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  1. Emily

    Love the entire look! Also, totally agree on Ivanka Trump items – her shoes are not only beautiful but also super comfortable!

  2. Hailey

    I’ll be anxiously awaiting the announcement, yay! 😉 I love this outfit, Ivanka Trump pieces are so pretty!


    1. Amanda Miller

      I just love you friend!! Hope to see you soon! <3 A

    1. Amanda Miller

      Thanks Laura!! I want to try it out more and more now!! <3 xoxo A

  3. Lisa

    LOVE a dress that can do double duty!! I think you forgot to link your other WWW at the end of your post 😉

    Happy almost vacation!!!!!


    1. Amanda Miller

      Oh goodness thank you so much!! Will fix it now! Have a beautiful day love!!! xoxo A

  4. Conni Jespersen

    What a darling floral dress Amanda! You look great! xx, Conni

    1. Amanda Miller

      Awh thanks so much Conni!! You made my day!!!! xoxo A

  5. Jenn Lake

    Flawless! Loving this look on you, lady!

    1. Amanda Miller

      Always so sweet! I loved your post today! -love A


Amanda Miller posting about Work Wear Wednesday with Ivanka Trump The Miller Affect wearing an Ivanka Trump dress The Miller Affect wearing a navy Ivanka Trump floral dress and a white Ivanka Trump floral handbag The Miller Affect wearing a navy blue Ivanka Trump dress for Work Wear Wednesday Amanda Miller wearing an Ivanka Trump dress that can be worn to a wedding or to work The Miller Affect wearing a blue floral Ivanka Trump dress to a wedding or to work Amanda Miller wearing beige Ivanka Trump lace-up heels The Miller Affect wearing a dress for work or a dress for a wedding

Happy Work Wear Wednesday Guys!

For starters, I am NOT engaged…yet!

I was so worried when you guys saw the title of this post that you would get all excited and run here to congratulate me. I am not engaged, but it is definitely in the works and definitely something we are talking about.

We have scoped out rings and he has my ideal setting and ring size… so now I wait. Men are always on their own schedule!

From Wedding to Work with Ivanka Trump:

This post is all about finding dresses you can wear both to work andddd to weddings! I am all about that two for one- two birds with one stone- kind of deal! This Ivanka Trump dress is so classy! It can be worn to work and to your next wedding!

I love shopping at Ivanka Trump when looking for both wedding guest ideas and work dresses. I then realized I could wear most of her items to BOTH!

I am still at the age where tons of my friends are getting engaged/married, and I am definitely still working my usual 9-5. I want to be able to go to my closet and grab one dress for BOTH occasions!

The Ivanka Trump dress I am wearing here will definitely be great for both!

Ivanka Trump Work & Wedding Guest Dresses:

Here are some other dress from Ivanka’s collection that I absolutely love for both wedding guest attire and work attire!

My Outfit:

Ivanka Trump Dress c/o

Ivanka Trump Handbag c/o (n/a, but similar HEREHERE, and I LOVE this one)

Ivanka Trump Heels c/o

Post your Ivanka Trump work looks with the hashtag #womenwhowork

*Love these work looks? Make sure to check out all of my Work Wear Wednesday looks HERE* xoxo A


XO Amanda
July 12, 2016 Work Wear Wednesday

From Work to a Wedding with Ivanka Trump

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