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  1. Mallory Brasher

    I just received my Associates Degree from the Eastfield campus and I enjoyed every bit of it. I took their online classes while juggling being a stay at home mom and it was so convenient! So glad I went back to school!

  2. Keke Olisemeka

    OK, you are definitely the type of person I’d like to grab coffee with! Sounds like we have similar personality types. Too bad you’re all the way in Dallas though… Writing books and having my fashion line have been my 2 secret fantasies too, I often visualize myself on QVC ministering to thousands of women with my gorgeous yet totally relate-able fashion line. One of these days…

    I’m embarking on both by starting my fashion an style blog beginning in September. (By God’s grace) You’re right I finally came to the conclusion that greatness was waiting for me to take the first step, so here I go!

    Thank you by the way for your post on LikeToKnow.it and joining the rewardstyle family, that’s my major mission, and your post was very informative. I do plan to take you up on your invitation to email you with questions.

    It’s been a pleasure getting to know a little bit about you.

    Best regards


    1. Amanda Miller

      YAY! Love that my tips were helpful to you, good luck!! And YAY for starting your blog! I am sure it will be amazing! xoxo Amanda

  3. Brianne George

    Wow girl, I don’t know how you do it!
    I got a bachelors degree from a private college and then an associates from a community college and the CC degree is the one I actually use and it was so much more valuable! I’m currently in school online, too getting another bachelors. We can’t do this! 😉

  4. Lindsay & Whitney

    Such an exciting post, Amanda! WE would definitely wear your clothes line and read your books! :):)
    And wow, DCCCD offers such an amazing credit hour rate! I teach at at local college here in OK and it really is incredible the quality of education for the price that community colleges can offer.


  5. Kimbo

    Still learning about you after all these years! Go get em!!

  6. Lacey Douthat

    If any one can do it, you can!!!! I love being a part of a community with women like you, because you are such a truthful and honest gal! So proud of you, Amanda!



  7. Marisol

    Thanks for sharing your dreams. I can’t wait to buy your book. Love your blog and your IG.

  8. Gentry Adams

    If anyone can make their dreams a reality, I have no doubt that you can!! Excited to see what is ahead for you!

    1. Amanda Miller

      sooooo sweet! Thanks so much Gentry!!! <3 A

  9. Julie Scorse

    Get it girl! Balancing, life, work, school,and a blog can be a challenge but totally worth it! Thanks for keeping it real and empowering women to seek education to improve themselves & their interest! I literally do the same thing with clothing so I’m excited to see your dream become a reality!



    1. Marisol

      I enjoyed reading some of your blog post.

  10. Jenn Lake

    Lady! A clothing line and books?! SO exciting!!!


The Miller Affect posting about Making your dreams come true with Dallas Community College The Miller Affect posting about the importance of a college education The Miller Affect wearing a pink tote and a pink skirt The Miller Affect wearing a pink skirt for work Amand aMiller wearing a floral mixed media flutter top from Loft The Miller Affect wearing a navy flutter top and a pink shift skirt from Loft The Miller Affect talking about Dallas Community Colleges in a pink skirt and flutter sleeve top AmandaMiller-130 The Miller Affect wearing a flutter top and a pink skirt

Did you know that community college offers a quality education at a FRACTION of the price?

This post is DEFINITELY different from anything I have written.

When I first got into blogging, I knew I wanted to make a difference, and not just blog about clothing every day. I also am about to head back to school (read below on why.) So, when Dallas Community Colleges approached me about working together on a post, I immediately said yes!

If you went to college, but are looking to further your education and expertise, or if you have kids that want to go to college, then definitely keep reading.

Dallas Community Colleges

If you are looking to get a promotion at work, or are looking to expand your skills in a certain area, community college is a great way to go! You can take classes at night or on the weekends, and some employers will even pay for your education!

If you have kids that want to go to college, community college offers you a very cost-effective way for their first two years of credits! There are also so many jobs that your kids can get straight out of community college- especially here in Dallas!

My Dream

I graduated with a degree in Marketing. While this has definitely helped me for my career in finance and in thinking creatively for my blog, I definitely need to expand my knowledge for what I plan to do in the future!

I haven’t talked to ANYONE about this yet, but I actually want to have my own clothing line one day!! I always think and draw new items that I need, but can never find anywhere!. Hopefully I can make these sketches a reality one day.

I also want to write my own book or BOOKS. 🙂 This is something I actually want to get started on ASAP so stay tuned ;).

With this being said, I would definitely need to go back to college. I would want to get into a writing class, which community colleges definitely have, and I would even want to get into a fashion class (read about it here), which Dallas Community Colleges offers!

I have the street smarts to get started right away, but I am kind of a perfectionist. I don’t want to do something halfway. I would definitely need to further my education and get back into school to work on my trade.

This is just my dream, and I know Dallas Community Colleges can make it happen! Between working and blogging 24/7, I can definitely appreciate the flexibility of a community college schedule!

What is your dream?

Go make it happen!

More on Dallas County Community Colleges (DCCCD)

Have you been just sitting around waiting for great things to come to you? You are going about it all wrong. You have to work for them!!

You still have time to apply to get into the Fall semester!!

Head to DCCCD’s website and look at their homepage.

See Tuition Information here. DCCCD tuition is only $59 per credit hour (so no excuses!)

Here is a map of the Dallas Community Colleges. No matter WHERE you live, there is a college near you! Too far of a commute? No problem! Most classes are also offered online!


Don’t want to go in to Fashion, Marketing, or Writing? That is fine! DCCCD has a hugeeee list of different programs! See the full list here!

The time is NOW guys!! Apply for Dallas Community Colleges HERE!

Please feel free to comment below with ANY questions you have! I would love to help you further your education, or find the right plan for you or your kids!

*This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Dallas County Community College District. The opinions and text are all mine.

XO Amanda
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