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  1. Michelle

    So exciting! Did you try ties.com for his tie? That’s where I go when buying ties for wedding parties. Lots of pink choices! If you order enough I’m sure one will work. And your shoes are gorg! My friend just picked up a pair of Choos for her wedding at their NYC sample sale and they were spectacular (think feathers and bling LOL). Jimmy Choos are really comfortable – they are my go-tos for evening heels. Can’t wait to see your dress!


    1. Amanda Miller

      no I haven’t thank you! At this point I need like overnight shipping so I will just have to go with whoever has that! Oh wow those shoes sound so fun! Thanks for commenting babe! xoxo A

  2. EKP

    Canon in D or D major is always classic and absolutely gorgeous for the wedding party during the ceremony.

    1. Amanda Miller

      Thanks SO MUCH! I will definitely look into those!!!! xoxo A

    2. Amanda Miller

      Yes I love both of those! Good idea for wedding party thank you!

      xoxo A

  3. Kpuerta

    Congrats! The final two weeks is so exciting and stressful! Where in the Rocky Mountains are you getting married?

    1. Amanda Miller

      Thanks so much! We will announce when we arrive!

      xoxo Amanda

  4. Madison Magill

    Love your shoes they are so timeless! They are so beautiful. I got the Stuart Weitzmen “Nudist” Heel that you have under “Classic!” They were so beautiful, and the main reason I got them is because I thought I would wear them again. However, I am too scared to mess them up! So don’t worry about buying a shoe that you will wear again, because I just think thats how wedding shoes are haha!! Have a wonderful wedding day!

    1. Amanda Miller

      Yes I love the nudist. I couldn’t find a good heel height for me. I think the 4″ is too tall and 3″ is too short haha! They are sooo pretty though! Thanks for making me feel better about my big purchase <3 xoxo Amanda


Happy Wedding Wednesday!

Today I am soooo excited to reveal my wedding shoes! I wanted to make sure you guys got a chance to see them up close and personal, since they will not really show under my wedding dress.

Plus, I found this gorgeous white dress at the mall yesterday so I get to show you two beautiful things in one post!

the miller affect talking about her jimmy choo wedding shoes
the miller affect wearing a chelsea28 cold shoulder dress
The miller affect wearing ivory satin jimmy choo sandals
the miller affect talking about her wedding shoes

Jimmy Choo Wedding Shoes

I definitely didn’t own a pair of Jimmy Choos before my Europe trip and I definitely never thought I would be buying a pair for my wedding. I actually had no idea what kind of wedding shoes I would get. I thought it would be the last thing I purchased before I left. I remember a couple of my friends purchased Valentino’s or wore Stuart Weitzman sandals. I figured I would probably find a comfortable pair at Nordstrom and be ok with it.

When we were in Milan we did a lot of shopping and walked in to every designer store just to see all of the collections. I found my way into the Jimmy Choo Bridal Boutique and the rest is history. They told me about 80% of Jimmy Choo shoes sold each year are for weddings!

I immediately fell in love with these winged satin beauties. I was still iffy on the price but then they had me try them on. They are SO INSANELY COMFORTABLY!! Plus the heel height is perfect for me at only 3.3″! Then the salesman told me they weren’t even available for purchase in the U.S. and I was immediately sold.

I am also in love with these beauties… but pink just wouldn’t have gone with my dress and I couldn’t spend that much on shoes for the rehearsal dinner :/.

These Jimmy Choo wedding shoes are definitely a huge purchase for something I may only wear one time (they are satin after all.) My wedding is in the Rocky Mountains, so I will just have to be super careful with them!

Did you guys spend a lot on your wedding shoes? Was it worth it? Would love to hear what shoes you wore in a comment below.

I have had people ask me what kind of wedding shoes they should wear with their dress. It is pretty simple. If you have a dress with a lot of detailing or more glam, go with a classic shoe. If you have a more classic dress that doesn’t have a lot of detailing or embellishments, go with a more glam shoe!

Other Wedding Shoes I am loving:



The Miller Affect wearing a white lace dress with ivory jimmy choo heels
The Miller Affect holding her ivory Jimmy Choo wedding shoes
The Miller Affect posting about her jimmy choo sandals and her gucci marmont handbag
The Miller Affect wearing shoes from the jimmy choo bridal boutique in milan

Wedding Updates:

Do you remember my last wedding update? Read here to see that list. I cannot believe so much got done in such a short amount of time! Now I feel like there are only a few loose strings left.

  1. The wedding is in two weeks. TWO WEEKS! EEEEEEEK
  2. Definitely struggling with music and don’t have all of that settled yet. I need to pick a song for bridal party to walk out to and then a song for the grand entrance. I am thinking ‘Never Getting Older’ for that one ;). Do you guys have advice on a good song for the bridal party to walk to during the ceremony? It will be played on the piano! HELP!
  3. I JUST ordered a few options for rehearsal dinner today. It is at a ranch so kind of casual but I still wanted something I would love. I am hoping my favorite option will work, but you never know with a white dress! I will keep you guys updated. I get them all in by Friday!
  4. I haven’t found Troy a tie to wear yet for the ceremony. The girl’s dresses are chateau rose, which is almost a mauve pink. My friend took her dress out and looked in tons of stores and couldn’t find a tie that matched. I think I will have to just order 10 different shades online and just send back the ones that don’t work. I really need to get on that…
  5. My dress will be ready on Thursday! It was a little snug in the hips and we were already contemplating letting it out. We will have to see what 12 days in Europe did..
  6. I need to order some sheer curtain panels. The drapes in our reception space are this ugly maroon color, so we are pinning white sheers over them to mask them a bit. It has been really hard to find some that aren’t too sheer and that will be long enough. I found the perfect one and realized they wouldn’t arrive in time (that’s what I get for waiting a week and a half before I leave for the wedding!

I am sure I will think of more as we get closer, but those are the things on my mind right now. I have never been the type to stress out and I am the biggest procrastinator so none of this is new to me. That is why you see me calm and chill on my Instagram Stories. It is just how I am!

Just soooo excited to get to be Troy’s wife!! I hope one day he will let me show more of him online, so you can see just how amazing he is (totally camera shy right now!)

The Outfit:

White Lace Cold Shoulder Dress

Jimmy Choo Wedding Shoes

Gucci Marmont Handbag

PS: I grabbed this stunning image off of Jimmy Choo’s website. Stunning shot of my Jimmy Choo wedding shoes:


XO Amanda
June 14, 2017 Wedding

Jimmy Choos & Wedding Shoes

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