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  1. Olivia

    I didn’t know about the glare reduction! I’m always wanting to work on posts outside in the sun, but the glare makes it pretty difficult. I’ll have to check these out!

    Olivia | Prep Essentials

  2. Vanessa

    I really enjoyed this post. It was nice to get some insides of your day as a blogger. I will have to check out Maui Jim. The sunglasses look really good and you!

  3. Janice Morgan

    You’ve convinced me to check out Maui Jim sunglasses. Every pair of designer sunglasses I own are gorgeous and fashionable but I still squint while wearing them because their lenses have no protection.
    Great post Amanda!


I am teaming up with Maui Jim today to not only talk about the superior quality of their sunglasses, but to also take you through my day as a full-time blogger in Dallas, TX.

Many people have different views of what bloggers/influencers do all day. They wonder how we can possibly fill our day with ‘merely blogging.’ This makes me laugh!

Let me take you through a typical day of blogging, starting with grabbing my Maui Jim sunglasses and heading out the door around 9 a.m.


Life in Dallas Through Maui Jim Lenses

9 a.m: I grab my Maui Jim sunglasses and head out the door. I usually head to a coffee shop to get my day started. It is so hard for me start on time if I let myself sit at home in the morning.

On a nice day, I will sit outside and work. My sunglasses are so important at this time because they help not only protect my eyes from the sun, but they also protect them from the computer screen glare. Maui Jim’s polarized lenses reduce 99.9% of glare! Head to MauiJim.com now to read more about their glare protection.

I love having coffee wherever I can get an amazing view of downtown Dallas. The buildings look so much more metallic and the blues of the sky are so much more blue through the lenses. The lenses have the highest available light reduction for rich color and contrast, which allows me to see everything in Dallas so much more differently than everyone else.

In the morning I always try to write my blog post. It is so much easier to get it done in the morning because if I put it off it will end up being midnight before it gets done. That wouldn’t leave me much time with Troy… or life for that matter!

Coffee shops I love to work at:

Mercat Bistro, Ascension at the Crescent Hotel, Magnolias, Houndstooth Coffee, Method Coffee, Oak Lawn Coffee

The Miller Affect talking about how Maui Jim sunglasses are fashionable
The Miller Affect wearing a white lioness jumpsuit from revolve
The Miller Affect wearing maui jim tortoise sunglasses
The Miller Affect talking about new maui jim sunglasses

12 p.m.: Around noon I usually meet a girlfriend for a run on Katy Trail or for yoga in the park. I always wear my Maui Jim sunglasses because the greens at the park are so vivid through my lenses! Read more on their color enhancement technology here.

After a quick (and I mean QUICK) workout I grab something for lunch and head home!

I always have my sunglasses on in the car now, because these sunglasses protect your eyes and your skin. I never realized that squinting while you drive (due to not wearing sunglasses) can actually cause more wrinkles! Whaaaat!?

When I get home I spend the next few hours answering emails, online shopping for my upcoming posts, and planning out my content calendar. You wouldn’t believe this, but about five hours go by before I even realize what time it is.

During this time I am also either shooting with a photographer or prepping for a shoot the next day.

6pm: Around 6pm Troy and I like to go grab a drink or dinner on a patio somewhere. Dallas restaurants/bars have the most amazing patios! I wear my sunglasses to the restaurant and definitely keep them on while I am there. They are so stylish and make my outfit even better.

On the nights I do a try-on session on Instagram, I typically have to stay in and I usually end up working until 8 or 9 p.m. This makes for a full, 12 hour work day.

There are still so many things I wish I could fit in, but I hate when Troy goes to bed without me. He goes to sleep around 11pm, so I always make sure I am done working by then. I would say I typically work around 60-70 hours a week, and still always have so much to do when I fall asleep each night. I am definitely going to hire a couple of employees here soon to help out!

I am so thankful that I live in a city that gives me so many reasons to be outside. There is no way I could work if I was cooped up inside all day. Dallas appears even more beautiful through my Maui Jim lenses! Lucky to have them, as they are keeping my eyes and skin safe from the harsh sunlight.

Maui Jim sunglasses for father's day gift
The Miller Affect talking about giving maui jim sunglasses as gifts
The Miller Affect wearing Maui Jim Sunglasses
The Miller Affect wearing gorgeous maui jim sunglasses
The Miller Affect talking about seeing dallas through maui jim lenses

Maui Jim Sunglasses for Gifts

Since Mother’s Day is around the corner, I grabbed my mom and dad a pair of Maui Jim sunglasses. My mom has a long commute to work, so she will get so much great use out of these sunglasses and I love knowing her eyes are protected. My dad will wear his to play tennis (he adds a strap that will hold them to his head!) He is so excited about them!

Troy plays golf two-three times a week, so he will get the fourth pair (the Hawaii Blue Collection!) He loves the way the greens at the golf course look through his sunglasses! Maui Jim sunglasses are definitely his favorite.

Head HERE to search through all the options for sunglasses and hurry and grab a pair for Father’s Day!


*Troy loves his new sunglasses so much that he actually took a selfie with them on the golf course to send to me!

More about Maui Jim Sunglasses:

Maui Jim now has super fashionable sunglasses! I am wearing two pairs that I love in the photos above.

They are lightweight and super comfortable. I always receive tons of compliments on them when I wear them around Dallas.

Their lenses have the highest available light reduction for rich color and contrast. You literally see the world differently when you wear them. Dallas skyscrapers are more metallic, the sky is more blue, the green lawn of Klyde Warren Park is so beautiful through the lens.

All of their lenses are also polarized, giving you the highest protection for your eyes.

In summary, Maui Jim sunglasses are worth every penny because their technology has complete glare elimination, color enhancement, are scratch resistant, are water & oil proof, and it eliminates 100% UV radiation to keep your eyes healthy.

Who wouldn’t want to invest in that?

Head to MauiJim.com now to see all of the options they have available!

My Outfit:

Maui Jim Pair #1

Maui Jim Pair #2

White Jumpsuit-Lioness at Revolve.com

Photos by Vanessa Christina

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Maui Jim. The opinions and text are all mine.

XO Amanda
May 18, 2017 Outfits

Life in Dallas Through Maui Jim Lenses

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