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  1. Nina

    I was reading the reviews to see anyone else experienced what I did. I guess I just got a spoiled one because no where was mentioned about burning feeling I experienced. I ordered the Laporte deodorant from amazon and it came with the detox mask sample. I tried the deodorant this morning and I liked it so I thought the mask should be good as well. Despite burning my skin I waited for 10 minutes thinking that was the detoxing effect , but I was left with red spots and even after a heavy moisturizer I still feel the burning sensation. I did not feel any hydration and it felt like a did a peeling mask. So, if anyone experienced what I did, let the maker of it know.

  2. Nikki Hall

    I love Kopari products too!! I actually got two items the toner and the lip balm in one of my box of styles and they are awesome! Didn’t know they made a deodorant, I will check that out. Do you feel like it keeps you smelling fresh and works well?

    1. Robyn

      I use the Kopari deodorant and have been using for about 6 months now! I actually have always had sweating issues and not very many deodorants have been successful for me, but this one really does work and it is all natural! I love it so much, I convinced by husband to try it and he is now hooked – he just asked me to sign him up for the subscription, ha! You do have to let your armpits go through a detox phase when you first start using it. Your body has to release all the bad toxins and then this all natural deodorant really can do it’s job. So be patient with it and give it some time – I promise you will love it!

      1. Amanda Miller

        Yes my husband uses it now too! He loves it! I just love knowing I am not getting aluminum all over my baby! xox A


Girls, it is time to TREAT YO SELF!

You all know how much I love both Kopari AND masks, so I was so excited when Kopari asked if I wanted to try out their new products!!!

I fell in love with Kopari when I first tried their coconut oil products. You can read about those in THIS POST. I still use their Organic Coconut Melt daily. I slathered it on my belly when I was pregnant and I slather it on Miller to keep her arms legs nice and smooth after her baths. You just palm it and it melts in your hand instantly. OK… obsessed with that product but that’s not what I am here to talk about today.

I then fell FURTHER in love with Kopari when they released their natural deodorant. I use it every single day. You have probably seen it saved in my Beauty highlights on Instagram Stories, or you have seen it in my travel kit (brought it to Belize recently), or you have seen me post about it HERE and HERE. You get it… I love it. I love that using a natural deodorant is both good for me AND good for Miller. The coconut smell is just an added bonus. Getting sidetracked because this isn’t what today’s post is about either!

Kopari Coconut Detox Mask and Starry Eye Balm

Kopari released two new products in February and I was one of the first people who got to sample them!

If you haven’t been here long my beauty review process goes like this: A brand sends me the product(s) to try out, I try them out for a month, and then if I really love them I tell you guys about them.

I don’t like to jump the gun and mention products too early because it may turn out after a month that I actually don’t like them anymore! I like to give each product (and my skin) plenty of time.

So glad I can finally share these two new products with you!

Full disclosure- I already knew I was going to love these products before I even tried them. There hasn’t been a product YET that I haven’t loved from Kopari.

Coconut Detox Mask

the miller affect wearing kopari coconut detox mask

the miller affect reviewing Kopari's latest products
the miller affect wearing a coconut mask
the miller affect reading girl wash your face
the miller affect talking about Kopari's Coconut Detox Mask

I am going to start with the Coconut Detox Mask because it may actually be my favorite mask TO DATE. Yes, I said it, and you can quote me on this later guys!

I will show you the results of this mask this weekend. I can’t explain how it makes my face look and feel with just words.

This mask is actually a coconut clay mask (yes please), but it doesn’t dry on your face like a traditional clay mask. It has an ‘innovative creamy clay formula that helps to coax impurities out of pores without stripping skin of moisture like traditional clay masks.’ -That is taken straight from the source (Kopari.com!)

And it is is so true! It doesn’t harden on my face. It just feels smooth and moisturizing the entire time. When I wash it off my skin glows and feels completely nourished. It seriously glows guys.

My favorite thing about this mask, besides the glowy, nourished skin, is that the probiotics in the formula help calm inflammation. I use this mask whenever I had a stressful day and it seriously wipes all of the puffiness and stress away!

If you have watched my skin care routine on Instagram Stories you know that I do all of my moisturizing and toning in the morning, and then I mask at night. So after I rinse this mask off I am ready for bed! I especially love putting this mask on in the bathtub. It literally feels like I am sweating all of the negative EVERYTHING off my face and I can just feel so incredibly refreshed once I rinse it off.

Everyone that has reviewed it on Kopari’s website has loved it so far, so don’t JUST take my word for it!

Grab the Coconut Clay Mask HERE, and use code MILLERAFFECT15 to get 15% off your entire order!

Kopari offers free shipping over $30 AND FREE RETURNS (just in case you don’t love it… even though I can promise you that you will!!) Have I steered you wrong before?

Starry Eye Balm

the miller affect wearing starry eye balm by kopari
the miller affect wearing starry eye balm by kopari

Who doesn’t love a good eye balm?

Eye balms are all the rage right now and for good reason. We are tired! We are working so hard ladies! We deserve to treat ourselves (and our eyes!)

This hydrating and awakening coconut eye balm delivers a dose of caffeine to help de-puff, illuminate and refresh tired eyes.-Kopari.com

My favorite thing that this Starry Eye Balm has that is missing from most of the similar products I have tried is the instant moisture. It is insanely moisturizing. You can just feel that immediately when you dab it on. Kopari uses the word ‘silky’ to describe it and I think that word is PERFECT for the eye balm. It will help make sure that the makeup around your eye never looks cakey.

The Starry Eye Balm also has a faint gold glow in it. Other balms don’t have pigment or shine, or the pigment is more silver/iridescent.

You can use it as a primer before your makeup and then you can dab it on throughout the day for a boost.

Oh, and the rose scent is to die for! Forget spraying perfume. People will instantly smell the roses when they go in for a hug!

Try this eye balm for 15% off with code MILLERAFFECT15. You can grab it HERE.

Like I mentioned previously- you can do no wrong with Kopari products! Here are some of their other products I love below. Just use code MILLERAFFECT15 to get 15% off your entire order.

XO Amanda
March 12, 2019 Outfits

Treat Yourself

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