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  1. Jessica Doll

    This looks like so much fun, I’ve hosted a brunch or two here for bloggers too. And I LOVE that bag. Love, love, love!

  2. Chandler MacWilliam

    I love your blue dress….I wish that there were more societies in Florida! When I lived in Alabama the options were unlimited!

  3. Rachel Broas

    You are the CUTEST! That dress is the perfect silhouette for you!

  4. Valery Brennan

    I love that you included multiple groups in this post to target people’s interests! Also you look gorgeous and I LOVE that bag! So classy and seems like it would go with everything!

    Valery Brennan

  5. Christina Beauchamp

    So thankful for your friendship, A! Thanks for the shoutout, you are so sweet! The blogging brunch was such a blast and omg I can’t believe that our trip to NYFW is right around the corner! This blue dress is absolutely beautiful on you and I adore that floppy hat!

    xoxo, Christina

    Fitness & Frills

  6. Samantha

    How fun! I only know a few bloggers close to me but I am SO excited to have been invited to an event in Atlanta this weekend and can’t wait to meet some InstasStyle girls!!

  7. ellesees.blogspot.com

    you look adorable!! i love this dress. i really love the idea of #1! wish we had that in atl!

  8. Rhonda Jenkins

    Thanks for the shootout, Amanda 🙂 And I love “our” dress on you- looks great! Have a good week, girl!


  9. Darcy

    Your blogging brunch sounds so fun! Totally agree it is important to have some friends who hav ethe same interests..! : )

  10. Karen

    LOVE that there are so many great groups in Dallas – I will need to find some in Ohio! And that dress is stunning! LOVE Nordstrom!
    xx, Karen
    Glam Karen

  11. Elle Spann

    LOVE this!! Totally agree with all three groups. So sad I wasn’t there on Saturday, perhaps the next one?! Hopefully see you soon!
    Southern Elle Style

  12. Stephanie

    Thank you for the shout out and DBC plug! We’re so excited when our members flourish– and you’re definitely knocking it out of the park with your blog! Keep up the amazing work!

  13. Mary

    Couldn’t agree with you you more – its really important to have a solid support system in the blogging community. Love the post and look took – photos are gorg! That light reflecting off of you is fab!


  14. Kaylah Burton

    I love all of these groups! DBC and Instastyle have been such amazing resources! Stephanie Drenka is awesome too! Now that I’ve made the move to NYC, I’m eager to find something like DBC to give me that sense of community again 🙂

  15. Adaleta

    I am in love with this post because for the most part, I feel pretty alone when it comes to real life and blogging. I have one really good YouTuber friend (we text and talk all the time) but in REAL LIFE no one is interested in blogging or youtubing so when my friends ask me how I am…I usually start talking about those two and I have to stop midway through the convo because I can tell they really don’t want to hear about it. When I went to Vidcon, it was tough going “alone” and although I met people I didn’t have a buddy to go with me so it’s been pretty hard on me and I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only one struggling with it. The InstaStyle group has been amazing and it’s definitely helped me succeed more than I thought and upped my traffic which I’m VERY thankful for. I need to either CREATE a group here in Tucson OR find one so wish me luck! xx

  16. Ivette

    LOVE this dress! The collar is so cute and that color is gorgeous on you. I think it’s so great that you are a part of a number of groups in Dallas. I’m definitely going to check out some in Orlando, FL!

    xo Ivette

  17. Jillleffler

    Looks like you get to do a lot of fun things with a great variety. Maybe when my daughter starts going to school I will have more time to join groups. Sounds like so much fun!


Kaya and Sloane floral shirtdress

It is so important to be surrounded by a group of people with similar interests. They know what you are going through and can really build you up when you are feeling down. Here in Dallas, we try to get together for blogging brunches whenever we can. This past weekend, Nordstrom hosted us at their brand new full-service restaurant, Bazille, and I got to wear this amazing Kaya and Sloane dress.

beige street level totekaya & sloane dress, nordstromstraw panama hatbeige ballerina flatstips on finding a group with similar interestsKaya & Sloane floral dressstraw fedora

I am a member of a few social groups in Dallas. This post is all about those groups, and how you should definitely try to find a group in your city (or create one!)

Circle Seven Five: This group isn’t only for bloggers. Is is women only, and we all have different interests/skills/jobs. You pay $15 a month, and you get to go to tons of really fun and unique events. A couple of weeks ago we had a macaroon workshop, last week we went to Shakespeare in the Park, this week there is a Surf fitness class, and next week we have a great fashion event that I will be modeling in! I have met so many amazing women in this group (one of whom is now one of my really good friends, her blog is Fitness and Frills). If you are in Dallas you should definitely sign up! Anyone can join and it really has been such a great experience!

Dallas Bloggers Collective: This group IS for bloggers only. We meet monthly or every other week and have fun happy hours or different events that pertain to blogs. They also have great classes to help you and teach you how to reach out to brands. One of the owners is actually a photography and she shoots bloggers weekly (Stephanie Drenka Photography). This has been a great way to meet other people with similar interests who WANT to help you succeed.

InstaStyle Society: This is a Facebook group that I am an admin in. This has been one of the leading factors of my success. This group has really helped me grow and learn. We post daily favor threads and we ask any blog related questions we want on the group board. Everyone is so sweet and helpful!

Other: Sometimes bloggers here in Dallas just put events together randomly. This weekend, a blogger that works for Nordstrom (Rhona Jenkins, The Skinny Arm) put together this amazing brunch at Bazille. She was also wearing this Kaya and Sloane dress and I immediately ran downstairs to grab it for myself! Bazille is the first full-service restaurant at Nordstrom and it opened two months ago. They treated us to some amazing peach infused bellinis, crab stacks, breakfast sandwiches, and plenty of desserts (the white chocolate bread pudding was to die for). It was so delicious and I will DEFINITELY be back! You can see the set up on my Instagram page or look below for some great shots from the event!

Bazille Blogger Brunch, Nordstrom2

Photos by Megan Weaver

Make sure you find a group like this. These groups are what I attribute most of my success to. Blogging is tough, and it is important to have people you can talk to that have experienced the same things. Whatever your job or hobby is, there is probably a group out there that can support you. Just reach out to some other girls who share your interest and try meet weekly or monthly. It will really make a difference in your life.

The Outfit:

Kaya and Sloane Dress: Nordstrom

Shoes: ASOS

Purse: Forever21 (sold out, but obsessed with this one)

Hat: Urban Outfitters

Earrings: Baublebar

Bracelet: Nordstrom

Lipstick: NARS, Priscilla

Ring: Baublebar

XO Amanda
August 3, 2015 Outfits

Blogging Brunch at Bazille

From the Gram


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