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  1. Paige

    Treadbarre sounds like fun! Love the pink outfit! It’s funny because I love the sore feeling, haha! I must be weird.

  2. Sharon

    I’ve actually never heard of Treadbarre before, it sounds fun. Everyday there is a new workout class so it’s hard to keep up but Treadbarre sounds great and sounds like it is exactly what the body needs. I’m big on cardio for heart health and for life longevity and I’m also big on body resistance workouts for my muscles (or lack of muscles). I’m going to have to find a class near me and check it out. Thanks for sharing.


Well, it has been about  a month now since I started working out again…

I have been traveling like crazy this past month so I haven’t been as much as I would like, but I am pretty addicted already!

Here is a quick update on my favorite workout and what I have seen in terms of muscle/weight/energy changes:


Treadbarre is by far my favorite workout… maybe EVER! For those of you who don’t know about it or have never heard of it: Treadbarre is a 50 min class broken up into four intervals.

Each interval is 12 minutes long. You go from the treadmill to the floor, then back to the treadmill and then you end on the floor. At the end you have a two minute group stretch.

On the treadmill you have different exercises each time. You always start at your base rate (mine is at a walk right now) and then you do a series of sprints or endurance runs or you will jog at a super high incline. Sometimes we actually run backwards at a very slow pace and that gives your legs a great workout! There are so many different things you do and they always mix it up so you never grow bored or tired.

After twelve minutes on the treadmill you move to floor exercises. This is when you work out your legs, abs, and arms. This is also when you catch your breath but still get a great workout in as well!

The class is seriously addicting guys. For me, I am starting off slow. I tried to run really fast at the beginning and had to run to the bathroom a couple of times because I thought I was going to throw up.

Now, I know how to push myself, but not THAT HARD.

My base rate is at 4.0 and I am constantly raising it. When I sprint, I am only topping out around 7.5 right now, but I am proud of that. Each time I go I can add at least .1 to my speed and base rate, which is to exciting to see!

7.5 on a treadmill is an eight minute mile. That is how fast I run for my sprints!!! Crazy to think I used to run a six minute mile in high school! That would be like 10 on a treadmill and I don’t even trust my legs to move that fast these days! Who knows, maybe I will get back up there sooner than I think!

After both 12 minute sessions I have ran/walked around 2.2 miles. Running and walking is the best way to burn fat & gain endurance. They also always have you at 1.5% incline. This helps your knees and best resembles what it would be like running outside.

Treadbarre is an amazing class! If you live in Dallas, definitely try it out! It is right behind SMU on Hillcrest.

If you don’t live in Dallas, use Google or reach out to friends to see if there is something similar in your area!

Best thing about the class is you go at your own pace and it’s up to you to push yourself. You can walk the entire class if you want (some do!) I also love that you can schedule all of your classes on an app!

Muscle/Weight Update

The Miller Affect wearing black joggers from lole made out of recycled water bottles
The Miller Affect wearing a lole olive backpack
The Miller Affect wearing a grey lole workout tee
the miller affect wearing black ray ban aviators
The Miller Affect wearing an athleisure look from lole
the miller affect wearing white adidas neo sneakers
The Miller Affect wearing lole and talking about her favorite workout
the miller affect wearing black olivie pants from lole

I don’t think I have gone enough to really notice much of a difference in muscle tone, but I have soooooo much more energy now! It is insane!!

The weight thing is tricky. I need to learn how to manage my 24 hour hunger pains when I work out. I am ALWAYS hungry, and want to eat everything in sight. I just need to fill my house with healthy snacks now. I don’t think I have lost anything because I have been eating so much junk food and when I open a box of something I nearly eat all of it before I am full :/. Definitely working on it!

Hopefully next month I will be able to give you a much happier update! I think the energy thing is good enough for now. I get so much more done throughout the day.

Oh and when I am not horribly sore I get an amazing night of sleep!

The Outfits

The Miller Affect wearing a black lole sports bra
the miller affect wearing a pink mesh tank
The Miller Affect wearing Lole and talking about her treadmill class on the blog
The Miller Affect talking about her favorite workout on the blog wearing lole
The Miller Affect wearing pink lole leggings
The Miller Affect talking about treadbarre
the miller affect wearing lole sierra leggings
the miller affect wearing lole sierra leggings

Both of my outfits are from Lolë. They have the best workout & athleisure gear.

These black joggers are my favorrrriiittteee! They are so comfortable and look so flattering on. They are made out of 88% recycled water bottles! Say whaaaat!? How amazing is that? The other % is mostly elastic because there is an elastic waistband and a little bit of stretch in the fabric.

I am wearing them with a comfy workout top, but they can easily be paired with a regular top as well. I wore them last week with a striped tee and sandals.

Lolë also has the best bags! I love the olive green color of the one I am wearing here, but I also own it in grey and black- #noshame! Troy actually stole the grey one from me…

I wore the black/pink workout pants to Pilatesbarre recently and loved how easy it was to move around in them! They are really comfortable! This top is a little see through but equally as comfy. Make sure to check out Lolë’s website for all of their new arrivals!

Outfit 1

Black Joggers

Grey Top (s/o but love this one and this one!)

Adidas Neo Sneakers

Olive Bag

Black Aviators

Outfit 2

Pink Top

Black Bra

Pink/Black Leggings

Black Sneakers

Black Water Bottle

*water bottle is free if you purchase the leggings*


XO Amanda
August 21, 2017 Outfits

Monday Motivation- Treadbarre

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