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  1. Une application qui te permet de magasiner tes «screenshots» | MP Brien, consultante web & coach

    […] le décrit Amanda Miller, la blogueuse et influenceuse adepte de l’application, l’utilisateur doit d’abord télécharger l’application mobile LIKEtoKNOW.it. Il effectue […]

  2. kelsy

    Thank you for the help I was so confused on how this works! I am also a style blogger go check me out at http://www.kelsyhunter.com or follow me on instagram(kelsyhunter)!


  3. kristin

    Thanks for all of the tips! And I love your outfit xo

  4. Karli

    I loved you’re outfit and “Liked” (literally) your post! I think you did a wonderful job explaining how the app is used and how great it is tied into Instagram. Your blog posts are clean and polished, yet also full of information and fun to read. I also read above you responding very eloquently to a rude comment, I was very impressed. Thanks for such a helpful post!

  5. Nastassia

    thanks for explaining Like to Know it, been so confused!!

  6. Kristin D Mejia

    You look so pretty and polished!! Like you need to be in a board room bossing on people. LOL

    1. Amanda Miller

      Haha been there & done that for sure! XOX A

  7. Ashley

    This was very helpful, thank you!

    I’m an aspiring style blogger, please check my site out at http://www.ashleymorgan.la
    I would love to hear any feedback or advice you might have.

    Ashley Morgan

  8. Danielle

    Thank you for the tips, these are super helpful and giving me some blog inspo!
    Keep rocking girl!


  9. Brittany Webster

    Thanks this article helped me tons! Love your outfit as well!

  10. None ya

    You should disclose the only reason you care why people aren’t signed up is because your greedy spoiled self makes money off every linked item they purchase. Sorry no well off woman who can afford the lifestyle of a blogger and to actually be one is going to make a dime from me. You bloggers really need to get over yourselves.

    1. Amanda Miller

      I am soooo sorry you feel that way! I actually have a job in finance full time and do the blogging thing on the side. Of course no one wants to work for free, and if I make some money out of this then great, but LTK is a feature everyone should sign up for because it is both easy and helpful! If people like what I am wearing, it makes it super easy for them to get the links to the exact items, instead of having to spend hours on google looking for the items.

      I think all of ‘us bloggers’ work really really hard for what we do, and we love posting our outfits for people to see. If you don’t want to buy it or follow us then that is your own opinion, and you are most certainly welcome to it!

      I hope in the future you can get to know some of ‘us bloggers’ and see that we are actually really great people who work really hard and love what we do. Your comments are not going to get us down because if you are posting something like this, then you really have no idea what Like to Know it or ‘us bloggers’ really do.

      I hope you have a great week, and I hope you can change your mind :).

      xoxo Amanda

      1. Carolyna B

        Great response Amanda!

      2. lindseykateco

        oh my goodness, what a tragically sad comment from someone. icky! hope this didn’t hurt your vibe much that day, whenever you got this. Very helpful article amanda! love following along on insta.

      3. Anita

        Omgosh what a ugly comment that women made. Im 62 and I’m loving Liketoknowit app. Im wanting to start posting outfits myself. Im not your typical 62 year old nor do I dress old. I hope I can figure out how to do this and get accepted on LTKIt you don’t see anyone my age on here. I hope she didnt take your joy.


  11. Jaime

    My co-blogger and I would LOVE to be part of the LTK platform, but have gotten denied. So annoying. We instead use ShopStyle to get those features on our site.

    XO, Jaime | RegallySoled.com

  12. Paula

    This is a great explanation! I am currently signed up and I enjoy looking at the links at a later time! It is so nice to have them waiting in my inbox for me. However, its not very good for my bank account! Ha-ha
    Paula- http://www.livingpaula.com

  13. Chris – @nylonlover69 on IG/Twitter

    Nice post. My only wish for LTK, is that when they send the email that the IG user’s name I’m linking from would show up to. Sometimes I like a post just to indicate that I like what is being shown, and others I actually want to dive a little deeper into what she/he is wearing and having to wade through a bunch of emails to find the right one can be tedious.

