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  1. Ola Rybacka

    Hello Amanda,
    I’m happy to inform you that this post is featured in the recent part of TimeCamp’s weekly Productivity Articles roundup! Find “Start The Week With Best Productivity Articles! 20/8/17” on https://www.timecamp.com/blog/.
    Thank you for sharing these excellent productivity and time management tips!
    Ola Rybacka, SM Manager at TimeCamp

  2. Sharon

    Such a helpful post! I agree so much with all of your points. I make a lot of to do lists in my life, sometimes if I don’t write it down it won’t get done. And I have so many mental to do lists. Those are the tough ones. I think having a routine helps too. Like even if you don’t have to get out of bed at 7 am on your day of it’s better to do it and get more things done.
    Thanks for sharing your tips!


Have you heard of Raymond Weil? They are a luxury watch brand company with insanely gorgeous watches! They recently launched their Raymond Weil Shine x Repetto Collection, where your stainless steel band can be swapped out with various Repetto leather bands to match your outfit. I can’t stop wearing it!! It is so beautiful!

Speaking of watches, does anyone else wish there was more time in the day? Somehow, whenever I go to sleep I have about 50 things left on my to do list. EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT.

This definitely causes anxiety, which causes me to sleep poorly, and then I tend to be a little crazy the next day.

All of this unwanted stress and anxiety can be solved with a little time management and this Raymond Weil watch makes that so much easier.

Here are five tips for time management whether you work in an office or from home.

The Miller Affect talking about Raymond Weil x Repetto Collection
The Miller Affect wearing Raymond Weil Shine Collection watch
The Miller Affect talking about five tips to time management with Raymond Weil
The Miller Affect wearing banana republic sloane fit pants
The Miller Affect wearing a black lush tunic under $30
The Miller Affect wearing a Raymond Weil watch with a black leather repetto band
The Miller Affect wearing a black dagne dover tote

Five Tips for Time Management

1.Get the most important things done first.

Have you read this blog post about productivity? In the post I talk about how you should always write your blog post first thing every morning. That is the most important thing for me, so I always try to get it done first. If I don’t get it done first thing in the morning then I always end up doing it late at night, which takes so much time away from Troy.

It changes my entire day when I get the most important things done first. Before you go to bed, write down the most important things you need to do the next day. When you wake up, look at the list and knock them out! Your entire day will be so much less stressful, I promise! It will honestly change your life if you can stick with this!

2. Allow yourself a certain number of minutes/hours for ‘mindless’ things.

Yes, this includes your cell phone. It is a black hole guys. I can literally look up from my phone and realize two hours have gone by and I learned NOTHING and got NOTHING done. I get sucked into all of these funny videos or scrolling Instagram, etc. You can save yourself so much stress if you give yourself a certain amount of time for those things a day.

Yes, this also includes Netflix. Are you a Netflix junky like me? I always say I can work and watch tv at the same time… but I think it takes me twice as long to get the work done. Allow yourself one movie or a certain number of tv shows a day/night and stick to it.

This really helps when you have a watch, like this Raymond Weil watch. Look at it right before you start scrolling or before you turn the tv on.

3.Sleep for at least 7-8 hours a night.

Some of you may think this is counter productive but it really isn’t. Some of you actually think sleeping five hours a night means you have more time to get things done. Nope. You need this sleep and you won’t function the same without it. You won’t be as quick with every day tasks when your body needs more sleep. In the end it will actually end up making you less productive!

Are you a morning person or are you the most productive at night? Once you can figure that out you can decide if you need to be going to bed earlier or sleeping in later. Not both though!

4.Make a to-do list.

I am all about lists. I go by a to-do list every day. Grab some fun gel pens and a cute notebook. Write everything you need to get done each day and mark them off one by one. There is something so relaxing about putting that line through the task when you are finished with it!

Make sure you refer back to #1 on this and put your most important things at the top of your list.

5.Plan out your entire day.

Some people have tried #1-4 and it still isn’t working. I get that. Sometimes I literally have to plan out my entire day hour by hour. I write it all down. For example: 8-9am check emails, 9-10am workout, 10-12:30 write blog post, 12:30-1:3o have lunch, play on phone, relax, etc.

It really helps if you are just so bogged down but your fav tv show is going or you are right in the middle of a really great book. If you can be strict and stick to a schedule you can get everything done AND still have time to watch your show and read your book at the end of the day. You will also be stress-free and have an amazing night of sleep.

Raymond Weil

The Miller Affect wearing a Raymond Weil watch from the Shine Collection
The Miller Affect wearing distressed high waisted Levi's jeans
The Miller Affect talking about five tips for time management
The Miller Affect wearing a Raymond Weil watch from the Shine x Repetto Collection
The Miller Affect talking about time management with Raymond Weil Watches
The Miller Affect wearing a pink leather Repetto band on her Raymond Weil watch
The Miller Affect wearing Levi's 521 high rise denim

Again, you definitely want to have a watch for this method, especially if you are on the go. With these Repetto leather bands, you can change out your Raymond Weil watch to fit your outfit. You can wear the black band to work and then change to the pink or white for night time or vice version. The stainless steel band is gorgeous, so put this on when you are wanting to impress!

You can shop all of the different colors of Repetto bands here. There are eight gorgeous colors total! I need the orange one now for sure.

Which method #1-5 have you tried? Which one helps you time manage your day? If you haven’t tried these out, try each one this week and let me know which one works for you! I have to continually do a mix of all of them to make it work.

Grab this gorgeous Raymond Weil I am wearing in the photos above watch here. It is from the Shine Collection and is inspired by the world of ballet. Definitely the prettiest watch I have ever seen.

And browse all of my other favorites from Raymond Weil here:

Don’t forget that you can add different colored Repetto leather bands here!

The Outfits:

Black Cami

Distressed Jeans

Tuxedo Pants (sold out, but same pant in different color here)

Black Top

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This post is sponsored by Raymond Weil. The watch and band colors were picked out by me and all of my opinions are 100% my own. Partnerships like these make The Miller Affect possible.

XO Amanda
August 15, 2017 Outfits

Five Tips for Time Management

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