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harry's mens hair products on themilleraffect.com
troy using harry's products on themilleraffect.com

So excited to introduce you to Harry’s hair care line today! Troy has always been extremely low maintenance, and that didn’t stop when he met me. He does, however, take pride in his looks. When I say that I am not trying to say he is conceited or full of himself. I am simply saying he takes care of himself. He works out daily, he eats well, he washes his face, has a skin care routine, and he always makes sure to do his hair. 

Troy always makes sure his hair looks good before leaving the house. Granted, 90% of the time he is wearing a hat. The other 10% is what i am referring to here.

Troy’s hair care routine is also very low maintenance. He just looks for convenience and for something that will smooth and tame his wavy hair. Without the right products his hair would be completely wild and unruly all of the time. 

This is why he started using Harry’s hair care line. You may associate Harry’s with only razors and shaving cream, but they have so many more amazing products than that. Their hair care line and style line is exceptional and they have something for everyone.

The best news: you can now buy Harry’s products at Walmart!

Harry’s Hair Care

troy using harry's styling products on themilleraffect.com
harry's products on themilleraffect.com
the miller affect husband troy using harry's hair care products

Harry’s 2 in 1 Shampoo & Conditioner

There are so many more adjectives to describe Troy other than low maintenance. He is also a minimalist. He wants as few products as possible to get the job done. This is why he loves Harry’s 2 in 1 Shampoo & Conditioner. It doesn’t clutter up the shower or bath and it is super easy to travel with. 

The 2 in 1 Shampoo & Conditioner works into a really nice lather and cleans hair without stripping it of it’s natural oils. Troy needs that to keep the frizz down. It also helps to keep it’s shine until the next wash.

The real reason why Troy is now obsessed: it includes notes of peppermint, eucalyptus, and lavender essential oils- meaning it tingles on his scalp, which he LOVES!

the miller affect husband troy trying out harry's mens hair products

Harry’s Hair Styling Products

Harry’s has three levels of styling products whether your man likes a firm styler in his hair or a barely-there feel. Troy loves the soft, bouncy feel. The Taming Cream, a soft hold, gives him just enough to tame is frizz, but still keep his locks airy and free. I LOVE his hair and love when he barely puts anything in it. He has the prettiest curls when he lets them air dry with very little product. 

The taming cream also works as a conditioning cream for curly, coarse, or thick hair. It is exactly what Troy needs. It is like they formulated the product just for him! I can still run my hands through his hair during the day (his favorite) and it doesn’t leave any sticky residue behind!

As the men in our lives get older, their hair won’t be as voluminous as it once was. This is another reason I love Harry’s Taming Cream. It keeps Troy’s volume while still smoothing it out. 

You can also try the Sculpting Gel or the Texturizing Putty if the man in your life prefers a different hold. Like I said above, Harry’s has something for everyone. 

Getting Ready Together

troy on the miller affect using new hair products

After you have a baby there is little time to be had together. Date nights are hard to come by and you both just want your own space once the baby is put to bed for the night. 

In order to have more time together, Troy and I realized that there are simple tasks each day that we both have to do. Why not do those together?

So now Troy and I get ready together every morning. We turn on some music and we will dance or sing along together and it just completely changes the entire day. We start our day feeling so much lighter and just so in love. He will sometimes grab my brush to brush my hair for me and I like styling his hair with his Harry’s hair care products! 

We use this time to talk about goals of the day, what we have going on, etc. If you can swing it with your schedules, we HIGHLY recommend it. Try it for a few days straight just to see how much it changes your day, and your relationship!

Other things we try to do together: Laundry (this chore is so much better when you do it together), cook dinner (we love cooking dinner together and we always try to involve Miller in some way too), crosswords (yes, probably sounds silly to you but we have been doing one crossword  a night together lately), and we try to watch one of our favorite shows together each night (this is prime cuddle time!)

Think about your daily schedule, what you both HAVE TO DO each day, and try to spend that time together! Start by getting this Harry’s set and you can try styling his hair with the products! I promise it is so much fun and he will love it!

Harry’s Now Available at Walmart

Harry’s hair care products  are now available at Walmart.com. Click below to grab some of my favorites or head to your local Walmart today. He will be so happy when you come home with new hair products (even if he is as low maintenance as Troy!) Men always take so much pride in their hair!

PS- as I sit here and type this on a work trip the women all started discussing Harry’s hair care line and how much their boyfriends/husbands love it! It really is an amazing brand and I cannot wait for you guys to tell me how much the men in your lives love it!

xox Amanda

Photos by Adria Lea

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