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  1. Ashley Zeal

    This dress is so gorgeous on you! Loved reading about your adventures! XooX

    1. Amanda Miller

      Thanks so much Elise! It feels amazing on!! xoxo A

    1. Amanda Miller

      thanks friend! Sure do miss you!! <3


The Miller Affect wearing a blue velvet dress from LPA The Miller Affect wearing a blue velvet dress and a black velvet choker The Miller Affect posting about the blue velvet dress she wore during NYFW The Miller Affect street style during NYFW The Miller Affect talking about Day 2 in NYFW wearing a blue dress from LPA The Miller Affect in a blue Velvet dress and black suede heels The Miller Affect in a blue velvet plunging dress from Revolve Clothing The Miller Affect and Fashion and Frills before a busy day in NYC

If you saw this post, then you are already familiar with what went down on Day 2 of NYFW.

This post was all about NYFW day 4.

NYFW Day 1

I am skipping around here.. but I am going to talk all about Day 1 today!!

The first day of NYFW is always a whirlwind. This season was no exception.

At 6:45, we got a call from the front desk that the ladies from BeGlammed was coming up to the room (BeGlammed is a hair app that you can download and have a stylist come to you!!)

After getting some boxer braids (I like to mix it up for NYFW), we threw on some clothes (see my daytime outfit HERE) and headed out the door for a 9am show with Nicholas K.

10:00 am- Right after the Nicholas K show, which ran 30 minutes behind, we had to jump in a cab and get across down for the Noon by Noor show. We barely sat down before the lights went off (means the show is about to begin). When I say you spend most of your time during NYFW in a cab or uber I MEAN IT! And if you don’t think you get motion sickness.. try looking at your phone in the back of a cab or uber in NYC.

At 11:30 am we had a meeting with the pr team of Ted Baker on 5th Avenue.

By that time, we were worn out and SOOOO hungry, so we had to reschedule an appointment we had with Shoshanna at 1:30 in order to get some food in our bellies.

We ran home to change and I threw on this gorgeous blue velvet dress from LPA. It is seriously stunning guys and worth every single penny.

3pm: Marissa Webb Runway show. This was a show I was definitely excited to see, and I even got to sit in the front row! I loved all the designs and cannot wait to show you some this upcoming Spring/Summer!

4pm: We had a showroom appt with Now & Zen PR. We knew they closed at 5 and we were running late from the Marissa Webb show. Turns out, Google likes to save addresses from previous meetings and it had us go to the OLD ADDRESS (which ended up being e.l.f. studios)! Soooo needless to say we missed our meeting.. which I am still so sad about!!

6pm: Cynthia Rowley Presentation. We were of course running late to this too (everything runs late during NYFW), and when we got there the line to see the presentation was literally around the blog. So bummed, because we had a dinner at 7 that we could not skip! I will definitely have to get there earlier next year!

7pm: Dinner with David Yurman PR Team. I had the pleasure of meeting David Yurman a few months back, and cannot wait to collaborate with the DY team in the future! Dinner was amazing and the company was excellent!

I cannot believe we had any strength left in us after dinner, but we did. I think the espresso martinis that were flowing helped..

8-11pm: Nicholas K After Party. We met some other blogger friends across town at a fun bar for the Nicholas K after party.. where drinks were free alll night long!

Needless to say… the morning of Day 2 was definitely a struggle haha!

**when I say we, I am talking about ,me and my travel buddies Christina Beauchamp, Sage Coralli, and Kristen Ritchie.

The Outfit:

Blue Velvet Dress

Black Velvet Choker

Black Heels

Black Chloe Handbag

NARS Lipstick, color: Anita

*Photos by Megan Weaver



XO Amanda
September 27, 2016 Fashion Week

Blue Velvet for NYFW

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