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  1. Paula

    These are great resolutions. I love the one about spending more time with loved ones. I agree about the TV one for myself! Your little workout outfit is super cute!!! Keep up the good work!
    Paula- wwww.livingpaula.com


The Miller Affect in the Amanda Miller wearing Ashland Sleeveless Open-Back Sport Hoodie, Marble - Varley

Remember when I said we were going to hold each other accountable for our New Year’s resolutions? Well here is the first re-cap. Have you been keeping up with yours? Statistically only like 30% have made it this far, and that fades to around 15% next month! I been working at mine, that counts… right? Here is how I have been holding up:

the miller affect in a pink knit beanie Amanda wearing grey nike tennis shoes the miller affect wearing black Zella 'Live In - Spectrum' Leggings IMG_0184 IMG_0199 amanda miller wearing a white marble workout hoodie the miller affect wearing black Zella 'Live In - Spectrum' Leggings Amanda Miller wearing Ashland Sleeveless Open-Back Sport Hoodie, Marble - Varley

  1. Spend more time with loved ones- Well hmm. I don’t think I have gotten any better OR worse at this actually. This is a super busy time in my life. Both of my jobs are demanding a lot from me at the moment so I have just been going home and unwinding at night. I definitely need to work on this 0-1 (me keeping score).
  2. Cook more- This is actually kind of working. I think we have cooked at home once a week since I started, except for maybe one weekend when we were both feeling a little sick! Definitely want to make it a habit. 1-1
  3. Save more money- YIKES. I am cringing as I read these back. So much guilt. This one is definitely NOT happening. With Fashion Week coming up, I have spent more than ever trying to get my London, Paris, and NY plans finalized! 1-2
  4. Be more present- I think I am doing pretty well at this, but you would need to ask my boyfriend. I am remembering to leave my phone at home for dinner, and I have made the decision to not even bring my laptop with me when I travel next week! 2-2
  5. Travel more. Well, I did book a trip to NYC, London, and Paris. I leave next Friday! We also booked a trip to Cabo in April, so I think I am on track! 3-2
  6. Watch less TV. Nope. nope. and nope. That is all I can say about that. 3-3

Dang it, I guess I broke even. If you listed yours out, where would you fall? I wanted to make sure I gave you some inspiration, since most of you have working out on your list! I feel like a great outfit can give you that extra boost when headed out to work out! These black Zella leggings are insane and so affordable and this marble hoodie is the trendiest workout piece I have. You can grab the links below!

The Outfit:

Black Zella Leggings- Nordstrom

Pink Knit Beanie -(sold out but similar HERE)

Marbled Hoodie- Neimans

Nike Tennis Shoes- Nordstrom (a few sizes left)

‘Mind Over Matter’ Sports Bra- Forever21

BKR Water Bottle: Nordstrom

Lipstick: NARS (color: Anita)


XO Amanda
February 4, 2016 Outfits


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