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  1. Kimberly

    Hilarious! Happy to know I’m not alone…. and have done quite a few of these! 🤣

    1. Amanda Miller

      Why didn’t you send any in haha? xox A


Mom Fail Monday on themilleraffect.com

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I am already convinced that Mom Fail Monday will be my favorite post of the month, every month.

I have had quite a few mom fails already as a new mom. I have been peed on, I have left countless diapers next to Miller’s head when I lay her down for a nap and forget about them (we change her in her crib sometimes), I spill milk DAILY, etc. I need to start writing them down or trying to capture them every time they happen.

Not all of my #momfails are funny though. It took a few rides in the car before we were told that she was in her carseat wrong. I wore her facing outwards in her carrier (even though I read to wait 6 months, but I thought it was fine since her neck was strong, she was taller, and she seemed to like it) to find out it is an entire trunk support think and I could damage her neck and spinal cord by putting that stress on it at that early of an age.

I am sure these won’t be the last. All I can do is learn from my mistakes and try to not repeat them.

Grab your coffee, read, and know you are not alone mamas! We are all just doing our best!

themilleraffect.com mom fail monday photoShe cried harder than usual for like 10 minutes in the car one day. I thought she was just being cranky and I was kinda over it at that point. I knew she was safe so I didn’t pull over and ultimately she fell asleep. Well, we ended up getting stuck in traffic and when we finally got out of the car about an hour later, this is how I found her! I felt so bad because she was trying to communicate to me that her bow fell and was bothering her and I just brushed it off as her being cranky!! Of course, she was fine but I felt so bad that she was uncomfortable for over an hour back there! Ugh! -Mary

themilleraffect.com mom fail monday crib photoSo this isn’t a recent thing that happened but take a look at this photo. So besides him being super adorable and it being blurry.. do you notice how short the rails are? I had the mattress on the tallest size til he was at least 6 months probably longer…luckily he didn’t know he could stand up. My mom came over one day and was like um… Kate… you probably ought to lower Max’s mattress and usually I’m like yeah yeah yeah but when I went to see it I couldn’t believe how careless I had been!! So mommas dont forget to lower the mattress!! #momfail -Kate

themilleraffect.com mom fail monday spilled milkTrying to multi task…spilled my freshly pumped milk all over me! This is right when my 3 year old walked up (striped sock) and said “mama wet her pants!” Had to explain that to her. The next time I wore these joggers she said “mama be careful not to spill all your milk again!” #mamaoftwo! -?

themilleraffect.com mom fail monday self tannerMy daughter yelled from the bathroom that she was putting on lotion. I half listening told her good job and went about my day. A few hours later I asked her how she was so dirty only to realize the previous mentioned lotion was my self tanner. Whoops. -Jamie

themilleraffect.com mom fail monday swimming poolMy daughter was around 21 months and we were in the backyard swimming in her little pool. I took a few pictures, sent them to my husband and when I looked down less than a minute later, had a few floaters in the pool! -Sarah

themilleraffect.com mom fail monday easterTried my hand at some Easter pictures when Sadie was 6 months old and you can see how well I did. Haha -Sarah

themilleraffect.com mom fail monday milk spillLetting your toddler practice drinking milk from a big boy cup while you decide to wash something in the sink results in this…..Picture captured as my little man is saying “oh no, what happened to the floooooooor?” Did I mention I was 9 months pregnant and had to then get on my hands and knees to clean it up??? -Catherine

themilleraffect.com mom fail monday peed onHere’s my mom fail for today and it’s not even 9am. My 3 month old wakes up so I’m in there changing his diaper. My toddler is playing nicely in his room right next to his brothers room. I hear him trip, fall, and cry. Now I’ve got a crying toddler and a naked baby on the changing table. So I pick up my naked baby (because you know, you never leave them on a changing table alone) and I go check on my toddler who just needs a kiss from his mama. Suddenly, I feel warm and wet all over my front and realize I’m totally being peed on because my infant is complexly naked. Did I mention I had freshly showered and put on clean clothes??? Oh well!!! Happy Monday, Moms! -Catherine

