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  1. Monica

    I love the white bag in these photos. Where did it come from? Would love a winter white bag this year!

    1. Amanda Miller

      It is a street level tote from Nordstrom but it is actually light pink! xoxo Amanda

  2. Celina

    I really love the Work Wear Wednesday series. It’s nice to get some ideas to spice up the office wardrobe.

  3. Sharon

    Amanda, I love the day look! The soft blush looks so good with those burgundy tights, it’s so girly but polished at the same time. I don’t have a light colored moto jacket but need one, just add it to the list., ha. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Nikki

    You are gorgeous and model height!! I didn’t realize how tall you were until I met you, but you look amazing and elegantly slender. Love this look, esp since I already have a great blush leather jacket!
    xoxo, Nikki | http://www.thefashionableaccountant.com


It has been way too  long since I have done a Work Wear Wednesday post! The latest one was when my friends and I got together HERE with our favorite workwear picks from the Nordstrom Sale! I think a bunch of that stuff is available too so if you missed it head to that post after this!

Actually, Fall is my favorite season for workwear. You can elevate all of your looks with cute jackets, cardigans, and blazers.

Today I want to talk about a new super chic moto jacket I found and some super comfortable flats for Fall!

Twill Moto Jacket

The Miller Affect talking about ballet flats and moto jackets
The Miller Affect in work attire from Ann Taylor's new fall collection
The Miller Affect wearing an ivory pleated top with bell sleeves
The Miller Affect wearing side zipper leggings from Ann Taylor

This new moto jacket comes in beige (what I am wearing here and has a pink tink) and black. Wearing a leather moto jacket to work may be a little much, but this moto is actually knit (over 70% cotton) and completely gorgeous. It is the perfect item to chic up any work look.

No detail was skipped with this jacket. I love all of the exposed zipper detailing and how soft and comfortable it is. You can take it from day to night by pairing it with some pumps and jeans with a white tee!

I linked two ways to wear this gorgeous jacket below:



Fall Flats

The Miller Affect wearing an Ann Taylor look for fall
The Miller Affect talking about wearing moto jackets to work
The Miller Affect wearing burgundy leggings to work
The Miller Affect wearing a beige pink moto jacket from Ann Taylor

It took my a very long time to be comfortable with my height. From ages 0-23 you would 99% of the time find me wearing flats or some type of kitten heel (around 1 inch.) I was so much taller than everyone and wasn’t comfortable or confident unless I made myself smaller. I would physically hunch over to appear shorter.

Fashion blogging has realllly helped with my confidence. People are so nice and encouraging and have made me more and more comfortable in heels. I usually cap myself at 3 1/2 inches now (big step for me), but this past week my friends have been encouraging me to go even higher with my heel height.

Here is an example of the kitten heel I would wear:

You would NEVER find me in something higher than that in 23 years. How crazy is that?

Enter ballet flats…

Ballet flats are still some of my closest friends, haha. I have have sooo many pairs in my lifetime! They are just so easy to throw on and you can wear them all day without even remembering you are wearing shoes.

When I worked downtown you could always find me in flats. Walking distances in heels is not only uncomfortable but it will also ruin your heels very fast.

Surprisingly, good ballet flats are nearly impossible to find. I never understood why, but it made me stock up on a pair whenever I would find one I liked.

The Miller Affect wearing a beige moto jacket from Ann Taylor with exposed metal
The Miller Affect wearing gold ballet flats from Ann Taylor

Recently, I tried some new flats from Ann Taylor and now I am completely obsessed. I bought them in gold, black, and pink velvet. I feel like I already need to get a second pair in these same colors for when I wear these down!

These ballet flats are so insanely chic and comfortable and are perfect for work. You also know you are getting that amazing Ann Taylor quality!

Here are all of the flats they have right now- so stock up!! They fit true to size.

Thanks to all of you guys for making me feel great in my own skin- and height! Hopefully this was encouraging you to some way as well. I hope you also have people who are telling you to embrace your insecurities!

The Outfit

Beige Moto Jacket (also comes in black)

Side Zip Leggings (also come in black and I love that they also have pockets, which makes them more work appropriate!)

White Cuff-Sleeve Sweater (also comes in black)

Gold Ballet Flats

Photos by Mary Summers, So Then They Say

xoxo Amanda

XO Amanda
September 13, 2017 Work Wear Wednesday

Work Wear Wednesday- The Moto Jacket

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