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Fall is the most wonderful time of the year for a picnic, especially if you can leaf peep while you are at it.

Today Miller and I put on our Backcountry gear, packed up our Yeti cooler, and hit the road for a mama-daughter picnic. It is a little hard to picnic with a toddler if I am being totally honest, but I definitely want to make it a yearly tradition.

the miller affect sharing fall picnic must haves from backcountry

the miller affect using a buffalo check Pendleton blanket from backcountry
the miller affect with a small yeti cooler from backcountry

I am so glad we brought jackets and wore leggings and long sleeves! It was super cold at Echo Lake today. Always make sure you check the weather for the place you are traveling to for the picnic. Even though it was 79 degrees in Lakewood it was 56 at the lake 45 minutes away!

We had never been to Echo Lake and were hoping for some prime leaf peeping. The drive to the lake was STUNNING, but the lake was surrounded by fir trees so while it was still stunning, there were no colorful Fall trees to be found. I will definitely try to find a different spot for our mama-daughter Fall picnic next year!

As most of you know by now, if I am going to be doing anything adventurous or outdoorsy I am probably in head-to-toe Backcountry. It is just SO easy to find what I need there and I love shopping for coordinating outfits for Miller there too. If you are doing any leaf peeping this Fall I highly recommend looking at Backcountry.com first! It has everything you need and their fall arrivals are to die for!

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Fall Picnic Must Havesthe miller affect wearing a north face fleece jacket

A Jacket: Even in Texas you need a jacket in the later Fall months. In CO it is already chilly here in the mountains and I know in TX it gets cool around Halloween. I would bring one with you no matter what, because you never know what the cooler nights may bring and you can never be too prepared.

I am wearing one of my favorite jackets from The North Face. I don’t think I have ever loved a fleece jacket more! I love the length and how cozy it is. Miller is wearing a Patagonia jacket and Troy and I decided today that there is nothing cuter than a baby in a Patagonia! Don’t you agree?



Comfortable Shoes: Make sure to dress for the destination. Is it a far walk? Maybe you need hiking shoes. Is it a quick stroll, then wear something comfortable and warm on your feet. I personally LOVE SORELS! They last forever and are always so comfortable to walk in no matter the style. I found these light tan boots and I love them so much!

A Great Pair of Leggings: Whenever anyone dms me about leggings to hike in, I always lead them to Backcountry. You can’t go wrong with any leggings from Prana or The North Face (my two favorites). They hold everything in and to me are essential for your Fall adventures. If you need a fleece lined pair, make sure to check out these from Stoic. They are under $20 and I wear them with and under everything in the Winter.

the miller affect with a Pendleton blanket from backcountry

A Blanket: We splurged a little on this Pendleton blanket. We knew we would have it forever, it is 100% wool, and I am obsessed with the buffalo check print. It matches out outdoor pillows and looks great hanging on our blanket ladder in our living room. It is the perfect Fall and Winter blanket!

A Cooler: You can’t beat a Yeti cooler. The one we have is super light and was so easy for me to carry to the site where I set up the picnic (and that is saying a lot at 8 months pregnant!) It is the perfect size for a picnic and will keep everything cold for you no matter how long the drive is to your destination.

A Thermos: It isn’t a Fall picnic without a little hot chocolate, am I right? Our Yeti thermos keeps the hot chocolate hot for a long time! I poured Miller in a sippy cup to keep it from getting everywhere. She hasn’t quite grasped the ‘sipping from a big girl cup’ yet!

A Speaker: I didn’t bring one for our picnic since I knew it wouldn’t last long with Miller (and of course she saw ducks and immediately jumped up and ran over to them!) But, if you are with a friend or significant other I highly recommend bringing one! Make sure to keep the music down low though so you don’t bother anyone, or anything, else around!

For full-priced items, use code AMANDA15 for 15% off at checkout!!! *exclusions apply

Picnic Reminders:

Please remember:

1.Pick up after yourself. We picked up a few pieces of trash around Echo Lake today and it just infuriated me! There is wildlife everywhere around there and it is just no way to treat the environment. We always just pack all of our trash back up into our cooler at the end of the picnic and throw it away when we get home. That way we can ensure that we leave nothing behind. Please please please triple check the area around you when you leave (esp if you have a child with you! They are sneaky!)\

and 2.Fire Bans. Make sure to check the area you will be visiting to see if there is a fire ban in place. Colorado is a strict NO FIRE state right now meaning while picnicking or camping you cannot light ANYTHING AT ALL on fire. I heard recently a huge fire was started in CA due to a spark from a gender reveal party. When there is little rain, anything at all can start a fire.

We can all take these easy steps to help protect our environment.

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xox Amanda

XO Amanda
September 24, 2020 Outfits

Fall Picnic Must Haves

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