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  1. Brooke Erbe

    Are you still house hunting? Haven’t seen you post much on that lately. Wondering if you have gotten any closer to finding a place/have any tips on how to start looking to buy a home!

    1. Amanda Miller

      Yes! We didn’t end up finding something in time and had to renew our lease so we will start again in a few months! Great question!

      xox Amanda

  2. Jeff Laskowski

    Nice ensemble. I love the polka dot dress!

  3. Fashionably Ally

    Loved getting to know more about you!! Love how real you are girlfriend, keep being awesome!!

  4. Erin | Rosewood Runway

    Love posts like this! It’s like a little bit of everything and makes it fun to keep reading!


the miller affect wearing a sloane bb dakota polka dot dress

the miller affect talking about layering your necklaces
the miller affect wearing a white polka dot dress
the miller affect carrying a black reversible tote from NordstromHave I even done one of these before? I am so sorry if I haven’t! I will try to do them at least quarterly for you guys! This will be the first FAQ with Amanda Miller out of many hopefully!

Thanks for sending in your questions. Hopefully this answers all of them! If not please leave a comment below and I will comment back with the answer!

FAQ with Amanda Miller

How tall are you?

I am 5’10 1/2 and Troy is 6’4

What is your last name?

My maiden name is Miller. Troy’s last name is Pollard. I haven’t legally changed my name yet so I still sign everything Amanda Miller.

Will you change your blog name?

Maybe in a couple of years since Miller is no longer my last name (should have that of that, duh!) Plus I little OVER everyone telling me I spelled affect wrong! Any ideas for a new blog name? I will need some help haha!

How did you and Troy meet?

I used to work as a leasing agent and I leased Troy an apartment where I worked (some lofts in Uptown!)

Do you dress your husband?

No actually, he dresses himself. You will usually find him in either Mizzen & Main, golf attire, Lululemon, or in a Banana Republic henley (my favvv!)

He used to ask me to shop for him but that is what I do every day for a living so he eventually learned he was going to have to keep shopping for himself haah! He hates buying himself clothes! Usually we walk into stores together when we are at the mall.

Do you still work full time and blog full time?

No, I need to update that on me About Me! It is really old!

I quit my full-time job last January. I have been blogging full time for a year and two months now.

Best brunch spots in Dallas?

Wheelhouse, the Rustic, Saint Ann, Breadwinners

Top five pieces for Spring?

Ah this is too much to pull together right now, but a great idea for a blog post! I will put this on the calendar for next week!!

What is your morning skincare routine? Do you get blackheads? If so, how do you get rid of them?

I use Elemis in the morning. I will add this to the blog calendar too because I am obsessed with Elemis and haven’t had a blackhead since I started using their products! I use the Pro-collagen Marine Oil, then the Pro-collagen Super Serum Elixer, and finally the Pro-collagen Marine Cream (best smelling stuff EVERRR!!) I don’t have a discount code from them yet :/. I have been working on one for awhile! I haven’t had a breakout since I started using these daily! PS I have dry skin if that helps!

At night I use Tula! I use the Resurfacing Gel, the Eye Renewal Serum, and the Skin Reviving Treatment Pads. Use code MILLER20 for 20% off!

When do you plan on having children and how many kids do you want?

YES! We are definitely planning on having kids. We would like two! I want a girl first and Troy of course wants a boy!!

What is your favorite facial exfoliator?

Skin Reviving Treatment Pads from Tula! Use code MILLER20 for 20% off!

The Miller Affect talking about dresses for spring

the miller affect doing a FAQ on the blog
The miller affect carrying pink roses and talking about her favorite elemis products
The Miller Affect talking about her favorite Tula products on themilleraffect.com

Favorite brands for tall girls?

American Eagle is where I get all of my jeans! I am a 4XL (extra long!) They are so inexpensive!

I love Ann Taylor, LOFT, and Banana Republic as well for Tall! And of course J.Crew!

