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  1. Lisa

    SUCH a cute story!!!! I’m 30 (I know! Don’t look it) and single, and I’ve had my share of dating TONS of men. My best friend and I keep wondering “Where is he!?” Could be a mindset thing, could be a location thing, could be a timing thing – all I know is, no matter what, you have to BELIEVE that the right person is out there for you and you’ll meet him when you’re supposed to! 🙂 Also, that’s so cute that he dropped his business card with his number – such a sly thing to do – I’m going to do that from now on 😉


  2. Mandy Pena

    Love when you said, “You won’t find HIM until you find YOURSELF.” #preachgirl

  3. Romantics | The Miller Affect

    […] So gorgeous and perfect for a romantic night out! For more about my relationship, head to my ‘It’s Official’ […]

  4. Elena Michelle

    oh my gosh, what a cute story!!!! i love how you hatched this plan tell him you’re single. hilarious. go after what you want girl! AMEN. PS – i love this look so much. such a sucker for black and white.

    xoxo, Elena Michelle

  5. Lee

    Aww that is the CUTEST love story! Thank you so much for sharing! As a fellow style blogger I know it’s weird deciding what to say, how much to say, etc., but its great to get to know more about you! Also, love all the positivity in this post! As a recently single gal, it is GREAT to hear some positivity about men out there 🙂

    Lee | LegalLee Blonde
    … also I NEED that top! so chic!

  6. Samantha

    Okay that’s seriously the cutest story ever!!! I love getting to know bloggers better 🙂 and love that outfit.. I need that purse!

  7. Darcy

    How sweet! My husband and I will leave each other notes sometimes and it is so sweet! It’s incredible how much a simple, small gesture can mean in the long run! It’s one of my favorite things about our relatioship : )

  8. Brenda

    Oh, hey there supermodel! You are looking stunning I your back and whites and I am loving this backdrop! You and T are so gorgeous and look so happy together. I love seeing snaps of the two of you in Instagram! Thank you for sharing your super sweet and romantic love story :). Before Warren I wasn’t romantic at all and he’s totally turned me into one. He loves to surprise me with gifts, flowers, love and encouraging notes and sometimes purses (lol I think that one is so cute!). You are totally right on with your advice. Focus on you and your gig and that prince chains will literally just fall on your lap!

    Words can’t describe how adorably cute you are!!! Love you! I just followed your other Instagram and I’m going to definitely check these pieces you reccomended!

    À LA PLAGE style

  9. Victoria Norris

    Well, well, look at you twirling in that tunic! Also, loved reading about your boy today. As a single college gal surrounded by people in relationships (holla at that third-wheel life hehe), I loved your reassuring advice at the end. Thanks for sharing 🙂
    xx, Victoria

  10. Emily Augustine

    I am so jealous of this… It sounds like a movie or something– I am so pathetic haha. Romantic stories get me everytime! Also– love the location of these pictures!

  11. Alyssa Renee

    Great top! Love it paired with that gold statement necklace! Thanks for sharing your story! It’s a beautiful one! Congrats and wish you the best and many blessings in your relationship! =)

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  12. Hailey

    Cutest freaking story! He sounds amazing, so glad you’re happy! Loved this post. Also, I’m obsessed with your top — so beautiful!


  13. Nickie

    Ahhh yay! I wanted to know more about this mystery boyfriend! That’s a super cute story. I’ll have to tell you Hunter and I’s story when I see you next, it’s a good one haha.

    Love that top–funny thing, I’m wearing one almost exactly like it right now! Haha but my hi lo is pink with no low hem ruffle! But I

    xoxo, Nickie

  14. Hannah Shanae

    that top is seriously so adorable and looks great on you! It was great getting to read about your personal life and get to know you a little better, it sounds like you are happy! 🙂

    Hannah Shanae

  15. Rachel Broas

    Love this wall!!!!! And the shirt is to die for- so cute! So happy you are happy!

  16. Karen

    ADORABLE. Just adorable all over the place with this story!! Swoon. And… your outfit is FABULOUS! Love that top! Wish it was available in more sizes – it must have been a very popular one! And that clutch. PERFECT with your black/white outfit!
    xx, Karen
    Glam Karen

  17. Elle Spann

    LOVE it! I didn’t know how y’all first met- that is so fun! I too believe that chivalry isn’t dead, sometimes you just have to wait. Loved seeing y’all last night!
    Southern Elle Style

  18. Brooke Webb

    Awe, love learning more about you and “T” and just love the recent photo you posted of the two of you at Shakespeare in the Park. You make a very cute couple! And I agree, chivalry is not dead…my Hubby and I have been together for 13 years, married for almost 9, and there is still so much of that going on…we date each other almost every week and even with two children, we always make time for one another.

