Kristen Ritchie were back in London and we were ready to take on the city! We checked in to our amazing flat with One Fine Stay. I will use this service EVERY time I travel from now on. We started with a Ryan Lo show, then ran to a couple presentations (Markus Lupfer and Isa Arfen). I think we biggest difference we saw in London was their laid back, casual side. I could DEFINITELY live there! That night, we went to a party at the Cambridge Satchel Company in Covent Garden (right across from our flat). It was so much fun!! After looking through the new Spring Collection, we went out to a bar and danced the night away!

Day 5-8: The rest of the week was a blur. We went to parties (Urban Outfitters & rewardStyle) and just tried to make new connections. We met up with Nathan Rollinson again at this restaurant called Sketch. It was literally a dream. One of the rooms was all pink velvet! The bathroom looked like a spaceship! I hope you were following along on Snapchat (themilleraffect), because it was so insane! We also stopped by The Apartment one day (a place for bloggers to come together, borrow clothes, watch a live feed of the shows, etc. I would recommend everyone trying to go!

Basically, it was an amazing trip! I love London and could definitely see myself living there. As for London Fashion Week, I probably will not go back. I think New York is just as fun and I think you make a lot more connections than you can in London.

Don’t forget to check your passport before you leave!

sketch london sketch london

Sketch in Londonfrench connection coatigan

Cardigan I Top I Jeans I Tory Burch Purse I Sunglasses I Choker

london fashion week, london street style


XO Amanda
March 14, 2016 Outfits

London Fashion Week Recap

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