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  1. Aleek

    Hi! Would happen to have the most up to date links for this home?

  2. Lauren

    Thanks for the tip on this! I had only heard of Airbnb before this, but I’m always looking for new and great ways to save money on vacation! That house and the scenery looks absolutely gorgeous!


    1. Amanda Miller

      Yes it is always great to have more options when looking for a place to stay! Thanks so much for commenting love! xoxo A

  3. Janice Morgan

    Oh Amanda….everything sounds and looked perfect! I’m so happy for you that you had your perfect bachelorette party! You and your friends looked so happy. What great memories you all will have forever! Thanks for sharing


I really hope you guys saw all of my Instagram Stories from this past weekend!

I think we probably had a little too much fun, but it was hard not to in our beautiful Palm Springs house!

Have you heard of HomeAway? It is a rental service website where millions of viewers go each day to plan out their vacations. You can go to homeaway.com, filter for the date and location, and search through thousands of properties for rent. See more on their website here.

In this post, I want to tell you why renting a home via HomeAway was a game changer for my Palm Springs trip!

the miller affect house in palm springs
The miller affect house in palm springs with home away
the miller affect's bachelorette house in palm springs
The Miller Affect home away house

7 Reasons Why You Should Book with HomeAway:

1. When traveling with a group of people, I think it is so important to have a common area for everyone to mingle. When we weren’t in the pool, my friends and I spent most of our time together in the living room. We did my lingerie shower in there, played games, and mostly just sat around and talked. Being spread out in a hotel would have been horrible. I would have seen them half the amount of time! I never get to see some of the girls that came so this was the most important thing to me!

2. Can you believe how gorgeous this house is? When booking on Home Away you get to filter for exactly what you are looking for so that you can find the perfect spot too! We know we needed tons of bedrooms and a pool. When we entered the dates we had 7-10 amazing options. This house grabbed our attention because of the size and how well decorated it was.

3. Our  house in Palm Springs was stocked with everything we needed. We had everything a hotel would have given us if not more. We had pool towels, bath towels, soap, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, and a fully stocked kitchen. It was loaded with pots and pans and serving utensils. The house had tons of coffee mugs, wine glasses, and plastic cups for the pool!

4. The house manager met us as soon as we got there to give us the keys and to let us know where everything was. He left his number and was in the area if we ever needed something. You will always get this kind of quality service when booking through HomeAway!

5. When staying at a house, you don’t have to worry about noise. I have had some horrible experience with hotel noise. You always have to worry about the people staying above or next to you as well as outside noise from the street or pool area. My pet peeve is when people yell as they are walking through the hallways!

6. HomeAway is also perfect for family trips or short weekend trips. Most nice hotels do not accept rentals for only one night, but you can find plenty of HomeAway houses that will. In fact, I will be using HomeAway while traveling through Europe next week! We are only staying a couple nights in each town, so we found some super cute houses to stay in along the way.

7. Hotels can get expensive. HomeAway gives you so many different options when it comes to pricing. You can find exactly what you want/need while still staying in your budget.

I hope all of seven these reasons convinced you to book your next vacation through HomeAway! If the reasons didn’t do it, I know the pictures alone of our beautiful Palm Springs home probably did!

Book your next family, quick, long, bachelorette, birthday, anniversary, etc trip through HomeAway!

HomeAway Website

the miller affect palm springs house with home away
the miller affect's bachelorette party in palm springs
the miller affect's home away pool in palm springs
the miller affect outdoor area in palm springs
the miller affect outdoor patio in palm springs
the miller affect bachelorette party in palm springs

More About Our HomeAway House in Palm Springs:

Are you planning a trip to Palm Springs in the near future? One of the girls with us wants to come back to this exact house for her 40th birthday (yes, it is far away but she is now already planning it!)

Our house is newly remodeled, has gorgeous mountain views, is dog friendly, and sleeps 16 people! It has 7 total bathrooms (crazy, I know), a parking garage, a private pool, hot tub, outdoor grill, outdoor fire pit, indoor fireplace, and SO MUCH MORE!

See more here: HomeAway House in Palm Springs

I will have an outfit re-cap from my trip on the blog on Friday!

Photos by Vanessa Christina

*This post is in partnership with HomeAway. Our stay in Palm Springs was picked out by us and gifted by HomeAway. Partnerships like these make The Miller Affect possible.


XO Amanda
May 24, 2017 Travel

Our HomeAway from Home in Palm Springs

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