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  1. Katherine J

    I am borderline 6ft and have the hardest time finding clothes and shoes . My parents were the same way at Buckle. Two pairs to last till Christmas. Thank you for sharing this post. It’s nice to know I am not the only talk woman out there.

    1. Katherine J


  2. Lisa

    The anecdote about your dad pulling your jeans to make them longer is super adorable! What a great dad!! My best friend is 5’10” – I’m going to share this post with her! I’m LOVING the neutral outfit with pops of color – one of my favorite looks!
    PS – When’s your next What’s new with Amanda Miller update!? 😀 😀


    1. Amanda Miller

      Awh thanks so much Lisa! I have been thinking of doing another one because I have so much to share!! I usually use it as a filler when I kind of blank on what to write about (shhh don’t tell anyone) ;)! I am sure you will see one next week!!

      xoxo A

  3. Hannah

    Wow I absolutely adore this outfit on you! I am really digging that top too:) I can’t really relate to issues finding tall jeans because I am 5’3 but I did laugh so hard at that video!


    1. Amanda Miller

      Haha well I am sure you have your own set of things for being 5’3 and I am sure there is another funny video out there just for you!! xoxo A

    1. Amanda Miller

      Thanks so much Bryn!! I hope you have a great week <3 xoxo A


The Miller Affect wearing white jeans for tall women from Alloy Amanda Miller wearing a white and blue off the shoulder top and white flare jeans and holding a straw pom clutch Amanda Miller wearing tall jeans for women and a The Miller Affect wearing long white jeans and a Straw Pom Pom Trim Clutch The Miller Affect wearing long white jeans and a Straw Pom Pom Trim Clutch The Miller Affect wearing gold tassel earrings and a blue and white striped off the shoulder top The Miller Affect posting about jeans for tall women. She is wearing long white jeans, red flats, and a straw pom tote The Miller Affect wearing large gold tassel earrings and a holding a straw pom clutch The Miller Affect wearing red chanel lipstick and an off the shoulder top from Nordstrom The Miller Affect wearing white jeans for tall women and a striped off the shoulder top

Photos by Angie Garcia

Scroll down below to see the ‘Tall People Problems’ video. It seriously cracks me up, because those are definitely tall people struggles!If you have read my ‘About Me’ section, you know I am almost 5’11. I may actually be 5’11 not really sure. I just know if I am wearing flats or basically any kind of shoes at all, I am at least 5’11!

Finding jeans for tall women is actually pretty easy, you just need to know where to look!

I didn’t know it was easy until around college. Before then, finding jeans long enough was a constant battle. When I was younger, I would wash my jeans and then my dad would have to pull them out of the wash and physically step on them and pull trying to stretch them out to make them longer. This had to happen EVERY TIME I washed my jeans or else I went to school looking like I was preparing for a flood.

In high school we found out that Buckle actually had extra longs. We also found out that those extra longs would cost my parents $200 a pop. I definitely had to get a job as a hostess at Applebees in order to pay for more jeans!! Not because my parents didn’t have the money, but because my mom believed two pairs of jeans were plenty. I should have know then I would be become a shopaholic!

Scroll down lower to get the details on the outfit above!

Where to find jeans for tall women:

  1. Alloy. The white flare jeans I am wearing here are from Alloy. I have been buying jeans from this store since I was 18.  You can buy pretty much any length you want from 32″ all the way to 37″ inseam (which is what I have to buy).
  2. American Eagle. This where I buy most of my distressed jeans from. They have extra longs, which work perfectly for me!
  3. ASOS. Finding jeans for tall women is hard, but think of how hard it must be for men! Look at these hilarious photos of people receiving super long jeans from ASOS. They really do have a GREAT tall shop! You can find super long jeans AND dresses!
  4. Ann Taylor and LOFT. Both of these stores have longs, which so far have worked for me! I especially love all of their wide leg pants.
  5. Banana Republic. Be on the lookout tomorrow for some wide-leg pants that I have in size LONG! They are the perfect length!
  6. Old Navy. Did you know Old Navy had jeans for tall women? I bought a pair of black long skinny jeans, cut them up a little with some scissors, and now they are one of my favorite pairs of pants. Just make sure to size down. They are one of those stores that thing if you are tall you must be bigger.

My Outfit:

White Flare Jeans

Off the Shoulder Striped Top

Red Flats

Gold Earrings

Straw Pom Clutch

Red Chanel Lipstick, Gabrielle

XO Amanda
June 13, 2016 Outfits

Tall People Problems

From the Gram


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