Miller’s 9 Month Update- FAQ Version

Sorry this has taken me a couple of weeks! Here is Miller’s 9 month update even though she is almost 9 1/2 months now. I am going to answer everything to how it applies as of today! I hope this answers all of your questions! If not, please leave one in a comment below!

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Miller’s 9 Month Update

miller's 9 month update

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Rotate her toys. Do a week or two weeks on and off with different toys so that in two weeks when you bring out the other batch she will have completely forgotten about them and will be so excited to play with them again!

1. Nap/Feeding Schedule:

Miller still sleeps from 7pm to 7am every night. If you want to see how we sleep trained her, head HERE.

She naps from 9-11am, 1-3pm, and from 5-6pm. We feed her 8 ounces of formula every time she wakes up (7am, 11am, 3pm,  and then around 6:45pm before she goes back down.) She also gets some solids in between naps. If you want more info on how we introduced her to solids head HERE.

2. How many ounces is she drinking a day?:

Please see #1 above! Miller eats a lot. If you have worries about how much your baby is eating ask your doctor. They should have a chart that tells them the avg amount of oz.

3. When did she first start sleeping through the night/what you used for sleep training? Any advice for a first time mama:

Miller is a great sleeper and I would like to think we had a lot to do with that. Please read THIS POST on sleep training.

4. Solid food transition, how often, what she likes/dislikes, how you introduced solids, easy food ideas, purees or BLW:

I answered all of these in THIS BLOG POST! <3

5. How is sleep going now? Has teething or leaps 6/7 affected her sleep schedule?:

She has slept through the night since 7 weeks old. The only time she didn’t was when we transitioned her out of her swaddle. She never had a regression. She only has two teeth so I am sure the top teeth coming in will affect it a little. We will see!

6. Her favorite (developmental) toys:

We don’t really have developmental toys for her. We have the app Baby Sparks and we do those activities with her daily and we read to her a lot. I have heard so many great things about the company LOVEVERY. They send you specific toys according to your baby’s age that helps with development for that specific month!

I JUST subscribed so I am really excited to see what comes in for her in the next couple of weeks! I will let you guys know what I think!

7. How much is she talking/babbling?

Weirdly she stopped for about a month at 8 months old, but according to Wonder Weeks, a milestone book, that is totally normal. She is babbling away again and just started using her b’s a lot this week! Her favorite word is dada and she loves to scream as loud as she can. She thinks it is hilarious.

8. What your husband does as a stay at home parent to keep her busy?:

That that she is crawling he doesn’t have to keep her busy! Now he is constantly busy trying to baby proof everything as she gets into it. He plays with her and they walk outside and swim. We can’t wait for cooler weather so we can do more outside!

9. What is your go-to when she gets fussy/bored?:

We sing Old McDonald (baby shark isn’t cutting it anymore), we pick her up and carry her around, we put her in her stroller and walk with her, or we feed her. All of those things usually get rid of the fussiness. If they don’t she probably just needs a nap!

10. Types of diapers you use?:

We have tried EVERYTHING and Honest are the only ones we love. We even started using their night time diapers since she is eating/drinking so much and sleeps 12 hours straight at night.

11. Absolute favorite baby product/must-haves for the last 9 months?:

I will do a huge post for this at month 12. In the meantime, I would just look past at her previous months for her favorite age-specific toys she has been loving. If I were to say a few off the top of my head right now it would be the Doona, the Owlet, the Bjorn Bouncer, the activity center (she actually likes this one more bc it has more toys), and this music keyboard.

12. Any products or less know products you haven’t told us about that you recommend?:

We just got her this walker and she is loving it. Honestly, at 9 months they don’t really want to play with their own toys anymore. They want to play with whatever they don’t normally see every day.

13. Is she in her own room? If so, when did you move her?:

YES, since 7 weeks. Ready more on that HERE.

14. Still following moms on call?:

Nope, we stopped that at 4 months for no other reason than the napping and feeding schedule. We weren’t ready to feed her that many finger foods that fast and without the food she couldn’t sleep as they advised. We let her set her own nap schedule and now it works perfectly.

15. When did you take Miller’s head support out of her Doona?:

Honestly, I don’t even know! So sorry! I think you will know when they are ready.

16. Is she doing baby-led weaning?:

No. We did our own thing when it came to finger foods. Read that HERE.

17. Has milk consumption gone down due to food consumption?:

Nope! We try to allow for about 3 hours in between food and milk. We give her the food right after to an hour after the milk.

18. Anything fun planned for her 1st birthday?:

Troy doesn’t want to do anything big. I am fine either way. I think we are going out to my parent’s house and we are going to invite our closest friends over for a ‘Fairy Tale’ party. It is a week after Halloween so the kids can get out their costumes again.

I think something small and intimate will be perfect!

19. Tips for how Miller went from hating tummy time to crawling?:

Nope. You just have to be super patient. They will get there in their own time. She started sleeping on her tummy and I think that really helped.

20. How many teeth does she have now, how has teething been?:

2 on the bottom. Those two were hard on her for about a week. She got a runny nose and was pretty fussy. Not looking forward to all of her top teeth coming in at the same time!

21. Hardest/easiest thing about pregnancy/delivery?:

Easiest: the actual delivery. I didn’t feel a thing!

Hardest: all of it honestly. You can read my trimester updates here: FIRST TRIMESTER, SECOND TRIMESTER, THIRD TRIMESTER.

22. When are you moving to a bigger car seat?:

ASAP. Miller is only an inch away from outgrowing her so we are in the market for a new car seat for her!

23. Does she use a walker (seat she can walk in)? Will you use one?:

No and no. Only because we have heard some bad things about them from my sister’s kids physical therapist. She has a stand-up walker that she can push while she is standing to help her learn to walk. We aren’t in any rush for that to happen though!

24. Baby proofing?:

I will be doing a full post on this!!!!

25. New things she started doing/loving?

She started crawling, YAY, pulling up, not YAY (she hasn’t learned to plop down yet so she freaks out and we have to help her down), and she LOVES GIVING KISSES!!! You just say KISSES and she leans over and plants one on your mouth. It is the sweetest thing in the world.

Feel free to leave more questions below!

xox Amanda

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