    1. Amanda Miller

      I don’t have yahoo, so I didn’t know it didn’t show that, but it does if you have GMAIL!

      xoxo A

    2. Virna-Ogniricciouncapriccio

      I’m already subscribed to LTK but I’m thinking about unsubscribe. I have Chris’ same problem! And I have gmail…
      Plus, very often I’m just browsing and I place a lot of Instagram’s “hearts”. It is really annoying to receive thousands of email every time. And the one time I really need to read the details of an outfit, I have to dive in tons and tons of emails without the name of the blogger in the object section: I have to open each and every single one of them before I can find what I was looking for.
      The idea behind LTK is great, is development not so much, IMHO.


Amanda Miller wearing a pink off the shoulder bell sleeved top from Asos

I have definitely already covered how to use Like to Know It in this post, but I am going to go a little deeper today. It is crazy to think out of 45,000 Instagram followers, only 19,320 of you are signed up for Like to Know It.

The Miller Affect wearing a blush pink off the shoulder top Amanda Miller wearing a blush bell sleeved top Amanda Miller with a stone Henri Bendel No. 7 E/W Stingray Tote Amanda Miller in Hush Puppies - Mora Malia (Taupe Suede) Women's 1-2 inch heel Shoes The Miller Affect in white distressed denim and hush puppy mules The Miller Affect in an ASOS Off The Shoulder Top With Ruffle Sleeve The Miller Affect wearing a pink bell-sleeved blouse and white high waisted jeggings Amanda Miller wearing Kendra Scott blush dani stone drops Amanda Miller with a Henri Bendel No. 7 E/W Stingray Tote

Photos by DallaStyle

Like to Know It saves you tons of time. I asked some girls why they weren’t signed up, and they said they just go to google and do an image search for the item. Well, that seems like a lot of work. That is research time that you wouldn’t have to take with Like to Know It.

How To Use Like to Know It:

Sign up here: www.liketoknow.it

BOOM, YOU ARE DONE. From then on, every time you ‘like’ a photo on Instagram with the #liketkit hashtag, you will recieve an email within 5 min with ALL OF THE DETAILS! Simply a double tap on your phone and all your work is done. Now you get to sit back and enjoy. Shopping from your phone has seriously never been easier.

Wait, what? Yep, it is THAT EASY! You sign up with your Instagram log-in, so it isn’t like you fill out some long survey. Just rememeber that the emails will go to whichever email you used to set up your Instagram account, and if you have Gmail, it will probably go to the ‘Promotions’ inbox.

When you get the email, it will show the original picture you ‘liked’ and

How To Start Using LTK (LiketoKnowIt) on Your Own Photos:

You have to first be signed up with rewardStyle. You need to have a blog, post on it consistently, have great photos, and have a engaged audience. Didn’t get in this year? Work on those 4 things and apply again next year!

How To Get Featured on Like to Know It:

I really don’t have any great tips for this. It is very random and you never know which they will choose. You should ask your account rep what the best practices are for getting featured. They are there to help and look out for you, and will lend some pretty incredibly advice that can get you on your way! I know I get featured because my photographer is amazing, and I link to EXACT items. I also always make sure every size is in stock and that I use popular LTK hashtags. I think in the end, it just depends on if you are wearing what is currently trending, and if your image will give the LTK team a double-take! Be eye-catching and original!

Sign Up for Like to Know It ASAP by clicking on this link!

The Outfit:

Bell-Sleeved Top: ASOS

White Skinny Jeans: Nordstrom

Purse: Henri Bendel

Mules: Hush Puppies

Bracelet: Kendra Scott

Earrings: Kendra Scott

XO Amanda
February 9, 2016 Blogging Tips

How to Use Like to Know It

From the Gram


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