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  1. Jessica Doll

    What do you mean clothes are not content?! 😀

    I really love the print on your dress and how it’s not a typical windowpane.


  2. Adaleta

    You are honestly the perfect example of a fashion blogger in my mind. You’re amazing in all of your outfits! xx, Ada

    1. Amanda Miller

      OMG that’s the nicest thing I’ve ever heard!! Thank you so much Ada!!!!!

  3. Jessica

    Great deals on jackets are always right after jacket season. I normally have a jacket with me because I get cold quickly. I love having bright jackets for spring.

  4. Emily Cole

    Loved this post! I always love reading tips from other bloggers. I also struggle with how much content I should do in my blog posts, I don’t want to be too long and wordy and have people get bored, but I don’t want to be too short either where people can’t even get to know a little bit about me as a person.

    Thanks for the tip! I am really going to start working on finding out who my nemesis is, and go from there!


  5. Elle Spann

    Yes! Having helpful content and motivation is such a good way to grow- can’t wait to learn from you 🙂


  6. Brenda

    I started blogging WITH a nemesis in mind. It is basically the reason I started blogging, actually. I thought she was so amazing and wow, what an awesome creative outlet one could use…better than what I called “fashion scrapbooking” – taking tons of pictures from magazines and categorizing them and making cool binders (yes, I did this!). Of course, I totally admired her style, organic growth and thought she was the sweetest, but it definitely made me work HARD! She is still my number 1 nemesis, but I have found a few more along the way – since my style is so eclectic and they are all evolving at different paces.
    I never thought to get one in my area, but maybe I should start looking!

    AMAZING post Amanda!!


  7. Samantha

    Love this advice! I’ve been blogging for 4 years (seriously for 3) and struggle with comparing myself to other bloggers. Guess I should use it as motivation 🙂

    1. Amanda Miller

      Yeah I have noticed it has really driven me to do better and do more! I hope it helps for you too! xoxo A

  8. Mary

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this look and really appreciate the content!

  9. Karen

    Truth about coats coming out AFTER the season is o-v-e-r. Gah! That pink coat is fabulous… LOVE it! Interesting advice in finding your nemesis. I am totally intrigued, lady! 😉 http://www.GlamKaren.com

  10. Taylor McLemore

    The entire look is seriously flawless! I LOVE this coat!! And I myself have been on the bucket bag trend, love the black!!!

  11. Christina Beauchamp

    Ok, love this!! First of all I LOVE the jacket – to die for. Second of all, I love your blogging tip!! Thank you for the inspiration 🙂 You are fab!

    xo, Christina


  12. Brooke Webb

    Love that you are writing more content and I enjoyed reading your post…great tips as well! Love that you have come so far in just 6 months, amazing lady and congrats on all of your hard work!

    Brooke | http://www.kbstyled.com

  13. Carrie

    This fabulous, Amanda! What great content and inspiration! Can’t wait to hear what else you have in store for us. And of course you look incredible as always!

  14. Darcy

    I love this look! It is hard to find a balance between keeping it short and sweet and having content to go along with it! I try to always have 1-2 paragraphs per post… and then there are some that are much more detailed based off the topic!

  15. Anna

    Umm, yep, I am going to need the shoes and dress immediately, please! Looking so fab, girl! XO



DAILYLOOK Four Button Blazer

This blog posts discusses crossing over from Winter to Spring and from post with zero content to posts with very HELPFUL (hopefully) content. I have been told I am not posting enough content, and it is 100% true. How can this become a place you go to if I am only saying “check out these awesome clothes I found”?

Pink Jacket from DailylookPink Blazer from DailylookBlack Tassel Heels

Pink Coat from Dailylook

Photos By: Adria Lea Photography

I actually love to write! I guess I just got a little lazy and completely ignored the ‘content’ part of this blog. I am going to take turns writing about myself, fashion, blogging, and the other things we face every day. Today I am going to give a blogging tip along with some facts about my outfit. For this outfit post, I wanted to point out that it is hard to transition from Winter to Spring. Why do they always come out with the best jackets AFTER Winter, when we have already had our sights set on amazing Spring wear? This jacket was emailed to me from Dailylook and of course I had to click through and boom, there was a jacket that I had to have. But wait, it is almost 80 degrees here in Texas already, when will I wear this?!?! The answer: at night. The rain comes in April and May and that brings you plenty of cold nights (it is actually 55 here in Dallas right now). I can definitely wear this amazing jacket this week (and it is almost MAY)! Even when it gets warmer, it is nice to have a Spring jacket like this to grab when you go out (restaurants and bars are always freezing to me, and this jacket just says Spring, not Winter, to me).

Now for a bit about blogging. I have received tons of emails asking how I got where I am in just 6 months. That is a tricky question, and I will be covering it a few times a week for many weeks to come. Here is the tip for today: Find Your Nemesis.

When you think nemesis you probably think it should be someone you hate, but it is actually opposite. I want you to think of someone you absolutely adore and are maybe even a little jealous of because you know they have something amazing going on. Your nemesis should be someone you admire, someone who has reached a goal you dream of reaching. We never want to be negative in the blogging world. We all need to stick together and after you get where you want to be, your nemesis should be someone you would like to have as a friend, someone you can thank for all they have done to inspire you. Here are some tips in finding your nemesis:

1. Find someone who has similar style, tastes, interests, or someone who lives in your area.

2. Make sure they are obtainable. No, I don’t mean make sure you can take their place. I don’t want you to be ‘just like them’ and I will get to that in the next blogging tip post. I want you to find someone who has an amazing blog and is doing amazing things. I want you to be able to reach that place they are at as well. You always need to make sure you set your sights on obtainable goals (unobtainable goals leads to frustration), and the same goes for the nemesis.

3. Now go and get them! Let’s face it, the main reason we love sports so much is the competition. Competition fosters innovation, efficiency, creativity, etc. Catch up with your nemesis on your blog (structure, layout, theme). Catch up with them on Instagram, or other social media sites (work hard.. social media takes A LOT OF WORK and doesn’t come in a day). You can also try catching them on Alexa.com (Alexa ranks your website). You can google different ways to raise your rank. Make sure your nemesis TEACHES YOU SOMETHING, and then grow in your own way (ALWAYS.DO.YOU.)

I can’t name my nemesis, but she is someone who is adorable, godly, has great style, and has an amazing blog going in just a short amount of time. I love seeing her daily posts and I am trying as hard as I can to catch up to her but never copy her (ALWAYS.BE.YOURSELF.) I think she has really helped me grow because it gives me an obtainable goal to work toward. Maybe I will catch her, maybe I won’t. But, in the meantime, I get to grow and learn from a fellow blogger -plus it is fun! Nemesis can stop being thought as the enemy. Start using it in fun, to talk about someone you admire, adore, and someone who is inspiring you every day! If you love this, add the first tip picture below to Pinterest to help you remember! xoxo A

The Clothes:

Competition, Blogging Tip, Nemesis

XO Amanda
April 29, 2015 Outfits

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