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  1. Stephanie

    I love that you gave us a life update. I’ve been wondering about your wedding photos, but figured you had a good reason for not sharing them all yet 😉 This is a gorgeous transitional outfit too, by the way! I love the shorts + long-sleeve combo. It’s one of my favorites!

  2. Kimbo

    Love this outfit! Good luck house hunting! It can be stressful. Namaste! ????

  3. Shannon Mahaney

    Happy House Hunting! My husband and I just found our first home and we are in the midst of the fun part after the offer is accepted. If I have any advice it would be to just have an open mind. No home is perfect but you should still like where you live. I am sure you and troy will find the perfect home!

  4. Brandi Soileau

    Love the shorts, and transitioning outfits is something I love creating and wearing!!

    xoxo brandi @ brandisoileau.com

  5. Sharon

    This look is so pretty and perfect for the transition into fall. I’m also trying to recreate new outfits within my summer wardrobe for fall, it’s so much fun! I can’t wait to see more photos from your wedding, I just love wedding photos. My husband and I had the hardest time finding our home. We hunted sporadically for about a year and saw so many duds before finding our home. We even put in an offer on another home that fell threw because the seller was hiding stuff. It was a wrenching experience and lately we’ve been thinking about doing it again and beginning the search for our next home… crazy. I wish you luck on your hunt and have fun in Canada!

  6. Caitlin

    Happy house hunting! We are currently renting in Far North Dallas (near Addison) and looking up there. It’s usually 20 minutes from downtown on the weekends, but can obviously be longer if we wanted to go out on a weeknight. But it’s still Dallas technically. Anyway, the houses are way bigger and cheaper than closer in to downtown. Don’t know what area yall are focusing on so just wanted to pass that along!!

  7. Hailey

    Love this outfit on you, Amanda! This is such a great top and is going to be amazing in fall. I can’t wait to see how you style it as the temperature starts to drop. Good luck house hunting!



The Miller Affect wearing a white top and black lace shortsThe Miller Affect wearing a long sleeve white top form Nordstrom and holding a black small Givenchy handbag

Hi! I just wanted to give you a life update since it has been awhile and I have been all over the place lately!

  1. My wedding photos are ready, but are being sent off for publishing. This means a magazine, website, etc. will pick up the wedding and I will not be able to publish my photos until AFTER they do. Stinks because I am SO READY TO SHARE! But getting them published will benefit everyone that put sooo much effort into the wedding (including photographer, videographer, florist, wedding planner, etc.)
  2. The wedding was sooo magical and I will definitely have more posts up soon surrounding the entire weekend. If you haven’t been to Alberta, it is DEFINITELY a bucket list destination. Seriously though, put it at the top of your list.
  3. Speaking of Canada, Troy and I are heading to Montreal on Thursday for the Lolë White Tour. Tickets are still available if you want to come! Around 10,000 people are expected to be there in all white doing yoga and empowering each other! I am soooo excited! Make sure to follow along on Instagram Stories!
  4. Troy and I are house hunting right now. I wanted to take you through all the houses with us but an owner got upset because we said the bathroom was too small for us, soooooo I will just keep you updated on when we finally find something. We start again next week when we get back from Canada. I think the small bathrooms and closets are going to be in pretty much every house that we look at here in Dallas. If we want something newer we will have to go further outside of Dallas and we don’t really want that. My guess is we will end up doing tonsss of remodeling on an old house in order to get the location we want here in the city.
  5. Monthly Moisturizer week 3 review is today! Watch instagram stories to see the review. Tula also sent me a new product that JUST came out, so I will be sharing that as well!!

That’s all for now! Hopefully I have more of an update for you in a couple of weeks!

Transitioning Your Wardrobe to Fall

The Miller Affect talking about transitioning your wardrobe to fall
The Miller Affect wearing embroidered black lace shorts
The Miller Affect holding a black small givenchy handbag

Today’s blog post is all about transitioning your wardrobe to Fall. August is so weird. It is so hot outside but you don’t really want to keep spending money on summer clothes.

Now is the time to invest in pieces you can wear in BOTH seasons. Think about light, long sleeved tops and pants, skirts, or shorts that will look great with boots and booties.

This outfit can easily be worn in the summer or fall. The blouse is super light and airy. If you live in a city where it gets pretty cold fast, just throw a leather jacket or coat over this top.

These black lace shorts scream fall to me. With the lace and the fall colors=swoon. I wore them with heeled sandals because it is so dang hot here, but these shorts would also be hot with pumps or booties!

The Miller Affect talking about transitioning your wardrobe to fall with Nordstrom pieces
The Miller Affect wearing a white top from Nordstrom
The Miller Affect wearing black embroidered lace trim shorts

The Outfit:

White Top (I am wearing an XS)

Black Lace Shorts (if in between sizes go down)

Black Heels

Black Handbag

Lipstick (Evening Rose)- Sooo many of you have been asking about this lipstick! It is from Target and soo amazing. Stays on forever.

Photos by So Then They Say Blog


XO Amanda
August 9, 2017 Outfits

Transitioning Your Wardrobe to Fall

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