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  1. Marla Bookout

    My daughter went to TCU! 💜 the Horned 🐸!!💜

  2. Sarah

    Where is this dress from?? LOVE!

  3. Kimbo

    You know we are going to whistler in July….. come with us!!!!

  4. Rossy

    Loved! Thanks for sharing

  5. Janice

    Loved ready about you and Troy! I always love when he photo bombs your photos….makes me laugh ???? out loud! Love ???? you guys as a couple ????

  6. Emily

    This was such a fun post to read! The new Kendra Scott collection is so pretty!


So excited for today’s post! I think the posts where I am talking to you guys like I would a diary are the easiest and most fun to write.

Troy always says I ‘overshare’, but these posts are hopefully as enjoyable to write as they are for you guys to read!

I’ll be sharing some of my favorites from the Kendra Scott Spring 2018 Collection andddd I will be sharing 10 fun facts about Troy and 10 fun facts about our relationship!

the miller affect posting 10 fun facts about valentine's day

the miller affect carrying a large cult gaia ark handbag
the miller affect wearing a pink lovers and friends bodycon dress
the miller affect wearing a gold hoop earring from Kendra Scott

Kendra Scott Spring 2018 Collection

Today’s post is all about my FAVORITEEEE new pieces from the Kendra Scott Spring 2018 Collection. I mean… have you seen them?! If you are a long time KS lover like me, you may agree that this is the best launch YET!

I am seriously obsessed with everything- the stones, the hammered metal, the ombre technique- just everything! The only decision you will have to make after looking at the new arrivals will be which one to get. Knowing you want to buy something is the easy part. Trying to choose between all of the beautiful pieces is nearly impossible!

I went ahead and helped you guys out but showing you my two VERY favorite pieces from the Kendra Scott Spring 2018 Collection (shown in the photos above and below) and I gave you more options to choose from that I am also loving below! Leave me a comment below letting me know which one you are getting!

PS- The new collection has been SO POPULAR that a lot of my favorite pieces are currently sold out! No worries, just put in your email address and you will get notified as soon as they are restocked!

Favorite Earrings:

Favorite Bracelets:

Favorite Necklaces:

Favorite Rings:

and make sure to grab a couple of these gorgeous Kendra Scott nail colors to match your new jewels:

the miller affect wearing hammered gold bracelets from Kendra Scott

the miller affect wearing new Spring arrivals from Kendra Scott
the miller affect wearing a hot pink body con dress from revolve
the miller affect wearing kendra scott 2018 Spring collection new arrivals

10 Fun Facts About Troy

In honor of Valentine’s Day, and the fact that my very first gift from Troy was a Kendra Scott necklace, I wanted to share a little about him and our relationship so you guys can get to know us better:

1.He was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska, where his closest friends and family still live.

2.He went to TCU for undergrad and SMU for graduate school.

3.He has been in corporate banking since graduating college but recently quit to join up with his friend who owns an asset management company.

4.He is an AMAZING golfer. If he doesn’t at least shoot par he has had an off day. When he is not playing it he is watching it :/ haha. He also loves watching the Huskers, Frogs, and the Oakland Raiders (grew up a Bo Jackson fan).

5.He is 8 years older than me!

6.His eyes are blue when he is wearing a blue shirt and green when he is wearing a green shirt.

7.He is super clean. He does all the cleaning in our house because I am a tornado haha!

8.He is 6’4, but my legs are actually longer than his! His height comes a lot from his long torso.

9.He is a super private person, which is why you hardly ever see him on here!

10.He will always/only order a margarita no matter where we are eating. He loves his margaritas!

10 Fun Facts About Our Relationship

1.We love to Netflix/Amazon Prime/Hulu binge.We have watched just about everything.

2.If we are walking anywhere together we are always holding hands.

3.If I go to bed before him he will tuck me in. I love it so much!

4.In case you didn’t know this, we JUST GOT MARRIED last summer in Canmore, Canada.

5.I should probably mention that we LOVE Canada and are planning on heading to Vancouver/Whistler for our one year anniversary this summer.

6.We definitely plan on having kids (aiming for 2.)

7.We still play thumb war and throw our hands up and running around the house when we catch each other off guard and win.

8.Can you tell we are super competitive? We also bet on pretty much everything. Just yesterday I lost a bet about where a restaurant was and I had to grovel and beg for forgiveness in front of his parents for losing.

9.We make each other laugh. All day long. 🙂

10.If soulmates really are a thing, we have found ours.

So many more fun facts about us but I will save that for another time! I hope this gave you guys a little piece of us!

Happy Valentine’s Day loves!

xox Amanda

Photos by Adria Lea

This post is sponsored by Kendra Scott. All products were picked out by me and all opinions and reviews are 100% my own.

XO Amanda
February 14, 2018 Outfits

Valentine’s Day Jewels

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