My daughter was about 3 months old and waking up to eat around 3 times a night.  She was formula fed so bottles of water and containers of powder were all measured out beforehand on her dresser. Half asleep for her last feeding, I came in, dropped the formula into the bottle, shook it and gave it to her.  Went back to sleep.  Woke up the next morning to find I had MISSED the bottle and poured the formula powder all over the dresser and had given her 4 oz of water!!! Major mom fail. Bought a way better nightlight that day. (She’s 2 now but I often re-tell and think about this story) -Cassandra
When I had my first (five years ago) I didn’t realize there were different size nipples for the bottles I was using. When we brought my daughter home from the hospital we were trying to feed her and she was like gagging a lot on the bottle. I kept checking to see if I put it together wrong (dr Browns) and finally realized I had given her a size 4. She couldn’t handle how fast the flow was! I was so upset that she probably thought I was trying to choke her that I held her all night while I cried. -Cori
I’ll first start with the story about my husband. When my son was in daycare my husband would take him to day care every morning because as a nurse I have to be at work at 6:30. I would always pack up all of the bottles of breastmilk for the whole day and leave them in a cooler in the fridge. One day when I went to go pick up my son from daycare. The daycare owner told me my husband had spilled all four of the breast milk bottles in the car on the way to daycare that morning. They had fallen over in the truck and every single one Of the bottles have leaked out over halfway. I called him after I heard that and he said oh no I didn’t have the courage to tell you. It’s funny now, but I bawled when she told me. He got formula that day, and everything was fine. -Julie
My husband does the nighttime routine with our baby girl. One night I hear her screaming so I go into her room and pick her up. She’s soaking wet all over her back and legs. When I turn on the lights I realized my husband forgot to put a diaper on. Now every night he makes it a point to say out loud “I’m putting your diaper on” so he doesn’t forget again. Dad fail Monday? -Erica
I grabbed not one but TWO dirty bottles out of the dishwasher and fed my son! It wasn’t until my husband got home that night and I was finishing unloading what I thought was clean he told me they were dirty!!! Appalled! -Courtney
When my daughter (Sadie) was 7 months old, we went to visit my husbands family in Missouri. We live in Houston. Sadie slept in a pack-n-play in the same room as us. On the day we had to leave, my husband got up to get ready. Sadie started to cry so I put her in bed with me and she fell asleep. Then, I had to get up so I put pillows all around her and went to the bathroom only 10 feet down the hall. After only 5 minutes we hear crying coming from our room. We run in and don’t see Sadie anywhere. She had rolled off the bed, pushing the pillow between the bed and pack-n-play and rolled onto the pillow! I was a nervous wreck after that. Looking back, the bed was very low to the ground so when she actually rolled off and onto the pillow, she only fell about 1 foot onto the fluffy pillow. So, it really didn’t faze her in the least and was one of the best falls she could have done. The older they get, the more fails you’ll have but you have to look at them and laugh, especially if your child is not hurt! -Sarah
You know how you’re holding your baby and you go around the corner and their head comes inches away from the wall/door frame? Well last night my baby’s head hit the door frame! I was leaving her room and leaned over to put my shoes on while holding her. She was sleeping in my arms and her head hit the door frame! She started crying but fell back asleep. I was freaking out! She’s 12 weeks now and somehow I made it that long without hitting her head on the door frame. I kept checking her head, kept waking her up, but she’s fine. It also wasn’t a hard hit at all, just a small bump and I quickly jerked her away from the wall but it still freaked me out. -Taylor
My daughter was about 4 weeks old and dad had gone back to work. I felt good about her and I being on our own. She’s a skinny girl so her diapers need to be tight and none I had put on had ever had a blowout. Well she leaked poop and was soaking wet and I was kinda surprised. My husband went to change her and asked if there was s reason she didn’t have s diaper on. Serious #momfail forgetting her diaper. -Lindsay
