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  1. Kelly

    Down the Hatch in Lahaina is awesome-Guy Fieri was there filming for his show a year ago. Watching the sunset on Haleakala is breathtaking. Nothing like it. It gets COLD, so bring layers and blankets. You’ll have fun no matter where you go!

  2. Courtney Barr

    We stayed at the Ritz Kapalua and LOVED it. Beautiful property.

    We did the Hyatt luau – gorgeous. We enjoyed going to the Westin/Hyatt area for more of a “beach” atmoshywhere the Ritz is gorgeous, it’s beach tends to be tougher waters.

    ROAD TO HANA- ONe of the most beautiful, terrifying, gorgeous things we have ever gone. Leave ESTLU plan to be hearing back by 4:30 no matter how far you make it. Driving those curves is no joke and in the dark, on the cliff edge for the return trip is definitely a dangerous and exhilarating experience. We made it to the 7 pools and turned back after swimming. We downloads the app guide and it was on point! We also swing by CJs deli before we left – purchased the cooler picnic road to Hana lunch option – delish and such a neat thing to do. CJs is near the shopping area where the Hyatt is just down from Kapalua(cannot remember the neighborhood name)

    LOVE MAUI – cannot wait to hear your updates!

  3. Jessica

    I love Maui! Wish I could go back! So for the road to Hana you def need the book Maui Revealed. I just called it the big blue book. This gives you step by step guides for (light) hiking to some secret waterfalls that are amazing. Not touristy and super authentic. It’s a must have.

    We stayed in Waileia and super loved it. Not as windy and the beaches and snorkeling is to die for! No need to book a snorkeling tour – we just grabbed our gear and went out ourselves and saw sea turtles and everything. I say it’s like dipping your head down and suddenly your in finding Nemo.

    The drive to the volcano is a must. It’s freezing up there so no need to stay too long. And there was a precious town on that drive that we loved. Makawoa maybe? It felt kinda like a hippy mountain town in Hawaii with super cool artwork and fresh lavender everything. We drove the entire perimeter of the island as best we could and it is all breathtaking. I loved not doing the touristy things too much and just going out and exploring. Such an amazing place. But get the Blue Book (Maui Revealed) it’ll tell you everything and you won’t be disappointed!

  4. Drucilla

    How wonderful! Enjoy! Excited to follow along!

  5. Alexsis

    Yay, I love Maui and know you will too! Some of my food recommendations: Kihei Cafe for Breakfast, The Seahouse in Napili for Happy Hour, Coconuts for an easy, cheap lunch, Kimos in Lahaina (make sure to order some Hula pie for dessert!) and Mama’s Fish House in Paia. Paia also has really cute shops, and there is an awesome beach just up the street that always has a ton of sea turtles lounging on it. I would also recommend going to Up Country at some point. There are beautiful views and fun things to see! Have fun!

  6. Rebecca

    Sansei. Best sushi I’ve ever had!

  7. Jamie

    Wow 5 weeks, insanely jealous. We used to have a house in Maui and spent 2 weeks there about 4-5x a year and then it sold and I haven’t been back since 2010 (sad face) ENJOY!

  8. Anonymous

    Places to go in Maui:
    Aloha mixed plate
    Sansei (great sushi)
    Merimans steakhouse
    Plantation house

  9. Kori

    You NEED to go to the feast at Lele (I’m not sure spelling) it’s the best luau! It’s more than just a luau you learn the culture of all the Polynesian islands. Each one comes with a different fire dance and different meal for that specific one! Not to mention it’s on the beach in a beautiful spot just a bit further down from front street. I’ve been to it 3 times now and it’s amazing each time!

  10. Kaci

    We did Maui for our honeymoon and loved it! You should totally add a surf lesson to your itinerary. My husband and I took a beginner lesson in Kihei and it was one of the funniest things we did! Here are a few more restaurant recs for you:

    Paia Fish Market (We ate at both Paia and Kihei locations). The fish tacos are amazing
    Mamas Fish House (I’m sure you’ve heard this from everyone but it really is worth it. Go for sunset)
    Charley’s (amazing breakfast in Paia loved by Willie Nelson…banana bread French toast is to die for!)
    Koiso sushi Kihei…(tiny spot in a strip mall of sorts with great sushi. We sat at the sushi bar and had some locals who knew the chef hook us up…evidently pretty hard to get in)
    Cuatro–BYOB spot in Kihei. Reasonably priced and good food.

    I’ve also heard the restaurant at the Andaz in Wailea is really good. We had reservations there and went to the Fairmont instead which was a mistake. We stayed at the Four Seasons in Wilea which is beyond amazing if you have a chance to check it out.

    Enjoy! I’m so jealous!!

  11. Anonymous

    you should really go to Kauai while you are there! Even if just for 2 nights!!!!

    1. Anonymous

      Yes I agree! Kauai is the best! St Regis in princeville

      1. PKS

        1000% agree. Just came back from Kauai this week (stayed at the St Regis) and then we went to Maui. Kauai kicks Maui out of the park, legit we drove to our hotel in Maui (Ritz) and I said to my husband “I already want to go back to Kauai”. No traffic and just BEAUTIFUL!

