Why We Love Canada Goose

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Backcountry is a one-stop-shop when it comes to shopping for outdoor gear. Whether you are shopping for Christmas gifts, or trying to gear up for your next adventure, Backcountry will have what you need.

What I love most about Backcountry is their enormous variety of products to choose from at different price points. If you have followed me for awhile you have probably seen me wear $8 super warm fleece lined leggings with a $900 gorgeous winter coat. Both were from Backcountry!

Today I want to talk more about the latter. I want to share some of the amazing luxury brands Backcountry has to offer. These would be perfect gifts for yourself or for your significant other.

Canada Goose at Backcountry

Did you guys see THIS POST? This is from when I first purchased my Canada Goose parka. Little did I know then that I would be moving to Colorado and this jacket would get worn nearly every day in the winter! Troy loved it on my so much and always heard me talking about how warm it was, so it was at the top of his Christmas list this year.

I love when he gives me easy gift ideas from my favorite brands! It was so easy to find him the perfect Canada Goose parka from Backcountry. I used Klarna at Backcountry (brand new service) to finance this purchase so I get to spread the cost over 4 interest-free installments!

Why do we love Canada Goose so much?

  1. The jackets are so sleek (whereas normally a heavy winter coat is super bulky!) They just look so sharp and fashionable. There is also a cord inside that you can pull at the waist to show off your silhouette.
  2. Obviously they are the WARMEST! The low is 6 degrees here in Beaver Creek this week and we have been walking back and forth from town to our condo (almost a mile) in these jackets every day and we stay warm the entire way.
  3. They have four fleece lined front pockets that are at the perfect position for your hands.
  4. The arctic-tech fabric shields you from snow and keeps you dry.

These jackets are 100% worth every penny. Especially if you think you will get a lot of wear out of them. They will last you so long that you will be able to hand them down to your kids.

We also love that they support PBI (Polar Bear International). Together with Polar Bears International (PBI), Canada Goose is raising awareness around the threats that face wild polar bears–and how efforts to conserve their Arctic habitat matter to everyone, wherever in the world we call home. They are committed to keeping the world cold, but the people in it warm.

Here are some of our favorite Canada Goose pieces at Backcountry, including my Victoria Down Jacket and Troy’s Langford Down Parka:

A Few Other Premier Brands Available at Backcountry:





Backcountry Gear & Apparel Sale

Like I said above, Backcountry has something for everyone at all different price points. Currently they are having a sale on Backcountry gear & apparel -– up to 40% Off Select Styles!! Get it
before the sale ends on the 20th !

For anything not on sale, don’t forget to use code AMANDA15 for 15% off your first purchase (exclusions apply).

Here are some of my favorites from that sale:

You can find something for everyone on your Christmas list at Backcountry. Happy Shopping!

xox Amanda

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  1. Erin
    December 18, 2020 / 12:02 pm

    Hi Amanda, just wondering what size you got in the Victoria Down Parka?

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