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  1. Alexis Hughes

    Hey there! I’m getting married in August and am looking for a bra that will give me lift. The one I tried on with my dress is a bustier and the stretch, form fitting fabric goes past my rib cage. Do you find that their strapless gives you lift at all?

  2. Michelle

    Just purchased the nude strapless one after this post! I’ve been dying for a new strapless bra. Can’t wait!

    thanks for the post



Finally guys, a bra that fits!

I have so many of you ask what bras I am wearing under the clothes during my try-on sessions on Instagram Stories.

The one I used to wear all of the time was super old and finally fell apart, so I took to the internet to find reviews on better strapless bras that actually fit.

I ended up at ThirdLove and never looked back!

Favorite Things about ThirdLove:

1.Did you know that ThirdLove also has 1/2 sizes in their cups?!?! This is HUGE for me. Whenever I used to shop for bras, the B cups were always a little too small but the C cups were way too big. Now I get the B 1/2 and finally have a bra that fits PERFECTLY!!!!

2.Haha, yes us women tend to get super excited about bras. This is because we wear bras at least 9 hours out of every day. We need them to be comfortable. ThirdLove bras are tag-less. I didn’t realize I would even notice the tag until I didn’t have to deal with one! It is a game-changer!

3.Say hello to NO POKE WIRES!! How many of you have a bra you love but now the wire pokes out into your skin from a lot of usage? ThirdLove doesn’t have those. They are truly made to last.

My Strapless Bras from ThirdLove: Finding a Bra That Fits

the miller affect wearing a black strapless bra from ThirdLove
The Miller Affect wearing a nude strapless bra from ThirdLove
The Miller Affect wearing a black strapless bra while lounging at home
The Miller Affect talking about a strapless bra that fits for summer

As you know, finding a bra that fits is no easy task. But, once you have your measurements it becomes so much easier! You can start shopping online at places that have amazing reviews, like ThirdLove.

I wear strapless bras 98% of the time. I usually grab my strapless bra no matter what I am wearing. It might have even raised to 99% since finding this strapless bra from ThirdLove! It is so comfortable and fits me perfectly. I tend to even forget it is on!

You can grab this 24/7™ Classic Strapless Bra from ThirdLove in nude or black. I have them in both colors because sometimes nude will show through a black or navy top. Make sure to use the Fit Finder to find your perfect size!

Strapless This Summer:

Summer trends look like this: off-the-shoulder, off-the-shoulder, off-the-shoulder! What does that mean for you? You need a strapless bra you can wear all summer long!

The 24/7™ Classic Strapless Bra from ThirdLove goes perfectly under all of your off-the-shoulder or one-shoulder tops. Stock up now so you can be ready to bare those shoulders this summer.

My Lace Wardrobe

the miller affect wearing a 24/7 lace bra in twilight from thirdlove
The Miller Affect wearing a twilight lace bra from thirdlove
the miller affect talking about a bra that fits on the blog
the miller affect wearing a lace bra from thirdlove in twilight

It’s no secret by now that I am getting married next week. I used this excuse to stock up on some lace bras and underwear from ThirdLove.

When I put this 24/7™ Lace Balconette Bra on (color is Twilight), I was in shock. I couldn’t believe how comfortable it was and how well it fit me. I also couldn’t believe it actually made me look like I had boobs! No shame in admitting I stared at myself in the mirror for while haha!

All of those reasons made me buy this bra in two more colors!!! I now own it in black and midnight teal. If those aren’t your colors, no worries! This lace bra comes in TEN DIFFERENT COLORS!

It is seriously my new favorite bra!! It looks great under all of your tees and dresses and the black one is perfect for when you want to show a little skin & lace. I love that the padding is nice and light while still giving you a little push-up. This makes it super comfortable.

I then bought some underwear to match my lace bras, and then some more to match my strapless bras! You can never have too much underwear! My favorite would have to be the Seamless Cheeky. They are really soft and don’t show under any of my pants or skirts.

Head to ThirdLove now to find your perfect fit, to grab a nude and black strapless bra, and to stock up on your lace wardrobe. You won’t regret ANY of your bra decisions!!

Feel free to DM on Instagram or leave a comment here if you have more questions about any of the bras!

xoxo Amanda






XO Amanda
June 20, 2017 Outfits

Finally, a Bra That Fits

From the Gram


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