  12. Court

    Maui is amazing, we’ve been there lots of times!
    Snorkelling at Wailea Beach, almost always see turtles
    Breakfast at Kihei Cafe, macadamia nut pancakes and papaya bowl are so good!
    Big Beach is so beautiful and little beach is just over the rocks 😉
    Ho’okipa beach is awesome for watching surfers. The far right of the beach always has huge turtles laying on the shore as well
    Town of Paia has lots of cute little stores and a good pizza place
    Sheraton Maui for amazing sunset and dive ceremony – http://www.kaanapalidreamin.com/activities/tours/black-rock-cliff-dive
    Town of Lahaina is cute too, lots of stores, restaurants and the Banyan Tree. Old Lahaina Luau is supposed to be the best one too.
    Humuhumunukunukuapua’a is an amazing restaurant at the Grand Wailea, go for sunset and ask for a good table with a view along the water
    Hope this is helpful, enjoy your trip!

  13. Elly

    I highly recommend island hopping at little more than just to the Big Island! You cannot miss Kauai (the garden island) where the “Grand Canyon if the Pacific” is! And the flights are less than $100 on Hawaiian Airlines usually.

  14. Miyan

    This is awesome! I will keep up to follow along 🙂
    Were you guys scared at all by the false alarm that went off? I seriously immediatly thought of you since you just got there (from what I’ve seen as a follower) – sending love from back home in dallas…where its FREEZING by the way. soak up that sun!

  15. Robin

    Hi Amanda!

    Here are my recommendations for you and Troy!

    1. Dinner at Merriman’s is a must! You will need a reservation and make it for sunset time – get a patio view. P.S. Mama’s Fish House is wonderful too (I’m sure you’ve heard ;-), but Merriman’s was our fave!) So romantic and food/view amazing!

    2. Fleetwood’s on Front Street in Lahaina – also a must! Walk the shops around it before and then have dinner there. Again, go just before sunset, as they do a ritual every day there and sit at the bar on the top deck. You will have the perfect view for whale watching and sunset. Food is delish and usually have good music, sometimes a surprise performance from Mick Fleetwood (Fleetwood Mac) who is the owner.

    3. Swim with the turtles at Black Rock Beach – this is in front of the Sheraton Maui. You can hang out on their beach and swim/snorkle with the sea turtles.

    Have fun!



Hi from Maui!

So many of you have asked why we are doing five weeks in Maui so I wanted to get a quick post out there to answer all of your questions!

five weeks in Maui

Five Weeks in Maui – WHY:

1.You guys know by now that I (as of last January) work full-time on my blog. This means I can work from basically anywhere.

2.Troy is actually in limbo right now because his new job doesn’t start until March. He met with his new employer before we left and got a lot of materials to read up on to learn more about his new job. He has homework you could say, haha!

3.We never got a honeymoon. We had our wedding in Canada but flew back home two days after the actual wedding!

Originally we were talking about doing a honeymoon in New Zealand and then a beach trip in January. I then had dinner with a friend who had just been in Maui and ran into another old friend THE SAME NIGHT that used to live in Maui and it was just kind of fate. I ran home and asked Troy if we could do just one long trip to Maui instead of two trips! Maui was the best place for January/February as well weather wise!

After he agreed I was online every day trying to find the best pricing for the trip. It actually ended up being around the same price for one long trip to Maui than it would have been for two short trips to the beach and to New Zealand!

Planning the Trip:

Every time I thought I found a place for us, the next time we looked it was gone. I finally found a place to stay for two weeks and then another place to host us for the last three weeks. These were both booked through VRBO.

Apparently January is high season here in Hawaii. They say this is due to weather, whale migration, and snowbirds (people who move from the North to warmer climates).

We immediately went to Priceline to find a car and ended up getting one for $20 a day! The secret to rental cars is to book them IMMEDIATELY! We just looked at getting a second car for when we have visitors and it is up to $40 a day!


We are kind of just making plans as we go. Yesterday we booked a snorkeling excursion we are going on tomorrow and then we will just go from there.

We definitely plan on doing:

Road to Hana

Trip to Big Island

Whale Watching


Tons of Hikes

Sunrise Bike Ride Down Haleakala


If you have any more suggestions please comment below!

In terms of eating out, we are literally just going through all of your recommendations one by one and trying out those places! You guys had the best recommendations for Paris so I am trusting you again for this trip! It has been so helpful so far!

People are also so nice here and willing to help! We already had a local ask if we wanted to do a hike with him and his wife on Wednesday!

The first two and a half weeks will be our honeymoon and then we will have visitors the rest of the trip. My sister and brother-in-law are coming for 10 days and then Troy’s parents are coming for 7!

Oh- and I also definitely plan on doing some type of work out every day while I am here!


I will DEFINITELY BE WORKING while here! Expect 3-4 blog posts a week, at least two Instagram posts a day, and soooo many fun Instagram Stories!

Things coming up:

Review of Ritz Carlton

Review of Westin Maui & Whalers Village

and I will be working on some really fun brand campaigns while I am here!!


You can easily shop EVERYTHING I wear on this trip!

themilleraffect.com/Instagram – where you can shop all of my Instagram posts.

themilleraffect.com/Maui – Where you can find all of my Maui blog posts.

themilleraffect.com/shop-swim– You can shop all of my swimsuits here (I add more daily!)

themilleraffect.com/shop-outfits– Here is everything I packed for my Maui trip!

Save these pages to your Bookmarks tab, or make sure you are subscribed to my blog HERE.

Coming Up…

Wednesday- Wedding Post!!

Thursday- Book Review

Friday- Week 1 in Maui (activity, food, and outfit re-cap!)

I hope you enjoy following along during our five weeks in Maui!

xox Amanda

XO Amanda
January 16, 2018 Travel

Our 5 Week Maui Trip

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