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  1. Victoria Norris

    Loving this company’s vision! I completely agree, it can be tough to find pieces that are appropriate yet still stylish, and this brand sounds wonderful! Definitely checking them out!
    xx, Victoria

  2. ellesees.blogspot.com

    you look stunning in this dress!

  3. Tanika

    Definitely perfect lighting! I love a good knee length dress too!!

  4. Brenda

    I LOVE this dress. You look absolutely stunning in it (of course 😉 ). This is the perfect length for work in a conservative office. I have found that even the more conservative dresses lately are getting a bit on the shorter side. Thanks for sharing!!

    À LA PLAGE style

  5. Jessica Doll

    This dress definitely looks AH-mazing on you. I too lean towards the modest side for most of my wardrobe. I just feel more comfortable when I know I’m not spilling out in public, haha.

  6. Christina Beauchamp

    This dress is so lovely on you! I love the print and I agree that there are definitely times when modesty is the best policy 🙂

    xo, Christina

  7. Jillleffler

    I really love this dress! It really stands out as different and beautiful.


mikarose clothing

Sure, you will see me in a short dress or skirt once in awhile, but there is a time in place for that. When it comes to work and church, I definitely dress on the modest side. Mikarose Boutique is dedicated to finding modest outfits for the everyday woman. They know how hard it is to find dresses that go to our knees these days! I loved the idea of the store’s concept and immediately wanted to work with them.

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Photos by Adria Lea Photography

This dress fits like a glove, but in a way that makes me feel comfortable, not exposed. I have already worn it to church once and am definitely planning on wearing to work. I love the length and the fact that it isn’t sleeveless. There is also an inseam above the waist that makes it very flattering.

When I got my new job I immediately worried about what I would wear. I went to a few stores and bought a couple of dresses, but those felt so out done to me. This dress is nice and comfortable and I don’t have to be worried about being too dressed up or too casual when I wear it. Mikarose has tons of pieces like this! Next time you are worried about what to wear to meet the parents, to a brunch, on Easter Sunday, to a baby shower, to work, to church, etc., make sure to check out Mikarose first! Also, they are giving away a $50 gift card so that you can win get this dress or something else on their site! So easy to enter! Just head to my Instagram page for details!

On another note, how beautiful is the lighting in the photos? I told my sister it was too dark, we argued a little, and as usual, she was right. These are perfect. I loved all the pictures she took this week! That is why she is a professional and I am a rookie when it comes to being behind a camera.

The Outfit

Dress: Mikarose

Shoes: Sole Society (sold out, shop this season’s pair HERE)

Purse: Henri Bendel (sold out, love this ONE)

Lipstick: NARS, Greta

XO Amanda
July 29, 2015 Outfits

Mikarose Modesty

From the Gram


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