Snuggling with the baby on the couch wrapped up in a soft blanket.. thought my little one just had a smelly diaper. Nope- the dog peed on the blanket that I had us both cuddled in. I think he went down sometime during the middle of the night feeding. #momfail -Abby
My #momfail is one that we still laugh about 4 years later. My girls are 4 years apart and when we had had our 2nd we were super tired and she finally slept through the night by 12 weeks. My first got up to use the potty in the middle of the night and needed us to wipe her and I guess had called for mommy or daddy to no avail. She finally fell asleep on the toilet and didn’t wake up until I went in to use the bathroom sometime after my 530a feeding with our 2nd! -Abbey
Picture this: first time mom out to lunch with hubby, having a very good time and then it’s time to feed the baby in public for the first time. I needed to breastfeed because she wasn’t taking the bottle yet and I had never heard anything pumped (she was 7 weeks old). I took out my little cover up and put her underneath but couldn’t get her to latch! She was frustrated and so was I so my husband took her to calm her down. There I sat in the restaurant listening to a crying stare worthy baby. Finally I worked back up the courage to try and give her the boob one more time and when I looked down my ENTIRE BOOB WAS OUT! So I’m sure that everyone who I thought was staring at the screaming baby was actually just looking at my new girls ! Let’s just say, I started pumping that night and now never leave the house without a bottle! -Brittany
Raise your hand if you’ve ever smashed your kid in the face with a snow shovel. I was recently shoveling the driveway with my husband, so naturally our three year old son was outside with us since there was no one left to watch him inside. My husband started chasing our child around the driveway with a snow ball. My kid ran, giggling, straight toward me, where I was still diligently shoveling away a foot of snow. I bent to scoop up another load of heavy, wet snow, ignorant to the impending disaster running up behind me. Right as I tossed a shovel load behind me my son ran by and I ended up smashing his face with my shovel, leaving a scratch across his cheek. Momfail. – Kate
I saw your “mom fail” story but this dad fail was too good. He was helping me put groceries away in the fridge and our daughter on the move these days(8 months)… well she army crawled up to the fridge and my husband was done putting away groceries soooooo he shut the fridge on her. Just shy of crushing her with the door.  Like half of her body was in the fridge and he shut it pretty hard. She wasn’t hurt but she was PISSED. It happened like an hour age. Slow clap for dad today! I’m perfect so no “mom fails” (bahahaha) -Erica
So week 2 of postpartum I was left at the house alone for a few hours. I had a pretty bad tear from birth so moving around was painful and extremely difficult so my baby and I napped together for the sake of convenience.  Well this day while we were napping she pooped… a really big poop that ended at her shoulders. I woke up to wet poop on the sheets behind her.  I quickly stripped her down and carried her to the sink to bathe her. She started crying bc the water was to cold… then it became to hot… then when it finally was warm she stopped crying and I was able to wash her no problem, right? No. I all of the sudden had to pee! Which right after birthing a baby isn’t easy to hold ESPECIALLY if you tore. So while bathing our sweet poopy baby I ended up peeing on myself. Thankfully that was the first and last time that happened. -Bridgette & Baby Alice
I have spilled dressing, sauce, food and crumbs on both my kids while breastfeeding them during a meal. -Sandra
I currently have 3 girls. A 2 year old girl and 2 month old twin girls. I was changing one of the twins diapers in the chaos and as I was zipping the onesie back up, I couldn’t find the dirty diaper anywhere. I thought I had maybe thrown it out …. but didn’t. I then realized I folded it up and it was zipped up in her onesie behind the clean diaper that was now on. 😱 let me also mention, it was a big stinky. – Christin
I’ve been spending a ton of time scrubbing bottles and pump parts using organic soap to make sure our little 11 week old baby doesn’t come in contact with any germs or bacteria. Well a couple weeks ago I lifted up the drying grass where I set his bottles and pump parts to dry and found the inside of it was covered with mold!!!!! 😭 Moral of the story – clean your drying grass at least every week. – Beth Ann

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Send in as many as you want, over and over again!
xox Amanda
XO Amanda
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Mom Fail Monday

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