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  1. Ralinn

    I have three pair of Sam Edelman flats and I love them.

    1. Amanda Miller

      I love hearing that!!! Thanks for your comment!! xoxo A

  2. Maggie

    I love the BP. Moveover flat – they pointy toe makes them feel a little more professional to me 🙂 I’ll have to try these!



The Miller Affect talking about the best flats for work on Work Wear Wednesday Amanda Miller wearing a black military shirt dress from Express Amanda Miller wearing a black shirt dress and leopard flats The Miller Affect wearing a black military shirt dress from Express for Work Wear Wednesday Amanda Miller wearing a tan Michael Kors tote from Nordstrom The Miller Affect wearing leopard Sam Edelman flats for Work Wear Wednesday Amanda Miller wearing a black shirt dress, leopard flats, and a brown Michael Kors tote The Miller Affect wearing a black dress for Work Wear Wednesday Sam Edelman leopard Felicia Flats from Nordstrom

You asked, and I am answering!

Today, for Work Wear Wednesday, I will be showing you the BEST flats for work!

These Sam Edelman Felicia Flats are the best flats for work because:

  1. Rating/Reviews. Ummm just LOOK at those ratings!! 4.6 out of 5 stars from 971 reviews!! I have seriously never seen something like that in a shoe! You can trust this kind of review guys!
  2. Options. These flats come in 22 different colors!!! It is the absolute worst when you find something you love, but can only get it in one color. You don’t have that problem with these flats! You can get them in TONS of different colors, so that you are always matching at work!
  3. Comfort. OK, this should really be number 1, but I am not putting these in order here. These are the best flats for work, because you can wear them all day long and not even notice you are wearing shoes! If you don’t believe all of the reviews that rave about the comfort, believe me. I have to walk half a mile every day from my garage to the office. On top of that, I am constantly walking up and down stairs between departments. I have NEVER ever had an issue with these flats. They even get more comfortable as you wear them (as if it was even possible!)
  4. Elasticity. I love the elastic band around the flat. They are basically each made to fit your foot. Sometimes I will buy a flat and after a month it is wayyy too wide for my foot. You wont have a problem with these. They will fit any shape, big or small, narrow or wide.
  5. Durability. Paying $100 can be hard for a flat. But these shoes will last you forever. Most flats, like I said above, will get too big. Some will also wear down. While the wear and tear is inevitable, you will have plenty of time to get your money’s worth out of these flats before you have to trade them out. Would you rather pay $10 and have to throw out your not-so-great flats every month, or pay $100 and wear an amazing, comfortable, stylish pair for over a year?
  6. Style. I already mentioned all the options. But, I think these are the best flats for work because you don’t have to sacrifice your personality. While most people look (and therefore feel) bland at the office, we don’t have to! There are different designs and textures you can go with in these flats to keep you your happy, unique self all day long!

OK, if you need more reasons to buy these flats, then just email me. I can probably list out about 20 more! For example, #7 could be that 13 of the colors/styles are on sale right now for 30% off!?! Crazy.

These are definitely the best flats for work! Buy a couple pairs now and try them out for yourself! Give your feet a break, and step away from the heels for awhile.

If you are a heel gal and just can’t wear flats, I have a BEST HEELS FOR WORK post too so much sure you check it out!

The Outfit:

Shoes (So many places you can shop them at! Pick your fav):

Sam Edelman Felicia Flat in Leopard Print

More Leopard Print HERE

and HERE on Amazon

Other colors HERE

MORE Options Here



Black Military Shirt Dress

Michael Kors Purse (s/o, but similar HERE)

NARS Lipstick: Anita

XO Amanda
May 24, 2016 Outfits

The Best Flats for Work

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