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  1. Summer Young

    I want that red top too! Where is it from?

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    Great post! Where did that darling red and white stripe top come from? TY


Designer Bags for Less

The miller affect talking about designer bags for less with stockX

The Miller Affect with StockX handbags
The Miller Affect with Louis Vuitton handbag from StockX
The Miller Affect with designer handbag from StockX

So excited to be partnering with StockX today to show you how you can start buying authentic designer bags for less. I’m talking about MUCH LESS!

You may have noticed that my designer bag inventory has grown quite a lot this past year. If you think I am buying these bags at full price you are wrong! I am getting great deals on all of them!

When it comes to spending that much money you want to reallllly do you research. Why not try to buy your dream bag for a fraction of the original price?

Here is exactly how you can do that with StockX:


The Miller Affect opening a bag from stockx
The Miller Affect with a Louis Vuitton bag from stockX
the miller affect opening a box from stockX
The Miller Affect with a louis Vuitton canvas crossbody

So what is StockX exactly? It is the world’s first stock market for actual THINGS. It is a live bid/ask marketplace, where you can bid on the products you want.

I mostly am on StockX for their designer handbags! I grabbed this Louis Vuitton Metis Pochette for only $1,700!! I have been looking for it forever and even walked into the stores in Paris and couldn’t find it. I was so excited to find it and bid for it on StockX!

How to use it:

  1. Go ahead and download the StockX mobile app (the easiest way to track the bags and the bids!)
  2. Browse all of the handbags HERE. Over 11,000 bags are listed on StockX (including Chanel, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, etc) and if there isn’t a bag on there that you want, just email support@stockx.com to ask for it to be added.
  3. Place a bid on a bag. There are two ways to buy. If there is an ASK, then you can go ahead and buy the bag immediately at the seller’s lowest price listed. Or, you can BID and see if you can get the seller will lower their asking price!

And that’s it! It is THAT EASY!

StockX Authenticity Guarantee & Price Transparency

the miller affect with a Metis Pochette Louis Vuitton handbag

The Miller Affect talking about finding designer bags for less
The Miller Affect wearing a red and white striped loft sweater
The Miller Affect carrying a Metis Pochette bag from stockX

StockX authenticates all bags and makes sure they are in amazing condition before they are sent out. The seller first sends to StockX so they can do this process, and then StockX ships the bag to you!

All bags go out with a green tag showing that StockX has guaranteed authenticity of the bag.

Sellers can’t reach out to buyers and vice versa. This is all done through StockX so that everyone can remain anonymous.

StockX also has pricing transparency. It doesn’t set the prices, the market does. Because of this, they list out the historical purchasing patterns for the specific bags (ex: when you buy a house and can see what the house has sold for since it was built!)

Have I sold you yet? Head to StockX now to start bidding on your dream bag! Start getting designer bags for less today!

Here are some that I have my eye on (and may or may not have bid on already!!) Can you tell I am looking for something black?:

Photos by Adria Lea.

This post is sponsored by StockX. The handbag was picked out by me and all reviews and opinions are 100% my own. Partnerships like these make The Miller Affect possible.

XO Amanda
January 11, 2018 Outfits

Designer Bags for Less at StockX

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