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I bet you love the title of this post, right? Aren’t we always Googling new ways to lose weight other than working out?

In today’s first Workout Wednesday post, I wanted to share an app to help you lose weight that I started using in 2019 that has helped me soooo much already.

Are you ready for it?…

The Daily Water – Drink Reminder App

an app to help you lose weight

WATER!! WHO KNEW? Ok, we all know. We just keep forgetting.

Drinking water is one of the BEST WAYS to lose weight.

Since I started working out a week ago I have made myself drink 100-130oz of water each day. I know that seems like a lot, but please keep in mind that I am working out every day, live in a hotter climate, AND I am breastfeeding.

The old rule of thumb was 8- 8 oz glasses of water every day. Now my dr tells me that new research says to use your weight to predict how many oz. you should drink daily. You should take your weight, divide by 2, and drink from that amount up to the amount in your weight. Example: If you weight 13o lbs you should drink 65-130 oz of water every day. I push myself to drink 100-130 because I am working out and breast feeding.

The Daily Water app is AMAZING and fun to use! You set goals and have reminders sent to you to make sure you are going to fulfill your goal each day. You also log all the water you drink. It is really cool with the Apple Watch too because it beeps to remind me to drink water.

Since drinking water I have noticed that:

-I am not near as hungry for heavy snacking like I used to be

-My digestion is so much better

-I feel better in general

-My milk supply has stayed consistent while working out

-It has helped boost my metabolism

Whenever I head to the fridge to get something to drink I used to go straight for a soda. Now I grab water to make sure I hit my daily goal! I only have one Dr Pepper every few days now! CRAZY!

Download the Daily Water- Drink Reminder App today and start this challenge with me! I cannot wait to see how great you guys feel after just a week!

Here are some cute tumblers to get you motivated.

Target Workout Wear

the miller affect wearing workout leggings from Target

the miller affect wearing a black workout top from target
the miller affect wearing black leggings from Target
the miller affect sharing a new New App to Help You Lose Weight

Top I Sports Bra I Leggings I Shoes (similar) I Stroller

Each week I am also going to share a workout look or workout gear from a certain store. I recently bought a bunch of gear from Target and I am OBSESSED! How did I not know about all of this amazing workout stuff they have online? It looks just liked stuff I would normally buy from NorthFace, Adidas, Nike, etc for a fraction of the cost!

I did a try on session on my Instagram Stories today (in case you want to see these close up) but I went ahead and did a snapshot of each item for you so that you could shop them on here too!

PS- These leggings are amazing in both pairs! One is a little shinier than the other but they fit the same. For only $24.99 I would grab both pairs for sure!

target workout wear on themilleraffect

Pullover (on sale for $26!) I Shorts I Sunglasses

target workout tank on the miller affect

Tank I Shorts I Sunglasses

white fleece pullover from target white fleece pullover for $24 on the miller affect black leggings on sale for $20 on the miller affect

Pullover I Leggings (on sale for $20!) I Sunglasses

grey pullover from Target grey pullover on sale from Target

Pullover (on sale for $22!) I Leggings (on sale for $20!)I Sunglasses

Target is having a huge sale on their workout gear right now! Here are more of my favorites on SALE!!!

*Please note that the items below come in MULTIPLE COLORS EACH!


XO Amanda
January 9, 2019 Outfits

A New App to Help You Lose Weight

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