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Happy Work Wear Wednesday guys! So excited to show you what I think are the best work pants out there! Scroll down to the bottom to get the details on the outfit.

I am finally back home! Traveling is so amazing, but it can really take a toll! I am exhausted! I will do a full round-up for you tomorrow on my trip to Virginia.

I am feeling so blessed to be able to do all of this traveling this year. I realized I am not getting any younger and there are just way too many places I haven’t seen.

Best work pants- Ann Taylor devlin fit trousers
The Miller Affect talking about the best pants for work

Travel Update:

Here is a look at my schedule the next few weeks (in terms of weekends):

This Weekend- HOME (but super busy with the annual rewardStyle Conference)

Next Weekend 4/27-5/3- Florida (Rosemary Beach) for a super fun blogging trip

Then the next two weekends I will be at home (thank goodness!)

Then 5/18-5/22- Palm Springs for my Bachelorette party (with all my best blogging friends)

Then 5/26-5/29- in East Texas on the lake for my OTHER bachelorette party (with my sisters and best friends from high school/college)

Thennnn 6/1-6/11- in Italy/Switzerland for 11 days (with an old co-worker turned good friend)

Then- Home for the weekend

Then 6/22-6/28- my wedding in Banff, Canada!!!

So basically I am home for four more weekends between now and my wedding…

Wowza, just looking at that schedule makes me even more tired! The worst part= Troy won’t be with me on any of these amazing trips. He has some of his own planned and unfortunately just doesn’t have that much vacation this year due to our wedding and honeymoon. I miss him so much when I am gone but our relationship is soooo strong and doesn’t waiver at all when we travel.

The Miller Affect wearing khaki trousers, a striped scoop neck tee, and leopard pumps for work wear wednesday
The Miller Affect wearing mixed prints to work for work wear wednesday

Wedding Update:

So so so so so so much to do and now the wedding is only two months away.

I keep saying, “things will get done.” Buttt who is going to do the ‘things’? An imaginary person. No, I am the one who needs to do the things!! Between travel and the blog, my wedding planning has definitely taken a back seat!

Every night before I go to sleep I remember a million things that need to get done :/.

Things I Need to Do:

  • order cake
  • getaway car (is that what you call the car you drive off in at the end of the night?)
  • schedule activities during the weekend
  • order groomsmen tux’s (tried leaving this up to Troy but nothing has been done)
  • send out rehearsal dinner invitations (apparently everyone doesn’t just automatically assume they are invited)
  • plan spa services for the day after the wedding (I am going to need them!)
  • signage?
  • place cards
  • menus
  • table decor?

I am meeting with my florist today to go over all of the flowers again. Flowers and my dress are the two things I put most of the weight on! I cannot wait for you to see both the dress and the decorations.

Ugh wedding planning is rough. I have a million other things I could put on there that I need to do but I don’t want to bore you!

The Miller Affect wearing Ray Ban Clubmaster sunglasses and a stripe tee
The Miller Affect wearing khaki trousers from Ann Taylor

Blog Update:

Nothing new here really. The Miller Affect has kind of taken a backseat due to all of the other craziness going on in my life! I have so much on my mind that I want to post, I just haven’t really had the time to put it all down on here!

I definitely have some fun posts coming up though, so keep checking back and make sure you are subscribed to get my newsletters! I send them out whenever I have a new blog post up (or you can opt-in for a weekly newsletter). I also send them out whenever I have a new try-on session up on my Instagram Stories!

The Miller Affect wearing a suede crossbody camera bag from Rebecca Minkoff and black ray ban clubmasters
The Miller Affect wearing Devlin Fit beige work pants and leopard pumps from Ann Taylor

The Best Work Pants:

Now for the real reason why you guys are here… THESE PANTS!! These are seriously the best pants for work!

If you read this post, you know that the Devlin Fit from Ann Taylor is one of the most flattering fit of pants I have ever seen! I own them in a few different colors but recently saw this khaki beige and fell in love! No idea why it is called ‘pearl blush’ on the website.. definitely don’t see any pink in them!

Oh and did I mention how insanely comfortable they are!?!

I love the khaki and think they are the best work pants because you can wear both the color and the trousers year-round and you can plan on every top you own looking good with the color! It also allows you to wear basically any kind of pumps or sandals with it as well since the color is so neutral.

Since Spring is all about pattern mixing, I paired these trousers with a striped top and printed leopard pumps!

I would love to see what you wear them with! Use the hashtag #tmaworkwear whenever you post an item on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram so that I can see how you dressed it!

The Outfit:

Ann Taylor Devlin Fit Trousers– the best work pants

Banana Republic Stripe Tee (on sale for $25)

Leopard Pumps (old, but in love with THESE)

Camera Crossbody Bag

Ray Ban Clubmaster Sunglasses




XO Amanda
April 19, 2017 Work Wear Wednesday

The Best Work Pants + Update

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