    By the way, I am LOVING this top…I need it ASAP!

    Brooke | KBStyled

  19. Carrie

    Aww! Love reading this sweet story! Congrats on finding Mr. Right! 😉
    This is a fabulous look on you…black and white are spot on!!
    CS Gems

  20. Brooke Ellen

    I love this side of you! You two sound so cute together!!! I am right there with you when it comes to the time frame of our life and where we thought we should be. It kinda makes me laugh thinking about that specific point in life we should be at because life never works that way. Thanks for sharing!!


  21. Kacie

    Omg, I am in LOVE with this look – and could you have found a better place to take these pictures?! I think not! I think I need this top in my life. 🙂


  22. Jill leffler

    Thanks for sharing more about yourself. He sounds like a great guy. You know you have found the right one when you can be yourself.

    1. Amanda Miller

      totally agree Jill!!! <3 <3

  23. Ivette

    I love your relationship story! Funny how things work out perfectly when it’s meant to be 🙂 And amen to finding yourself before you can find the perfect partner!!

    xo Ivette


Boohoo Official Top

This week I am going back to black and white basics and sharing a little more of myself so that we can hopefully get to know each other more. Today I am covering my relationship <3. My boyfriend is super private (unlike me) so I really haven’t posted much about us yet! Make sure to read more below to get the scoop on our relationship as well as this amazing Boohoo Official top!

black Boohoo Official tunicblack fringe purseASOS white skinny jeansblack boohoo official top, black fringe purseBaublebar Courtney BibThe Miller Affect, Bohoo Official Top

T and I met when I was working as a leasing agent for an apartment complex. He was going through a tough breakup and needed a new apartment asap. He was a pretty easy sell and he moved in three days later! I was in a relationship at the time and thought he was really cute, but neither of us were in a position to date. When my ex boyfriend and I broke up, the girls in the office all starting thinking of ways they could get T to come into the office so that I could tell him the ‘I’m single again’ news! The plan was drawn up and executed perfectly. At the time we were doing a parking sticker audit and we already had T’s (but he didn’t know that). I emailed him asking how he was doing, said we need to catch up, and said that we needed his parking sticker number when he had the chance. Well, instead of just shooting it back to me in an email, he brought it into the office as well as a business card with his cell phone number written on the back. So, I can always say that the relationship started BECAUSE OF ME :).

It took us a long time to actually start dating. We started really slow and just met at different places for a drink or appetizer around where we lived (yes, we both lived in the same complex that I worked in.. in separate apartments of course). I never suggest this haha! It was weird knowing when he was home and when he wasn’t. Eventually we were smitten and after a couple of months had keys to each other’s apartments. I would walk home from work and my favorite cereal (Captain Crunch) would be sitting in the hallway along with chocolates and a new gallon of milk would be in the fridge. He would leave me all kinds of love letters on my car and surprises in my apartment. I would bake cookies and have someone on the maintenance team leave them in front of his door, knock, and then run whenever he was home!! So if you are single and don’t believe this can happen to you, IT CAN. They are still amazing men out there for you!

We had our first meet up a year and a half ago today exactly! I still get surprises and occasional love notes and I still send him cookies every now and then ;). We are definitely in it for the long run and I couldn’t picture myself with anyone else. My closest friends tell me this is the first time I am 100% myself. I guess I had a problem of molding to who I thought they wanted me to be. I am 28 and I can tell you chivalry is not dead, and there IS someone out there for you (it may just not be the right time). I had such a time frame when I was younger. According to that I should be married with two kids by now. What was I thinking?! Stop counting the days and focus on yourself. You won’t find HIM until you find YOURSELF.

To see some pictures of us, follow me on Instagram, @themilleraffect <3

The Outfit

Boohoo Official Top ONLY $30. I am wearing size 4 (could wear a 0 0r 2 but they were sold out! I like the look of the 4 though!

Jeans: ASOS

Shoes: Nordstrom

Necklace: Baublebar

Purse: ASOS (similar here and here)

Lipstick: NARS (Greta)

Bracelet: Nordstrom

Also, Link Up Wednesdays are back! Link up with us below (they will be in random order) <3


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XO Amanda
July 22, 2015 Outfits

It’s Official

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