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  1. Susan

    I absolutely love that top! It’s so cute!! Adorable workout clothes help me get excited about working out too. Lululemon pants are amazing, and so worth it! I totally agree with you! I have a few pairs, and they are the BEST to wear while working out!

  2. Macarena

    Girl! I do SoulCycle religiously. They have seat cushions there for you! They’re in the front where the extra towels and weights are. I honestly don’t know how people do it without it! Hope this helps because I looooooobe SC!

    xo // http://www.thematerialgirl.co

    1. Amanda Miller

      hmmm maybe I should try again!! Cycling is just SO HARD!!! <3 A

  3. Maggie

    Girl, I’m totally in the same boat about working out!! Last thing I wanna do is get up early to work out or go work out after a busy day. Sounds like a fun class though!



The Miller Affect wearing a grey work out top from free people The Miller Affect talking about a new workout routine in 2017 The Miller Affect wearing a grey workout top from Free People and black lululemon leggings The Miller Affect wearing black leggings and a black sports bra The Miller Affect wearing black leather Nike tennis shoes The Miller Affect wearing black lululemon leggings The Miller Affect holding a pink corkcicle tumbler for her workout The Miller Affect shooting at West Village Dallas at the new colorful mural

Is it sad that I only get excited about working out when new workout clothes come in?

I guess my wedding coming up this summer is giving me a little kick as well… I really need to tone up a little!

Not sure if you know this about me… but I HATE working out. Hate it guys. I don’t like to sweat. This probably has something to do with my hair being naturally curly and it takes so long to blow dry it and straighten it. One drop of sweat and it is ruined! I am not even exaggerating.

I definitely go through stages. The last time I worked out was the beginning of March 2016. I was getting ready for my upcoming beach trip and went for an entire month straight (a feat for me really!) But then I quit two weeks before the actual vacation sooooo…

New Workout Routine in 2017

I am planning on upping my game now that my wedding is coming up andddd now that I actually have all the time in the world to get fit! I know it is super important to stay fit and healthy as I get older and it is always something I (eventually) wanted to start.

A bunch of my friends go to Soul Cycle here in Dallas and just thinking about it makes me cringe. There is no cush in this toosh, so the seat KILLS me every time. I usually can’t walk for days. My mom wears shorts with these pads in them (kill me now.. I will pass!)

I recently met up with a friend I hadn’t seen in awhile and she told me about a similar class to Soul Cycle but you do interval training on the treadmill instead of the bike. I am now excited about this class!!! I cannot wait to try it!

As soon as I do, I will definitely let you know how it was! Apparently you run for 10-15 to some fun jams and then get off the treadmill and do some free weight stuff.

You guys should be seeing a lot more fitness gear on here now that I will actually be wearing it again. I never posted it before because I would feel weird acting like I was working out when I never did (I never want to lie or pretend around you guys!)

This Free People top came in the mail and I was so excited about it that I immediately put it on and went for a run (ok you caught me it was a jog, ok fine it was A WALK dang!) But I really love it and will definitely be wearing it to my new treadmill training classes!

Also, I know this brand is expensive, but these black Lululemon leggings are worth every penny. They are high-waisted so they hold in your love handles, spare tires, and whatever else around the mid-region that us girls are insecure about! They also don’t show sweat (yay!!) You can work out and you won’t have to adjust or twist or be embarrassed.

Lastly, just grabbed these leather-looking tennis shoes from Nike and I am soooo obsessed! Perfect running shoes (I feel like they make me bouncier somehow), but are also great for just regular workout shoes! They will definitely sell out so grab them in your size now!

The Outfit:

Black Lululemon Leggings

Free People Top

Black Sports Bra

Black Tennis Shoes

Pink Corkcicle Tumbler

Photos by Vanessa, The Retro Penguin

Location: West Village, Dallas

XO Amanda
January 15, 2017 Outfits

A New Kind of Workout

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