Favorite strapless bra?

I have a nude and black strapless bra from ThirdLove and it is basically what I wear every day! Well I trade out between those and this lace bra (sooo comfy!!) ThirdLove has a 30 day guarantee or you can send the bras back!

How do you wear rompers, one-pieces, and maxi dresses at 5’11?

I think my torso must be shorter than most people at my height because a MEDIUM in one-pieces works for me and small rompers work great as well! SOMETIMES I run into the problem of the suits and rompers being too big on the top, but that rarely happens!

As for maxis, finding one long enough is pretty much a lost cause! I usually just buy them and I am ok with them not hitting the ground! Showmeyourmumu has very long maxi dresses and skirts!

You are always on vacation. Are these work trips, fun trips, or both?

Either/or I guess. Sometimes I travel for work. This week Hilton Hotels is sending me to their property in Sandestin to review it!

Most of the time the trips are paid out of my own pocket and I just try to get the most quality shots I can to make the trip worth it! Sometimes it is a wash (which means I would have made more had I stayed home, haha!) I love to travel though so it is worth it to me!

What do you do with all of the clothes that you post? Any organizing tips on what to keep vs dump?

Spottedd.com is a company that comes and picks up a lot of my clothes and sells them for me on various platforms. I pay them a % of the sale.

When a company gifts us products, we actually get taxed on those products whether we asked for the gift or not. I know some people don’t think it is right to sell gifted items, but we would be paying out of pocket for them in taxes if we didn’t make any money back on them! Make sense?

I will try to put together a Spring Cleaning post in the next couple of weeks to help with decluttering tips!

What products are you using on your trips to get that glow?

Tinted Moisturizer- Unisex Healthy Glow

This is sooo amazing! It comes out white on your hand and as you apply it to your face it actually changes to the color of your face… like whaaaat?! It is so great for beach trips when your skin tone is constantly changing! It has a pretty glow to it too!

Highlighter- Hollywood Beauty Light Wand

Powder- Smashbox Halo Perfecting Powder

I use this to keep my mascara from getting all over under my eyes- works like a charm! I also use it to make sure I am not too shiny from the products above!

the miller affect wearing a hat attack straw boater hat

themiller affect wearing black stecy sandals from steve madden
the miller affect wearing a light wash jean jacket from loft
the miller affect wearing a polka dot midi dress from bb dakota

How did you grow your following in the beginning?

I was extremely lucky and knew someone that worked at rewardStyle! She got me in right away and thanks to my sister aka photographer I started getting regrammed from @liketoknow.it at an early start! This was back when you would gain a thousand new followers, not just a couple hundred or so like you do now. This really helped! It put me on the map for brand collaborations and everything else!

Once that built up quickly I was able to get in loop giveaways with my friends. This was back when loop giveaways were a little different than they are today (long story)! Not proud of the loop giveaways now, but they didn’t have a bad reputation three years ago. Now people are abusing them and gaining tens of thousands of followers at a time and they don’t know when to stop.

Once I hit around 50,ooo followers on Instagram (took around a year), I focused solely on getting regrams from brands. I would hashtag everything and tag everyone I was wearing in all of my photos!

What camera do you use?

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV with a Sigma Art Series Lens (either 50mm or 35mm.)

Do you bring a photographer with you everywhere?

No! I only use photographers when in Dallas for the most part! When I travel my husband takes my photos or whoever I am with! Lynlee and I took each other’s photos on our last trip! Once you learn the camera it is pretty easy and the photo quality is amazing (barely needs any editing!)

The Outfit:

Polka Dot Dress

Pendant Necklace

Initial Necklace

Black Heels

Jean Jacket

Black Tote


Hope you guys enjoyed this first FAQ with Amanda Miller!! If I didn’t answer something, please leave your question in the a comment below! I will either answer your comment or add it to the blog post!

xox Amanda

XO Amanda
March 6, 2018 Outfits

FAQ with Amanda Miller

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