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  1. Jonathan

    I love both outfits! Most of my styling work has been helping curate office looks for my clients. I’m definitely loving these bold colors to change things up.



  2. Janice Morgan

    Loved all these bright colors! You look so amazing in everything!

  3. Sami

    I loved this post because I really struggle with how to be fashionable and have fun with my outfits at the office! Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Lauren

    I love these combos! I work in an office where it’s mostly business casual, and I love that I can wear fun brights to the office. I also love how you used the same shoes and accessories for the outfits — that’s such a great way to make it versatile. Always looking forward to your posts!

  5. Kelly

    Those white earrings are so much fun and I love all of the bright hues!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes


The Miller Affect wearing a yellow shirt and a bright striped skirt from LOFT
The Miller Affect talking about how to be bright in the office for work wear wednesday
The Miller Affect wearing a yellow chiffon top and a multicolored skirt from LOFT
The Miller Affect wearing a bright work wear wednesday look from LOFT
The Miller Affect wearing ivory tassel earrings and a bright work wear post from LOFT
The Miller Affect wearing bright pink pants and navy sandals from LOFT

Happy Work Wear Wednesday friends. Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about Wedding Wednesday! I will have four amazing white dresses on the blog tomorrow!

Being Bright in the Office

Today is all about bright clothing, and brights are tricky for everyone.

I have some friends who love to wear super bright clothing all of the time. It matches their personality and I love seeing all of their super fun outfits.

Unfortunately, there is a fine line between bright clothing and professionalism when it comes to the work place.

The Miller Affect wearing a striped blazer from Talbots
The Miller Affect wearing a denim top and bright red pants from LOFT
The Miller Affect wearing a white blazer from Talbots with multi color stripes
The Miller Affect talking about how to be bright at the office

You can definitely be bright in the office, but I would make sure the clothes:

  1. Match. Bright clothing kind of just looks a little crazy when you are all over the place with it. Make sure the colors look great together!
  2. Are structured. Keep your bright clothes structured. You still need to look professional!

I would also make sure you aren’t matching the bright clothes with super bright lipstick. I would recommend a light pink or nude shade.

I love brights as much as anyone, but you have to be super careful when trying to go bright in the office. I hate saying this, but as women we are already working extra hard to gain respect and be treated as equals. Bright clothing can sometimes come off as erratic.

Be yourself, be bright, but still be professional!

I love these two looks together, but you can also pair the yellow top with the pink pants. It is also super cute together! You can also wear the denim top with the striped skirt, so you really have so many different options with these pieces.

Outfit 1:

Yellow Top

Striped Skirt

Navy Sandals

Pink Tote

Gold Watch

Outfit 2:

Striped Blazer

Denim Top

Pink Pants

Navy Sandals

Grey Tote

Gold Watch

XO Amanda
May 10, 2017 Work Wear Wednesday

How to Be Bright in the Office

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